Some of the episode summaries will have the following key below saying where the ideas came from, either it was from the comic book series and/or the TV series. The episodes that don't have the following means they were either my own ideas, or they were ideas based a non Sonic related series.


Lord Furion Saga

Episodes 61-88

OMEGA AND ML: Sonic and all his friends stand around, talking about Lord Furion, and Sonic explained to them what happened to him the last three days. He crash landed on another planet, and the aliens there fixed the ship. After about forty-eight hours, Sonic left in the ship, and returned to Mobius. Afterwards, the heroes returned to the Emerald Hill Base. The Chaotix Team, Scratch, Grounder, Bob and Rouge returned to the Special Zone. When Scratch and Rouge returned to the Egg Fortress, they discovered a small robot there, escaping through a portal. They rushed to the room where Shadow was being cloned, and discovered the machine was still at work. They travelled to the basement, where some of Robotnik's old robots were off line, and they figured out it must have been one of them. Another robot was suddenly activated, and started attacking Scratch and Grounder. Rouge stopped the robot, realising he wanted to destroy Robotnik and his robots for shutting him down. He introduced himself as E-123, and they decided to call him Omega. Meanwhile in the Emerald Hill Zone, Cream and Cheese were playing, when they saw a portal opening in the sky. The small robot came through the portal, and crashed on the ground. Cream and Cheese ran up to the robot, and found it lying on the ground.

FURION'S MESSENGER: Tekno scanned the robot, Cream and Cheese found, and learned it was called ML, and Robotnik designed him as a combat robot. She fixed ML, and made him operational again. Meanwhile, an evil bat like alien showed up on Mobius. He introduced himself as Battix, Lord Furion's second in command. Sonic ran into Battix, and was forced to fight him. Tails and Knuckles teamed up with Sonic against Battix. Eventually Scratch showed up with Omega, who chased Battix away with his firepower.

RAGE OF THE MACHINES: Battix used little robotic spiders to control the machines in Metropolis Zone, and they began to attack the citizens. When Sonic, Knuckles and Rouge showed up to stop them, ML copied their attacks. They learned that Battix was controlling the machines with a remote control. They realised the way to stop them was to get the control away from Battix. They got control of the spiders, and lured them all into a pile, and set them to self-destruct.

THE TOURNAMENT BEGINS: Two months had passed since Ninjo told Sonic about Lord Furion, and it had been a while since Battix's last attack on Mobius. Scratch found the Red Chaos Emerald, and decided to organise a Martial Arts Tournament to flush out Battix. The winner of the tournament would receive the Red Chaos Emerald. Sonic and Rouge agreed with the idea, but they had to convince Knuckles to participate. The tournament took place at an open area on South Island, and Scratch introduced the tournament. Scratch was interrupted by Grounder, who played his nose like a trumpet, and Scratch shut him up. A number of competitors fought in the ring, including Sonic, Knuckles and Rouge, but Battix wasn't among them. Eventually there were sixteen competitors left. Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Rouge, Omega, ML, Espio, Scratch, Grounder, Coconuts, Bob, Captain Plunder, Shorty, Tekno and Ebony.

THE TOURNAMENT CONTINUES: The remaining sixteen competitors drew out numbers to find out who they would be fighting in the next round. Round 1: Shorty the Cybernik Vs Captain Plunder. Shorty dodged the captain as he charged at him, and the Cybernik kicked the captain out of the ring. Round 2: Grounder Vs Scratch: Scratch won by blasting Grounder out of the ring. Round 3: ML Vs Coconuts. Coconuts knew he couldn't beat ML on his own, so he summoned up a remote controlled robot. Porker Lewis the referee told Coconuts he was disqualified for using a remote controlled robot, and ML won by default. Round 4: Bob Vs Tekno. Tekno was wearing an armoured suit she built to use against Furion's army, but it didn't survive in the battle against Bob. Tekno lost the battle, and Bob won. Round 5: Knuckles Vs Omega. A serious battle began, and ended with Knuckles sending the robot out of the ring. Round 6: Ebony Vs Espio. Ebony used her magic powers, but Espio managed to ovoid her attacks. When Espio turned invisible, Ebony couldn't see him, and the chameleon sent her out of the ring. Round 7: Rouge Vs Tails. The round ended with Rouge kissing Tails, and tossing him out of the ring. Round 8: Sonic Vs Amy. The last two competitors had trouble trying to fight. Battix showed up in the air, and targeted Sonic. The evil one fired but missed Sonic, and flew away. Sonic left the ring and chased after him, making Amy winner by default. Now there were eight competitors left. Shorty, Scratch, ML, Bob, Knuckles, Espio, Rouge and Amy.

THE TOURNAMENT ENDS: Sonic chased Battix, and sent him flying through the sky. Meanwhile at the tournament, the next round began. Round 9: Shorty Vs Scratch. Shorty won by blasting Scratch out of the ring with his laser guns. Round 10: ML Vs Bob. ML used Sonic and Rouge's attacks to make Bob dizzy, causing him to collapse, and lose, making ML the winner. Round 11: Knuckles Vs Espio. It was a rough battle but Espio lost, when Charmy threw him a towel. Round 12: Amy Vs Rouge. Rouge defeated Amy by tossing her mallet out of the ring, and making her cry. Round 13: Shorty Vs ML. ML once again used Sonic and Rouge's attacks, but this time he used them to beat the Cybernik. Round 14: Knuckles Vs Rouge. Rouge suggested they settled their fight in private, and a tent was placed around them. After a minute or two, Rouge came out of the tent, but then she collapsed on the floor. The tent was lifted up, and Knuckles was still standing. Round 15: Knuckles faced against ML, and Cream tossed him a cloth, and Knuckles lost. Cream was upset, until Knuckles revealed that he already threw in the towel. ML had won the tournament.

ML, OUT OF CONTROL: Scratch presented ML with the Red Chaos Emerald. ML held the Chaos Emerald, and absorbed it, then it went beserk, and started attacking the ring. Sonic, Knuckles, Rouge, Shorty and Espio battled against ML, and Scratch and Tekno realised that the Chaos Emerald restored the robot's original programming. Sonic, Knuckles, Rouge and Espio had hard time fighting it, especially after ML copied Espio's skills. The robot lead Sonic towards the sea, and Cream and Cheese stepped in. Cream rescued Sonic from falling into the sea, and tried to reason ML. She and Cheese had no choice but to fight the robot. They attacked together, and actually damaged it's eye. The robot fell into the ocean, and oil leaked out of the damaged eye. ML exploded, and Cream sadly said goodbye to ML. The Red Chaos Emerald rose out of the ocean after a few seconds, and Rouge grabbed it. Scratch took the emerald from Rouge, claiming that he will need it to help bring Shadow back. Eventually three months had passed since Ninjo told Sonic about Furion. The Kintobor computer told Sonic and the others that a spaceship had arrived in orbit of Mobius. They figured out it was Furion's ship.

ENTER, LORD FURION: Lord Furion observed Mobius from his spaceship, and sent Battix to find the Chaos Emeralds. Battix attacked the Metropolis Zone with a robot warrior, and Sonic and his friends faced against him. Sonic transformed into Hyper Sonic and continued the fight with the robot. Hyper Sonic succeeded in destroying the robot warrior, and Lord Furion showed up. He told Battix that he had located the Chaos Emeralds on the Floating Island, and they both retreated. Sonic realised that Knuckles might need his help.

HYPER KNUCKLES: Furion and Battix attacked the Floating Island, and they confronted Knuckles. Furion ordered Knuckles to hand over the Chaos Emeralds, and he refused. Knuckles transformed into Super Knuckles and challenged Furion to a fight. Sonic and the others showed up in the X Tornado, and Sonic transformed into Super Sonic. Knuckles ordered Sonic to stay out of the fight, and he and Lord Furion began to battle against each other. Furion used some of his powerful attacks, and Knuckles kept losing. Sonic and Tails got ready to step in, until they noticed something happening to Knuckles. His energy level rose, and he finally transformed into Hyper Knuckles. He battled against Lord Furion, who began to lose. Furion and Battix retreated and escaped back to the spaceship. Knuckles changed back to normal and confronted Sonic, and told him why he didn't need his help. Later on, Sonic and Tails contacted Scratch and his team in the old Egg Fortress, and told them what happened to Knuckles. Rouge was impressed by what she heard about Knuckles, although she didn't say it to the others.

DOWNUNDA ZONE: Sonic and his received a report from the Kintobor Computer, that Lord Furion had sent an army to attack the Downunda Zone, on the other side of Mobius. Sonic and the freedom fighters went to investigate, and Amy, Shorty and Tekno were all captured by a resistance force, lead by the beautiful koala bear named Barby. They mistaken Sonic's friends for Furion's soldiers, until Sonic and Tails showed up, claiming they were his friends. Barby knew that Sonic was the hero who saved Mobius from Doctor Robotnik. She apologised to Sonic, and let the others go. Tails fell in love with Barby and tried to talk to her. Lord Furion sent Battix and an army of Cyber Soldiers to the Downunda Zone, and the freedom fighters faced against them. Scratch, Grounder, Bob, Rouge and Omega showed up to fight against the evil army. Sonic transformed into Super Sonic, and destroyed the Cyber Soldiers with ease. Battix retreated as he saw his army being wiped out. Barby and the resistance force thanked Sonic for his help. Battix returned to Furion's spaceship, and he was furious.

BATTIX'S FURY: Sonic and the freedom fighters had returned home to the Emerald Hill Zone, and Tails couldn't get Barby out of his mind. Meanwhile at the Egg Fortress in the Special Zone, Rouge entered a secret room, and discovered what looked like a cryogenic capsule. She looked through the glass capsule and saw a familiar creature inside. It was Shadow the Hedgehog. She noticed the Red Chaos Emerald was powering the machine. She tried to grab the Emerald, but the alarm went off, and she was caught by Scratch. He told Rouge that the cloning machine broke down, so he went back to Space Colony Ark. He found what was left of Shadow, and has brought him back as a robot. Scratch also claimed that Shadow was currently sleeping, and will eventually be re-awakened to help defend Mobius from Lord Furion. He gave Shadow's ring to Rouge, telling her that he didn't need it anymore. Meanwhile onboard Lord Furion's spaceship, Battix was planning to attack the Emerald Hill Zone himself, and put his plan into action. He attacked the Emerald Hill Zone, and Sonic faced against him. Sonic lured Battix to the outskirts of the zone, and transformed into Hyper Sonic. He defeated Battix and sent him packing. Back in the Emerald Hill Zone, Tails got a surprise. Barby the Koala showed up, claiming that she has decided to join Sonic's team. Sonic and his friends approved of her decision, and Tails was happy.

THE WIZARD'S COMPUTER: Lord Furion had stumbled upon the Forbidden Zone in one of the darkest areas on Mobius. After learning that an evil wizard named Lazar was asleep, waiting for someone vile to awaken him, Lord Furion decided to personally go to his lair. He arrived at his resting place and took his computer. When the Kintobor Computer told Sonic that Furion had been spotted at the Forbidden Zone, he zoomed off to the Forbidden Zone to face him. Sonic faced against Lazar, who had just woke up. He accused Sonic of stealing his computer. Meanwhile onboard his spaceship, Lord Furion used Lazar's computer to teleport Tekno, Barby, Amy and Tails onboard, and used the computer to hypnotise them. After learning that someone evil was using his computer, Lazar released Sonic, and took his speed away. After leaving the Forbidden Zone, Sonic was teleported to Furion's spaceship. There he had no choice but to fight his friends. He got Lazar's computer from Furion, and used it to return his friends to normal, then he used the computer to teleport them all back to Mobius. Sonic returned the computer to Lazar, and in return he restored Sonic's speed. Lazar told the freedom fighters that he would continue to guard his computer, and he teleported Sonic and his friends back to the Emerald Hill Zone.

FUTURE SHOCK: While Sonic and his friends were fighting an army of Cyber Soldiers in the Emerald Hill Zone, they got some help from an old hedgehog, claiming he is Sonic from fifty years in the future. They went to see a doctor at the Chemical Plant Zone, who took cell samples from both of them. It confirmed that the old hedgehog was really Sonic. The old Sonic told the present Sonic that a new machine robot of Furion's was due to attack the planet. He told Sonic that his friends (including Scratch and his team) were destroyed by the robot. Sonic was captured by Furion, and was locked up for fifty years. He escaped, and used speed to travel into the past. Sonic wasn't convinced that the old guy was him, even Scratch tried to convince Sonic by saying, "If you travelled back in time to warn your younger self of something you did, like turn a good scientist into an evil dictator, would your younger self listen to you?" Sonic said, "yes," but Scratch didn't believe him, comparing the present situation. The old Sonic lead the team to the caves of the Candlewick Green Zone, where the machine robot was due to surface. Tails, Amy, Cream, Cheese, Scratch and Rouge went with him. There they were ambushed by Lord Furion, Battix, and an army of Cyber Soldiers, and the old Sonic was working for Lord Furion.

GEMERL RISING: Lord Furion told the old Sonic he was really a clone that he created, to ruin Sonic's reputation. But the clone aged to rapidly, so Furion brainwashed him with a false memory. The old Sonic escaped, while the others confronted an army of Cyber Soldiers. The Sonic clone told the real Sonic what he had just found out. Meanwhile in the caves, Scratch, Rouge, Tails and Amy used their skills and defeated the Cyber Soldiers, and they all escaped. Sonic and the old Sonic clone met up with them near the Emerald Hill Zone. The machine robot surfaced, and the Sonic clone decided to fight it alone. He transformed into Hyper Sonic and destroyed the robot. The process drained the of his remaining strength. He apologised to the real Sonic, and transformed into pure energy. The battle wasn't over yet, as something rose out of the destroyed robot. It was a new robot, and Cream and Cheese were shocked by its appearance. The robot looked like ML, but it was black and remodelled. Battix showed up, claiming that he watched the previous battle with ML. He took a submarine into the ocean, and retrieved the robot. He rebuilt the robot and named it Gemerl, and installed it inside the giant machine robot. After that Gemerl began to attack the heroes, and the freedom fighters fought back. The robot was even stronger than before. Battix kept ordering Gemerl about, and eventually the robot started to attack him too. While Rouge was fighting Gemerl, she was carrying Shadow's ring. The ring reacted, while she was fighting Gemerl. At the same time at the Egg Fortress in the Special Zone, Shadow awakened. Shadow grabbed the Red Chaos Emerald and used Chaos Control. He arrived at the battlefield on Mobius, and confronted Gemerl.

SHADOW RETURNS: Shadow squared off against Gemerl, and the others watched. Battix escaped, and told Lord Furion of his latest discovery. Gemerl copied Shadow's moves, and used them against him, but Shadow had the upper hand. He could perform Chaos Control and Gemerl could not. Sonic eventually joined in, but Shadow ordered him not to interfere. He didn't remember anything about Sonic or the battle they had onboard Space Colony Ark. Shadow continued the fight against Gemerl, and began to weaken the robot. Shadow used Chaos Blast to finish off Gemerl, and Sonic and the others jumped out of the way of the explosion. Shadow merged out of the smoke, and used Chaos Control to teleport himself back to the Egg Fortress. There he collapsed in front of Grounder, Bob and Coconuts. Scratch and Rouge returned to find Shadow unconscious. Meanwhile onboard his spaceship, Lord Furion was working on a new plan.

FURION'S NEW SCHEME: Battix had conjured up an army of Microbots, which may come in handy in Lord Furion's newest scheme, and set them to work on building the Chaos Transporter on both his spaceship, and in the Chemical Plant Zone on Mobius. Furion sent Battix to the Floating Island to steal a Chaos Emerald. Battix confronted Knuckles, and used the Microbots to capture him. Battix got hold of the Green Chaos Emerald, and brought Knuckles with him to the Chemical Plant Zone, where Furion was waiting. Sonic and Tails showed up, and they were captured as well. Lord Furion placed the Chaos Emerald inside the Chaos Transporter machine, and had the three captured heroes placed on the transporter. Before Furion got the chance to transport Sonic, Tails and Knuckles into the centre of the sun, Shadow showed up, and destroyed the Chaos Transporter. The villains escaped, taking the emerald with them, and Sonic broke free of the metal shackles, and he freed Tails and Knuckles afterwards. Shadow left without saying anything, and Sonic, Tails and Knuckles returned to their base in the Emerald Hill Zone.

CAPTURE SHADOW: Furion sent Battix to the Zed Dimension to retrieve an element to power the rebuilt Chaos Transporter along with the Green Chaos Emerald, making it more powerful. Meanwhile Lord Furion used the Green Chaos Emerald to lure Shadow into a trap, so he could lure him to his side. It worked, and Furion used the Microbots to trap Shadow in an impenetrable cylinder. Sonic and the freedom fighters showed up at the Chemical Plant Zone to stop him, again. Sonic transformed into Hyper Sonic, and destroyed the cylinder, freeing Shadow. Sonic suggested to Shadow that they fight together, but Shadow told Sonic that he would fight with him only once. They defeated Furion, and escaped the zone. Shadow escaped again by using Chaos Control, and the others returned to the Emerald Hill Zone.

THE EVIL OF THREE: Battix returned from the Zed Dimension with the powerful rock element. He also told Lord Furion he met two evil beings in the Zed Dimension, who knew Sonic. Lord Furion used the Chaos Transporter, and set co ordinance for the Zed Dimension. They brought the two evil beings to Mobius, and they turned out to be Doctor Robotnik and Doctor Zachary. The two villains escaped Furion's base at the Chemical Plant Zone, and they made their way to the Metropolis Zone. With their new weapons, stolen from Furion, they began to attack the city. The Kintobor Computer alerted Sonic and the others that Robotnik was back. They alerted Scratch and Vector in the Special Zone. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge, Scratch, Vector, Espio and Charmy, they all showed up in the Metropolis Zone, and confronted Robotnik and Zachary. Lord Furion locked onto all of them, and used the Chaos Transporter to bring them all to the Chemical Plant Zone. With Robotnik's help, Furion captured the heroes. Moments later onboard Furion's spaceship, Sonic and the heroes were locked up in cylinders, and Robotnik and Zachary tried to take over. Furion used the Microbots to confine them, and began his master plan. His master plan was to absorb the powers from the heroes, and absorb the knowledge from the heroes and the two villains into himself, making himself the most powerful being in the universe.

DOOMSDAY PLANS: Lord Furion became charged up with all the powers, and asked Battix to release the prisoners. Sonic and the freedom fighters escaped, and so did Robotnik and Zachary. Tails was recaptured by the Cyber Soldiers. The others made it to the Chaos Transporter, and escaped back to Mobius. Lord Furion, now a superior being began a new plan. He planned to use the Chaos Transporter to transport pieces of the sun into Mobius' zones, unless the people of Mobius surrender to him. Tails protested, and Furion reminded Tails that he now knew everything he knows. He ordered Battix to set the transporter's co ordinances for the Nameless Zone, and destroy it with a piece of the sun. Battix activated the transporter, but it didn't work. They learned that Robotnik stole a chip from inside the machine, which would enable the transporter to transport things from across the universe. Meanwhile on Mobius, Ninjo the Fox returned, and used his Galaxy powers to restore the strength to Sonic and his friends. Robotnik and Zachary went to an old lab, and used the equipment to help them recover from the energy drain. Back at the Chemical Plant Zone, Lord Furion used the Microbots to construct an army of giant robots to invade Mobius with, and he still had Tails with him.

SAVING MOBIUS: Robotnik and Zachary got control of a Cyber Soldier, and reprogrammed it. They went back to the Chemical Plant Zone with a fake chip, which would blow up the Chaos Transporter. Furion used the transporter to send the robot invasion force to the zones around Mobius. Sonic and the freedom fighters confronted the two robots in the Metropolis Zone, and Shadow destroyed them with no problem. Robotnik and Zachary arrived at the Chemical Plant Zone, but Furion was too smart to be fooled, and managed to get the real chip back from Robotnik. Sonic and his friends showed up, and Tekno got to the controls of the Chaos Transporter. Ninjo used his powers on Tails, and the young fox recovered. The Cyber Soldiers stopped the heroes, and Furion had them all as his prisoners. Furion put his plan into action, and used the Chaos Transporter to destroy a few zones. Meanwhile, Shadow used Chaos Control, and travelled from zone to zone, destroying the invading robots. Lord Furion contacted the King of Mobius, claiming that he destroyed a few zones, and the King told Furion he would not surrender, even to false threats. Battix pointed out the zones were still intact, and Tekno revealed that she programmed the Chaos Transporter to replay his virtual reality simulation. Shadow showed up, and the heroes battled the villains. While they were fighting, Tekno rewired the transporter. She transported a piece of the sun to Furion's ship, destroying it. The result overloaded the transporter at the Chemical Plant Zone. The heroes used the Chaos Transporter once more, and sent the villains to a deserted area on Mobius, that is after they removed the stolen knowledge from Furion. The heroes escaped Furion's fortress, and the whole place blew up. The heroes returned to the Emerald Hill Zone after the whole battle.

CHAOS EMERALD SEARCH: Lord Furion used the Microbots to construct a new fortress, and a new an improved cloning machine. He used the machine to analyse a sample of Robotnik's moustache he got hold of, in order to create a clone to destroy the evil doctor. But he learned that the process would take weeks or even months to complete, so he decided to formulate a new plan. He travelled to the Floating Island, and he reached the Emerald Chamber. Meanwhile on Mobius, Shadow retrieved the Green Chaos Emerald from the ruins of the destroyed fortress in the Chemical Plant Zone. Lord Furion confronted Knuckles in the Emerald Chamber, and fought him to get to the Chaos Emeralds. Sonic joined in the fight, and Furion summoned an army of Cyber Soldiers to keep the two heroes busy. He set his Micobots to work on constructing an Emerald machine, and he placed the four Chaos Emeralds into the machine. He only needed two more, and good luck came his way. Shadow showed up with both the Red and Green Chaos Emeralds.

SUPER FURION: Shadow faced against Furion, while Sonic and Knuckles battled against the Cyber Soldiers. Furion defeated Shadow, and retrieved the two Chaos Emeralds from him, and stored them in his machine. He activated the machine, and was zapped by the machine. Unfortunately, Furion absorbed too much energy, and ended up being turned into a crystal statue. Knuckles stored the Chaos Emeralds back into their rightful place, Sonic returned to Mobius, and Shadow returned to the Special Zone. While Sonic was at his headquarters, he thought about how much the power of the Galaxy Emeralds changed him, enabling him to control himself when he's Super Sonic. Suddenly Sonic got an idea.

ROBOTNIK NO MORE: Sonic paid a visit to the Special Zone, and asked Omni Viewer what would happen if he used the Galaxy Emeralds' power on Robotnik, and Omni told Sonic that the galaxy powers would purify Robotnik of all the Chaos Energy, and change him back to Doctor Kintobor. The Chaotix Crew, and Scratch, Rouge, Omega and Shadow all volunteered to help Sonic in this battle. Meanwhile on Mobius, Robotnik attacked in his new Metal Robotnik machine. Sonic and and the others showed up, and battled against the giant machine. Sonic transformed into Hyper Sonic, and destroyed the machine. Robotnik came out, and Hyper Sonic confronted him. Hyper Sonic charged himself up, and fired the Galaxy energy at Robotnik. The others watched, as the energy surrounded the evil Doctor Robotnik, changing him back into the good Doctor Kintobor.

FURION RETURNS: There was a party at the Emerald Hill Zone, for Doctor Kintobor. Everyone was there. While at the party, Kintobor explained how he arrived on Mobius. He arrived through some kind of portal, and he met the animals there. Kintobor explained to Sonic that he came from Earth, and revealed that Earth and Mobius were once one planet split in two by a cosmic event, unaware of the other's existence. He also believed that Gerald and Maria may have travelled through dimensions, the same way. After the party, Omni Viewer showed up, ready to transport Kintobor back to Earth. Kintobor said goodbye to Sonic and his friends, and left through the portal. Grounder and Bob were cheering that the war was over, but Scratch pointed out that it was far from over. They still had unfinished business with Lord Furion. Meanwhile on the Floating Island, Lord Furion changed back from a glass statue. He was all powerful, and he absorbed all the Chaos Emeralds. Suddenly the sky went dark and cloudy, and Furion appeared in the sky. He claimed that he had absorbed all the Chaos Emeralds, and was now a god. The darkest hour had arrived for Mobius.

THE DARKEST DAY ON MOBIUS: Lord Furion's magic began to spread over Mobius, and he sent Sonic to an alternate reality, where his friends were under attack by the Cyber Soldiers. Sonic rescued them, and they told Sonic that the Metropolis Zone was now the heart of Furion's evil empire. Porker Lewis was now called Oscar Pig, and he showed up with his Death Squad. Sonic defeated the robot soldiers, and faced against Porker. Lord Furion himself showed up and confronted Sonic. Sonic transformed into Hyper Sonic, and faced against Furion. The evil lord had the upper hand, and defeated Sonic.

CARNIVAL OF VILLAINS: Lord Furion transported Sonic to another part of Mobius, and three evil enemies of his past showed up. Robotnik, in his second form (SatAM), Commander Brutus, The Kintobor robot (STC: Enemy). Sonic faced against all three of them, and defeated them. Tails showed up, and attacked Sonic, then he revealed his true form. It was Metamorphia. The Emperor Metallix showed up, and so did King Ritus. Sonic faced against Metamorphia and the two robots, and defeated them. Lord Furion sent Sonic to the Special Zone, which was now ruled by Overlord Sidewinder. Furion overheard Sidewinder's plans, and he turned Sidewinder and his minions into stone statues. After that, Furion returned Sonic to Mobius. He used his powers and turned Sonic into an old hedgehog.

SONICKLES, THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR: After a minute of laughs at the old hedgehog, Lord Furion returned Sonic to normal. Knuckles arrived at the battlefield, along with Tails and Ninjo. They were unaffected by Furion's time altering magic. They realised that it was the Galaxy Emeralds power that they all possessed. Suddenly the seven Galaxy Emeralds magically appeared, and they formed one giant Emerald, and it talked to the four heroes. The giant emerald introduced itself as the Master Galaxy Emerald, and it ordered the three heroes to transform. Tails and Ninjo transformed into their Super selves, and Sonic and Knuckles transformed into their Hyper selves. The Galaxy Emerald fired at Super Tails and Super Ninjo, and transferred the energy from them to Sonic and Knuckles. Sonic and Knuckles fused together, and became Sonickles, the ultimate warrior. He was purple, he had Sonic's face, spikes, ears, gloves and shoes, and he had Knuckles' body, and his front dreadlocks. The Master Galaxy Emerald fused into Sonickles. After the transformation, Sonickles prepared to face against Furion.

FURION DEFEATED: Sonickles faced against Furion. The ultimate battle had arrived, and Tails and Ninjo watched them. Sonickles battled against Furion, and used the power of the Galaxy Emeralds against the dark energy of the Chaos Emeralds. Furion was overpowered, and was destroyed in a big explosion of light. The explosion also purified the Chaos Emeralds, wiping out the evil energy that was placed in there by Kintobor's ROCC. Sonic and Knuckles changed back to normal, and they had lost their galaxy powers. The Master Galaxy Emerald told Sonic he could still use the Chaos Emeralds to go super if needed, and won't be an out of control monster like in the past. After that, the Master Galaxy Emerald restored Mobius to how it was before Furion plunged it into darkness. The Master Galaxy Emerald also resurrected the moon, and an old friend of the heroes, Johnny Lightfoot. The Master Galaxy Emerald bided farewell to the heroes of Mobius, and rose into the sky. It split back into the seven Galaxy Emeralds, and they disappeared. Peace had been restored to Mobius, and Sonic and his friends had a party in the Emerald Hill Zone. They were pleased that Johnny was back too, and Ninjo returned to his home planet. While the heroes were celebrating, they were unaware that in Furion's deserted laboratory, Furion's cloning machine was still working on Robotnik's clone.


Doctor Eggman Saga

Episodes 89-102

I AM THE EGGMAN: Three weeks had passed since Doctor Robotnik and Lord Furion were defeated, and Sonic was board. He decided to travel around Mobius again. Meanwhile, Robotnik's robots, Decoe, Bokoe and Bokkun came across Furion's abandoned laboratory, and they witnessed as the cloning machine finished the job. Robotnik's clone came out of the machine. He put on a new outfit, including glasses, and decided to call himself by a new name, Eggman. He hired the three robots, and began work on building a new robot army. Amy, Cream, Cheese, and Big the Cat were relaxing in the sun, at the Emerald Hill Zone. Tails was running around the zone, having a playful time. Suddenly peace broke, when the zone became under attack by Egg Pawns, Doctor Eggman's new generation of robots. Amy and her friends confronted them, and so did Johnny Lightfoot. Tails and Barby faced against them as well. Sonic showed up in time, and destroyed them. Sonic didn't know how, but it looked like Robotnik was back.

MISSILE WRIST MISHAP: Doctor Eggman established his new fortress, and used his new robot selecting machine to choose a robot to attack the Metropolis Zone. He sent Missile Wrist to attack the city, and the Kintobor Computer alerted Sonic and the freedom fighters. They arrived in the Metropolis Zone, and so did Scratch and his team. The Chaotix Crew showed up, and they all got a surprise. Eggman's face appeared on a big holographic screen in the sky, and they all mistaken him for Robotnik. Doctor Eggman introduced himself, and gave everyone in the Metropolis Zone an ultimatum. Sonic and the heroes refused, and Eggman ordered Missile Wrist to destroy the city. The heroes faced against the robot, and Sonic finished it off, and Eggman left in his new Egg Mobile.

TEAM SONIC VS TEAM ROSE: Amy formed her own team, with her friends, Cream, Cheese, Tekno, Barby and Big. Amy challenged Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shorty and Johnny. She told Sonic, the first to defeat Eggman the next time he attacks would win this little contest, and Sonic accepted. Doctor Eggman, unleashed a bird robot to attack the Emerald Hill Zone. The heroes faced against the robot, and Sonic and Amy both attacked the robot together, and defeated it. The result was a tie, and they both lost the contest.

TAILS AND BARBY'S DATE: Tails sat near the lake at the Emerald Hill Zone, thinking about Barby the Koala. Amy and Cream figured out what he was thinking, and helped set up a date for them. Tails asked Barby out, and she said yes, and suggested about going to a restaurant at the Metropolis Zone. Doctor Eggman used his robot selection machine, and sent the Fan robot to the Metropolis Zone. The robot attacked the city with its big fan, which ruined Tails and Barby's day out. The Kintobor Computer alerted Sonic, and the hedgehog made his way to the Metropolis Zone at great speed. Sonic arrived in time, and destroyed the robot. Doctor Eggman attacked in his new Egg Mobile, and Sonic defeated him too. After the battle, Sonic returned to the Emerald Hill Zone, and Tails and Barby continued their date, and they shared a kiss at sun set.

TEAM DARK VS TEAM CHAOTIX: One day at the Egg Fortress in the Special Zone, Rouge stumbled on Scratch's secret. He was in love with Lord Sidewinder's daughter, Lightmare, and she blackmailed him. Scratch convinced Rouge that he dumped her ages ago, and the blackmailing ended. They learned that Lord Sidewinder, and his minions escaped from prison, and they all went to New Tek City to apprehend them. They had a run in with the Chaotix Crew, who were also after them. Lord Sidewinder witnessed Shadow's awesome power, and asked Shadow to join his team. Shadow refused, and the Chaotix Crew faced against the villains. When Scratch shouted out Lightmare's name, Rouge figured out that he bluffed about dumping her. Eventually the villains were defeated, and recaptured by the police. The Chaotix Crew returned to their spaceship, and Team Dark returned to the Egg Fortress. Later on, Rouge caught Scratch sneaking out, and asked him where he was going. Scratch told her he was going to the New Tek City Prison, as visiting hours were almost over. Scratch met up with Lightmare, and apologised for what happened to her, although Lord Sidewinder wasn't impressed. Scratch said goodbye to Lightmare, and he left.

RISE OF THE EGG CARRIER: It was another peaceful day on Mobius, until Doctor Eggman sent an army of Egg Pawns to the Metropolis Zone. Sonic and the freedom fighters faced against the army of robots, and lured them out of the city. The heroes succeeded in defeating all the Egg Pawns, then Eggman showed up in his new Egg Carrier. More of Eggman's new robots attacked the heroes, and the heroes battled against the robots. Shadow and Team Dark showed up to offer assistance, and they all defeated them. The Egg Carrier took off, with Eggman saying that he'll be back through a loud speaker. The Chaotix Crew arrived, with some important news. The Omni Viewer revealed to them that Lord Furion obtained a sample of Robotnik's moustache, and used it to create a clone, and the clone was Doctor Eggman. The Eggman mystery was solved. Meanwhile onboard the Egg Carrier, Doctor Eggman began plotting his next scheme.

EGG HAWK ATTACKS: Doctor Eggman attacked the Emerald Hill Zone in his new Egg Hawk Machine. Sonic faced against Eggman, and he lured Sonic away from the zone, to a deserted area. Sonic caught up with the Egg Hawk, and destroyed it, forcing Eggman to retreat.

TOO MANY GIRLFRIENDS: A new girl named Fiona Fox moved to the Emerald Hill Zone, and it felt like love at first sight for Tails. But it hit him that he was in love with too many girls, including Villie Vixen, Delilah, Kyla and Barby. He told Amy and Johnny about his dilemma, and they pointed out that he was young compared to the girls he loved, although they didn't know much about Kyla. Barby told Tails they could still be friends, and Tails met Fiona. Before they could get to know each other, Eggman attacked in his new machine, the Egg Albatross.

EGG ALBATROSS: Sonic and the freedom fighters faced against the Egg Albatross. Eggman retreated after a short battle. Tails finally talked to Fiona, and she told him that she talked with Barby. She told Tails that she liked him as a friend too. The Kintobor Computer alerted the freedom fighters that the Egg Albatross was back at the Rail Canyon Zone. Sonic faced the Egg Albatross, and defeated Eggman once again. Tails sat on a hill at the Emerald Hill Zone on his own, and Barby and Fiona walked up to him, and cheered him up.

TEAM SONIC VS TEAM DARK: Battix retrieved what was left of Gemerl, its memory chip. Battix installed it into himself and was now able to perform the techniques, copied from Sonic, Shadow, Rouge, and many others. Meanwhile in the Metropolis Zone, Team Sonic had a run in with Team Dark, when they battled against an army of Egg Pawns. Sonic and Shadow had an argument, and so did Knuckles and Rouge. Scratch, Omega, and Tails tried to break up the argument, when Battix showed up. The heroes lured Battix out of the city, and tried to beat him. Battix explained he had Gemerl's memory chip, and the heroes remembered how Cream and Cheese defeated Gemerl, when it was ML. Sonic and Shadow teamed up, and attacked together, so did Knuckles and Rouge, and Tails, Scratch and Omega. Battix's head began to ache, and Shadow used Chaos Blast to finish off Battix.

EGGMAN'S PLAN: Doctor Eggman revealed his big plan to conquer Mobius, and establish his new Eggman Empire. The Kintobor Computer told Sonic and the freedom fighters about Eggman's plan, and they contacted Scatch and Vector in the Special Zone. Eventually they all teamed up near the Neverlake, and began to plan a counterattack. Doctor Eggman showed up in his Egg Mobile, and brought with him an army of robots. The heroes battled against them, and defeated them. Sonic defeated Eggman, forcing him to retreat.

ATTACK THE EGG FLEET: Eggman assembled his new army of battleships, and began to make their way towards the Metropolis Zone. The heroes faced against Eggman's army, and eventually defeated them all. The only ship remaining was the Egg Carrier, and the heroes got onboard.

ENTER, THE EGG EMPEROR: Sonic and his friends confronted Eggman onboard the Egg Carrier, and Sonic discovered that Eggman's motives were a little different compared to Robotnik's. Eggman sent an army of Egg pawns after the heroes, and they defeated them all. The Cybernik and Omega fired at the ships controls, and overloaded it. The heroes and villains escaped the Egg Carrier, and the giant ship exploded. They landed in the Seaside Hill Zone, but the battle was far from over. Eggman returned inside a new robot, called the Egg Emperor.

SHOWDOWN WITH THE EGG EMPEROR: The Egg Emperor faced against the heroes, and after knocking the heroes out, the Egg Emperor left. The heroes returned to their hideout, and tried to figure out what its weakness is. Eventually the Egg Emperor returned to the Seaside Hill Zone, and an army of Egg Pawns attacked the Grand Metropolis Zone. Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles and Rouge faced against the Egg Emperor, while the others faced against the Egg Pawns. Sonic and the others still had trouble defeating the Egg Emperor, even Shadow's Chaos Blast didn't work. It appeared that Eggman had created the Ultimate robot. When the heroes were exhausted from trying to destroy the Egg Emperor, Sonic and Knuckles were paralyzed with fear, as they saw a familiar figure standing on top of a cliff. It was Metallix, the Metal Sonic. Two more Metallix robots joined it on the cliff, and they looked down at Sonic. The Brotherhood of Metallix were back!


Metallix Overlord Saga

Episodes 103-117

THE METALLIX ATTACK: The Brotherhood of Metallix were back, and Sonic and Knuckles were in for the shock of their lives. Rouge and Shadow didn't know them, and they asked the robots who they were. The evil robots introduced themselves as the new rulers of Mobius. Shadow and Rouge attacked the Metallix, and defeated them. The Egg Emperor escaped, and Scratch showed up, and helped Shadow and Rouge bring Sonic and Knuckles back to the Emerald Hill Base. The other freedom fighters defeated the Egg Pawns, and they returned to the base. After a short rest, Sonic and Knuckles told the others that the Brotherhood of Metallix were back. The Egg Emperor returned to the Seaside Hill Zone. Sonic and the other heroes faced against the Egg Emperor once again, then a new Metallix showed up, with a star shaped head.

ENTER, THE OVERLORD: The new Metallix introduced himself as the Overlord, and destroyed the Egg Emperor. Eggman fell out and landed on the ground next to Sonic and the others. The Overlord revealed his past to the heroes, and Eggman. When Sonic activated Robotnik's self-destruct programme, all the Metallixs shut down, except one. The lone Metallix used the Pirate Omni Viewer to escape to another planet at another time. The Metallix remodelled himself, and became the overlord, then he began rebuilding the Brotherhood of Metallix. Once he had a big army, the Overlord returned to Mobius to conquer it. Sonic challenged the Overlord, and lost the battle with him. The Overlord returned to his secret fortress in space, and stood in front of his army, preparing his new plan to rule the universe. Meanwhile at the Emerald Hill Base, Tails got a transmission from Kyla, asking for his help.

TAILS AND KYLA'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE: Scratch transported Tails to the Planet Corzer, where he met up with Kyla the Rabbit/Skunk. She told him that her home village was attacked by the Brotherhood of Metallix. Tails was shocked about the turn of events. The two heroes faced against the Metallix army, and they told Tails that the Overlord used the Pirate Omni Viewer to learn about their enemies' history. They told Tails that the Overlord knew that Kyla was a friend of his. Tails told Kyla that he didn't have the Galaxy Emeralds' powers anymore. He also told her the Metallix's weak spot was it's neck. Kyla used her powers on the Metallix, and targeted their necks, destroying them. Kyla thanked Tails for helping her against the Metallix, and she kissed him on the cheek. Tails nervously told Kyla he was ten years old, and asked Kyla if she was the same age. She told him she was the same age, and Tails blushed more. Before he could say anything more, Scratch showed up and asked Tails if he was ready to come home. Tails yelled at Scratch for interrupting his conversation with Kyla, and Scratch apologised. Suddenly a portal to the Nameless Zone opened up, and Morain called for Tails. The young fox had a shocking thought that the Metallix were attacking the Nameless Zone as well.

SHOWDOWN IN THE NAMELESS ZONE: Tails, Scratch and Kyla showed up at the Nameless Zone, and Tails met up with Morain, Errol Blackthorn, and he also met up with his uncle, Merlin Prower, and the Enchanter Kings. They told Tails that an evil force was preparing to attack from the Land Beyond, called the Metallix. Tails was shocked by the outcome of events. Scratch was a little ticked off, when the Enchanter Kings called him, Robotnik, when Scratch mentioned his past when he and Tails were enemies. The Metallix army began to invade the Nameless Zone, and the fox warriors and the goblins all teamed up to stop them. With help and advice from Tails, Kyla and Scratch, the army of the Nameless Zone were able to defeat the Metallix army. Before they could celebrate, the Metallix Overlord showed up. He told Tails that no one will ever defeat the Brotherhood of Metallix. After that he left the zone. Tails, Kyla and Scratch said goodbye to everyone in the Nameless Zone, and Morain transported them back to Planet Corzer, and Tails asked Kyla if they could go out on a date when the fight against the Metallix was over. Kyla said she would go out with him, and Tails was excited. After saying goodbye to Kyla, Tails and Scratch returned to Mobius.

STOP THE BROTHERHOOD: The Metallix Overlord rounded up his army, and pointed out his next target, the Floating Island. Tails and Scratch returned to the Emerald Hill Base, and the Kintobor Computer warned the freedom fighters that the Brotherhood of Metallix were planning to attack the Floating Island. They all journeyed to the island to intercept them. Doctor Eggman also showed up with an army of Egg Pawns, and the heroes and the Egg Pawns all went up against the Metallix. The Overlord oversaw the battle from high up above, and he began to put his plan into action.

FIGHT FOR THE EMERALDS: Knuckles discovered that the Metallix Overlord was after the Chaos Emeralds, and he went after him. They battled each other in the Hidden Palace Zone. The Overlord won the battle, but before he could get to the Chaos Emeralds, Shadow showed up. He faced against the Overlord, and the battle continued.

THE BROTHERHOOD DEFEATED: The heroes continued their fight with the Brotherhood of Metallix, and after a long battle, the entire brotherhood was defeated. All the Metallixs were dead, and there was only one left, the Overlord. Meanwhile in the Hidden Palace Zone, Knuckles and Shadow teamed up, and continued the fight with the Overlord. The evil Overlord defeated the two heroes with one blast, and absorbed all the Chaos Emeralds. The Floating Island began to fall again, with Eggman and all the heroes still on it. Shadow, learning that the island was falling, was able to perform Chaos Control without an emerald. He transported the island to the sea, preventing it from crashing. The Metallix Overlord was the only one left, and he has all the emeralds.

RAGE OF THE OVERLORD: Sonic and all the heroes, and Eggman came to their senses, after the soft landing, and the Metallix Overlord confronted them all. The Overlord used the power of the Chaos Emeralds to shake the island, and Sonic faced against the evil Overlord. They battled it out, until the Overlord stopped the battle. He revealed that with the power of the Chaos Emeralds, he could transform, and reshape the planet.

CHAOS TRANSFORM: The Metallix Overlord used the new technique, Chaos Transform, and transformed into Metallix Madness. Meanwhile in the Emerald Chamber, Shadow and Knuckles were recovering from their last battle with the Overlord. The Metallix Overlord finished his transformation, and became the Metallix Madness. He revealed his new superior powers to the heroes, and caused a strong wind. The power sent Doctor Eggman, Johnny Lightfoot, Scratch, Bob, Amy, Cream and Cheese into the air. The Omni Viewer showed up in time to save them, by transporting them all back to the Emerald Hill Zone. Sonic, Tails, Rouge, Omega, Vector, Charmy, Espio, Mighty and the Cybernik managed to withstand the strong current. The Overlord pointed out that it was only one percent of his new power, which shocked even Sonic.

METALLIX MADNESS: The heroes faced against the Overlord, and he defeated them one by one. First he battled the Chaotix Team, then Rouge and Omega, then the Cybernik. He defeated them all, and Sonic was left standing. Sonic faced against the Overlord, while the other heroes recovered.

ANOTHER TRANSFORMATION: The Metallix Madness Overlord revealed he had more tricks up his sleeve, like another transformation. He transformed into the Ultimate Overlord, which caused the sky to go dark, and Sonic realised he was outclassed. Shadow and Knuckles had finally recovered, and they realised what was going on outside the Hidden Palace Zone. Sonic was defeated by the Ultimate Overlord, and he was almost felt like he was about to go super, when Shadow and Knuckles showed up. Shadow challenged the Overlord to a battle, realising that stopping the evil monster was his destiny.

SHADOW TAKES A STAND: Shadow faced against the Ultimate Overlord, while Knuckles helped Sonic and the others recover. Shadow used his techniques on the Ultimate Overlord, and was almost a match for him. The Overlord relinquished the Chaos Emeralds, claiming he didn't need them anymore. Sonic and the others gathered the emeralds, and Shadow took one to unlock his incredible powers. He tried to beat the Overlord with it, but it was no use.

SHADOW FALLS: Shadow's memories of a girl named Maria began to haunt him, while fighting the Ultimate Overlord. Shadow tried his ultimate attack on the Ultimate Overlord, but it was useless on him. The Overlord attacked Shadow and defeated him. The Overlord claimed that he had won, and said that he was going to use the powers gained from the Chaos Emeralds to destroy Mobius, which made Sonic really mad.

SONIC TRANSFORMS: Sonic transformed into Super Sonic, with the powers of the Chaos Emeralds. He ordered the others to leave the island, while he still had control of himself. The Omni Viewer showed up to transport them to the Emerald Hill Zone. Rouge and Omega grabbed the unconscious Shadow, and they carried him through the portal. After that, the ultimate showdown against the Overlord began. The others arrived at the Emerald Hill Zone, then suddenly Doctor Eggman showed up in his Egg Mobile. He grabbed Shadow and took off with him. Scratch and the others guessed that Eggman must have some big plans for him. Back on the deserted Floating Island, Super Sonic battled against the Ultimate Overlord in a series of attacks. The Overlord started losing to Super Sonic, realising how strong he currently was.

METALLIX OVERLORD DEFEATED: The battle continued between Super Sonic and the Ultimate Overlord. Eventually the Overlord became very week, and Super Sonic finished off the evil monster. The dark sky went bright, and Sonic changed back to normal. Sonic returned the Chaos Emeralds to the Emerald Chamber, and the island rose up again. Peace had been restored to Mobius once more. Meanwhile at the his new hideout in the Lava Shelter Zone, Doctor Eggman had placed Shadow inside a recharging machine. Shadow awakened a week later, and he left the Lava Shelter Zone. He stood on a hill in the outskirts of the Westopolis Zone, thinking to himself. He still had visions of Maria being shot by soldiers, and he was wondering what it meant. All of a sudden the sky became dark and cloudy. It looked as though something really big was about to happen.


Black Doom Saga

Episodes 118-135

INVASION OF THE BLACK ARMS: Evil aliens descended down from the dark red cloud, and began to attack Westopolis. Shadow faced against the aliens, and fought against them. During the fight, a portal opened, and an army of robots and human soldiers came through. They attacked both Shadow, and the aliens. Meanwhile in the Emerald Hill Zone, the Kintobor Computer alerted Sonic and the others about what was going on in Westopolis. Sonic left the Emerald Hill Zone to investigate. The battle between Shadow and the black aliens continued in the Westopolis Zone. Beams came down, and destroyed a few buildings. The black aliens retreated, and so did the G.U.N. army. Suddenly, Black Doom appeared before Shadow.

ENTER, BLACK DOOM: Black Doom told Shadow to collect the Chaos Emeralds, in order to find out about his past. After that, Black Doom disappeared. Sonic showed up, and faced against Shadow. Sonic asked the black hedgehog what happened, and Shadow told Sonic he didn't have time to chat, and he took off. Meanwhile somewhere else, a human known as the Commander, had just received news about what happened in Westopolis on Mobius. He ordered the soldiers to destroy both Shadow, and the black aliens. Shadow faced against Black Doom again, and the evil alien transported Shadow to the Emerald Chamber on the Floating Island, to retrieve the Chaos Emeralds. Shadow entered the chamber, and caught Rouge, who was trying to steal the Chaos Emeralds. They battled each other, until Knuckles interfeared. Knuckles faced against Rouge, while Shadow tried to steal the Emeralds. He grabbed one Emerald, but Knuckles pulled the lever, ejecting the other Chaos Emeralds. The Master Emerald remained where it was, in order to keep the island floating. Shadow used Chaos Control to escape, and Rouge finished her fight with Knuckles, and left the island. The Chaos Emeralds were scattered around Mobius, and Shadow began his mission to find them, in order to find out what he was created for.

THE COMMANDER'S GRUDGE: Rouge returned to the Egg Fortress, and discovered that Scratch had some visitors. The Chaotix Crew had arrived to tell Scratch that aliens have been attacking Mobius. Meanwhile at the G.U.N. HQ, the Commander recounted on his past when he was a kid, when he and young Maria Kintobor were onboard Space Colony Ark. He spotted Black Doom and Professor Gerald Kintobor in the lab, working on the ultimate life form, Shadow the Hedgehog. He believed that Shadow had killed Maria, and transported the colony from one universe to another. He also recounted on how he used Gerald's machine to travel from one universe to another. Meanwhile on Mobius, Shadow found another Chaos Emerald, and Sonic and the others faced him. Shadow ordered them to stay out of his way, or else. And Sonic was forced to fight against Shadow.

BLACK BULL ATTACKS: Sonic battled against Shadow, and suddenly Black Doom showed up. He introduced Sonic to his pet, the Black Bull. Black Doom ordered Shadow to stop wasting time, and he left. Sonic and Shadow confronted Black Bull, together. Eventually, Shadow discovered the monster's weak spot was its eye, and he attacked. Eventually the Black Bull was defeated. After the battle, Shadow said goodbye to Sonic, as he left to continue his search for the six Chaos Emeralds. He already had two of the Emeralds, and he had four more Emeralds to find.

THE HEROES TEAM UP: Sonic contacted Knuckles on the Floating Island, and Vector and Scratch in the Special Zone, and arranged for a meeting in the Special Zone. They all met up to discuss the Black Doom crisis. Meanwhile on Mobius, Shadow found another Chaos Emerald, and Rouge found Eggman's new hideout. Black Doom's Alien Tank began to attack Westopolis, and Sonic faced against it, and tried to destroy it, before the tank wiped out the city. Shadow showed up used the power of the three Chaos Emeralds to destroy the Alien Tank.

EGGMAN ENTERS THE WAR: Rouge confronted Bokkun at the Lava Shelter Zone, and told him about the Black Arms that were attacking the planet. Bokkun told Eggman what was going on, and the evil doctor saw it for himself. He sent his army of Egg Pawns out to stop the aliens from destroying the planet, so he can take over it himself. The Egg Pawns faced against the Black Arms, and a battle began. Shadow showed up, and used Chaos Blast to destroy them all. Both Doctor Eggman and Black Doom were outraged by Shadow's actions. Sonic returned to the Special Zone, after trying to stop the Alien Tank. The Omni Viewer showed up, and told Sonic it was time he learned more about Doctor Kintobor, and the connection between Mobius and Planet Earth.

HISTORY OF THE KINTOBOR FAMILY: Omni Viewer told Sonic about the events on Space Colony Ark, fifty years ago. Professor Gerald Kintobor and a team of scientists from Earth were working on the Shadow Project. Gerald's granddaughter Maria Kintobor had to live on the colony, because she had been diagnosed with an illness known as NIDS, which stood for Neuro-Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Gerald had been working on a cure for it, with hopes she will be able to visit the Earth. Maria was also like a big sister to a young boy, who turned out to be the Commander, who sent the G.U.N. army to Westopolis recently. Gerald also designed a machine, which transported the whole colony to another universe, and the G.U.N. Army got hold of the technology, and built a machine themselves, so they could follow Gerald. After more information about Project Shadow came, the G.U.N. army raided the colony. They killed Maria, and took Gerald away. G.U.N. established a prison fortress on an island on Planet Mobius. There, Professor Gerald plotted revenge against the Earth, unaware that they were still in the other universe. G.U.N. used Gerald's Dimensional Transporter to return to Earth, leaving Space Colony Ark in space high above Mobius. Omni Viewer also told Sonic that the Commander used the Dimensional Transporter to send his army to Mobius. Omny claimed that Doctor Ovi Kintobor invented a machine similar to Gerald's Dimensional Transporter, which sent him to Mobius, where he obviously established an underground lab, and helped the people of Mobius, and built the ROCC to rid the planet of evil, storing them inside six Chaos Emeralds. Omni Viewer told them that Professor Gerald built ML, also known as Emerl, to help the government. The robot was originally called Gizoid, and it went out of control. During the raid on the colony, the robot was dumped out, and it crashed on Mobius. Doctor Robotnik found it, when he took over Mobius, and left it in the basement of the Egg Fortress, where it was discovered. So it was revealed that ML wasn't one of Robotnik's creations after all. It was his grandfather's. Omni Viewer told Sonic and the others one more thing. He told Sonic that Professor Gerald Kintobor had teamed up with Black Doom to create Shadow, when the colony was in orbit above Mobius. And the young Commander witnessed it all. Now Sonic and his friends know more about Shadow than Shadow knows himself. Now they knew that they had to stop Black Doom from destroying both Mobius and Planet Earth.

EGG BREAKER VS THE BLACK ARMS: Doctor Eggman deployed his new robot, the Egg Breaker, and went after Shadow. Shadow had just found another Chaos Emerald, now he had two more to find. Eggman showed up in his Egg Breaker machine, and ordered Shadow to give him the Chaos Emeralds. Shadow refused, and a battle began. Black Doom sent in the Black Arms to attack the Egg Breaker. Black Doom's Eye appeared, and ordered Shadow to find the other Chaos Emeralds immediately. Shadow left to continue his quest, while Eggman battled the Black Arms. Sonic showed up, and destroyed the Egg Breaker, and defeated the Black Arms. Eggman escaped, and Sonic wondered where Shadow was.

HEAVY DOG AND BLUE FALCON: Shadow was at the Glyphic Canyon, and he was still wondering what his purpose was. A portal opened and a G.U.N. battle robot called Heavy Dog came through. The robot attacked Shadow, and the black hedgehog eventually destroyed it. The pilot came out of the wreckage, begging Shadow for mercy. Another robot called Blue Falcon came through the portal, and Shadow destroyed it too. Shadow ordered the two pilots to leave, and they escaped through the portal. Meanwhile at the Egg Fortress, Scratch, Grounder, Bob, Rouge and Omega had a meeting about what Omni Viewer told them. They suggested that they should investigate Space Colony Ark to find if there are any clues. Coconuts asked if he could come too, but Scratch told him to stay and guard the fortress. After that Scratch and his team left for Space Colony Ark.

INVESTIGATING THE ARK: Scratch and his team arrived at the ark, and they split up. Scratch, Grounder and Bob searched a few corridors, and got blown out of a room, thanks to a big fan. Rouge and Omega found a cannon tank, and travelled along an outside part of the colony, where they encountered some Artaficial Chaos, created by Gerald a long time ago. Meanwhile on Mobius, Doctor Eggman dispatched the Egg Fleet, and Black Doom dispatched an army of Black Ships. Both armies confronted each other, near Glyphic Canyon. Shadow spotted the two armies, and a floating monitor with Eggman on the screen and Doom's Eye showed up. Eggman told Shadow to destroy the temple jewels, knowing that Glyphic Canyon belonged to Black Doom. Doom's Eye ordered Shadow to destroy Eggman's army. Shadow refused to help either of them, because he was busy searching for the Chaos Emeralds. After Shadow used Chaos Control to escape, Black Doom's army and Eggman's army continued their battle, and both armies were wiped out, by Sonic. Back on the Ark, Scratch and the others met up, claiming they couldn't find anything that might help them against Black Doom.

THE MYSTERIOUS BLACK COMET: Black Doom observed what was going on from his hideout, the Black Comet. He claimed it was time Shadow knew about his past. He brought Shadow to his Black Comet, and he took Shadow on a trip to the colony, fifty years ago. Shadow witnessed himself and Maria, who were on the run from the G.U.N. Soldiers. Shadow witnessed the soldiers killing Maria, and he was filled with rage. Black Doom sent Shadow back to Mobius in the present time, so he can finish his mission. Meanwhile on Space Colony Ark in the present, Scratch and the others got a visit from the Chaotix Crew. They told Scratch that Shadow had four Chaos Emeralds, and told them to get the other two before Shadow does. Rouge volunteered to get them. Meanwhile on the Black Comet, Black Doom revealed his next step of his plan, to attack Knuckles, and retrieve the seventh Chaos Emerald.

SHADOW VS THE COMMANDER: Rouge broke into the Lava Shelter Zone, and got the Chaos Emerald, Eggman found recently. Shadow visited Space Colony Ark, curious of his past again. The Commander showed up, and threatened Shadow with a gun. He accused Shadow of killing Maria, and brought up his side of the story. Shadow was confused. Black Doom told him that the humans killed Maria, and the Commander accused him of killing her. Shadow told the Commander if he did what kill Maria, he would except his fate. The Commander discovered that Shadow doesn't remember anything. Meanwhile at the Mushroom Hill Zone on the Floating Island, Doom's Eye confronted Knuckles, and Black Doom sent his army to attack him. Black Doom had discovered the location of the Grey Chaos Emerald, and sent more aliens to get it from the Hidden Palace. Once Black Doom got hold of the Emerald, he told Knuckles the truth why his army attacked him, a distraction. Learning this Knuckles was mad. Black Doom had the seventh Chaos Emerald, Shadow had four Chaos Emeralds, and Rouge had one Chaos Emerald. There was only one Chaos Emerald left to be found.

THE LAST EMERALD: Shadow showed up at the Lava Shelter Zone, where he came face to face with an army of Shadow robots, who were created by Eggman. Shadow wondered if he was a robot. Doctor Eggman showed up in his Egg Mobile, holding the last Chaos Emerald. Shadow ordered Eggman to give him the emerald. Eggman ordered Shadow if he wanted the emerald, he would have to fight the Shadow robots. Shadow battled the robots, and eventually he used Chaos Blast. The explosion destroyed the Lava Shelter, and all of the Shadow robots, including Decoe, Bokoe and Bokkun. Eggman escaped in his new Egg Dealer Machine, still holding the Chaos Emerald. Eggman escaped to the Black Comet, and Shadow followed him. Scratch and his team, and the Chaotix Crew confronted the Commander onboard Space Colony Ark.

EGG DEALER VS BLACK DOOM: Eggman arrived onboard the Black Comet in his Egg Dealer machine, and he confronted Black Doom. The evil alien told Eggman that the winner will get both Chaos Emeralds. Meanwhile onboard Space Colony Ark, the Commander told Vector, Scratch and the others he wanted Shadow destroyed because he killed Maria. The Omny Viewer showed the Commander what really happened to Maria on Space Colony Ark, and the Commander was upset. He got report that the robot, Diablon was ready, but needed a Chaos Emerald for its power sauce. Rouge gave up the emerald she got hold of, knowing the Commander was planning to use Diablon against Black Doom. Back on the Black Comet, Black Doom and the Egg Dealer were still fighting. Eggman used all his attacks, including Pawn Fever, Bomb Fever, and Missile Fever, but they were useless against Black Doom. The evil alien overpowered the Egg Dealer, and destroyed it. At the end, Black Doom got hold of Eggman's emerald. Now Black Doom had two Chaos Emeralds. The heroes had one emerald, and Shadow had the rest.

SONIC AND DIABLON: The Omny Viewer brought Sonic to Space Colony Ark, and he and the Commander teamed up. The Commander got onboard the Diablon, powered by one Chaos Emerald, and both Sonic and Diablon journeyed to the Black Comet. They faced against Black Doom, and Eggman was watching, and rooting for the heroes. The evil alien overpowered Diablon, just like he did with the Egg Dealer. Black Doom destroyed Diablon, and the Commander escaped in time, by teleport. Black Doom got hold of the Chaos Emerald, and now he had three. Shadow showed up, by performing Chaos Control, and Tails, Amy, Knuckles and Rouge arrived, thanks to the Omni Viewer. Sonic, Eggman, and the others told Shadow not to give the other four emeralds to Black Doom. The evil alien revealed the Grey Emerald, reminding them it can control all the other Chaos Emeralds. Black Doom used it to get the other four Emeralds from Shadow. Black Doom used the seven Chaos Emeralds to perform Chaos Control, and brought the Black Comet to Mobius' surface. Once there, the comet started to destroy Westopolis, where the comet was above. It was a dark day for Mobius.

SHADOW'S ORIGIN UNVEILED: The Black Comet had arrived on Mobius, and destroyed Westopolis. Shadow faced against Black Doom onboard the Black Comet, who had all seven Chaos Emeralds. Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Rouge and Doctor Eggman were all watching Shadow and Black Doom. The evil alien revealed to Shadow that he helped Professor Gerald Kintobor with his project. Gerald created Shadow in exchange for the Chaos Emeralds. It was also part of Black Doom's plan to destroy both Earth and Mobius. The heroes and Eggman were outraged by Blacvk Doom's story, and prepared to attack. They were instantly infected by an alien gas, which froze them, and Black Doom set the small aliens on them. Shadow heard Maria's voice, and turned against Black Doom. The evil alien escaped, and Shadow chased after him. Shadow found Black Doom at another area in the Comet. Black Doom told Shadow that they shared the same blood, and that he he could control Shadow. Meanwhile onboard Space Colony Ark, Scratch and the Chaotix Team tried to open a file, and thanks to Charmy Bee, they accessed something. A video of Professor Gerald Kintobor started playing. Sonic and the others in the Black Comet watched, as well as Shadow. Scratch and the Chaotix Team in the Ark, and the Commander in the G.U.N. Fortress. Professor Gerald told Shadow that it was all his fault. He made a mistake coming in contact with Black Doom, and he created Shadow with Black Doom's own D.N.A. to defend the Earth. He told Shadow that only he can save the world. After that the recording ended. Maria was with Gerald in the recording, so it took place sometime before his revenge recording. Black Doom left the comet, and Shadow got all seven Chaos Emeralds. Shadow used them to transform into Super Shadow.

DEVIL DOOM: Black Doom appeared outside the red sky, and transformed into Devil Doom. Super Shadow faced against him. Sonic and the others inside the Black Comet were rescued by Omni Viewer, and were no longer effected by the gas. Omni Viewer transported them to Space Colony Ark, where Scratch and the Chaotix Team watch the battle between Super Shadow and Devil Doom. The evil alien sent pieces of the destroyed city towards Super Shadow, who used Chaos Spear to destroy them. He targeted Devil Doom's eye, and it moved to it's other face. Super Shadow used his Chaos Blast, and damaged his giant wings. He charged up his attack, avoiding Devil Doom's attacks. He fired a powerful Chaos Spear attack, which collided with Devil Doom's fire attack. It was the ultimate showdown between the two. Shorty the Cybernik suddenly showed up and attacked Devil Doom, distracting him. This allowed Super Shadow to fire at full strength, destroying Devil Doom.

SHADOW, THE HERO: Devil Doom was destroyed, and Super Shadow used his power to send the Black Comet back into space. He returned to normal, and entered Space Colony Ark, and got to the main control room where the others were. He activated the Eclipse Cannon, and locked onto the Black Comet. He fired, and blew it up. The heroes cheered, and Eggman tried to sneak away, and was chased out by Knuckles. The Commander faced against Shadow once more, and apologised for doubting him. And he also realised that he was wrong about Professor Gerald's intentions and that he was a good hearted person. He and G.U.N. decided to help create peace for the Earth in honour of Gerald. Things started to return to normal on Mobius, after the Black Doom crisis. The heroes were relaxing in the Emerald Hill Zone. Doctor Eggman was somewhere, plotting his next scheme. Knuckles was back on the Floating Island, and all seven Chaos Emeralds were back in the Hidden Palace. Sonic was still travelling around Mobius, and so was Shadow, who now knew exactly who he is.





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