Some of the episode summaries will have the following key below saying where the ideas came from, either it was from the comic book series and/or the TV series. The episodes that don't have the following means they were either my own ideas, or they were ideas based a non Sonic related series.


The Mega Death Egg Saga

Episodes 1-22

THE RETURN OF SUPER SONIC: This saga begins where Take Off With Tails left off. Tails has returned to Mobius with the Galaxy Emeralds. Sonic was back in the Emerald Hill Zone, and was looking for an adventure every day. Doctor Robotnik was back with a new robot army. He had assistance from Grimer, and three new robots, Bocoe, Decoe, and Bokkun. Tekno and the Kintobor Computer did research work on the Galaxy Emeralds, and they figured out they can help Sonic extinguish his evil half, Super Sonic. Tekno built a machine and used it on Sonic. He turned into the out of control Super Sonic, and destroyed the machine.

SUPER SONIC, CURED: Super Sonic went on a rampage around the Emerald Hill Zone, and he even destroyed Ugly's body. Robotnik sent one of his new robots to attack the Emerald Hill Zone, and was immediately destroyed by Super Sonic before it could attack. Super Sonic slowly changed, and Sonic got control and changed back.

EXIT UGLY, ENTER BOB: Tekno built a new body for Ugly, and Scratch decided to name him after Sonic's undercover disguise, Bob Beaky. Robotnik sent Bokkun to give Sonic a message, and the message was to meet Robotnik's new Badnik army in the Marble Zone. Sonic faced the new Badniks, and defeated them.

THE SWITCHEROO: Tails thought back to when he first learned how to fly, and Tekno built a new untested device. She tried it and accidentally zapped both Scratch and Tails, and the result caused them to switch places. Scratch (in Tails body walked) off, feeling weak being trapped in an organic body. And to make it worse, he was called to the Nameless Zone. Shaman Warpull and the Enchanter Kings summoned him to help rescue the fox cubs Jimmy and Jilly, who were taken away by a monster. Morain decided to help, when she realised that Tails was really Scratch, and Errol decided to help too.

SWITCHING BACK: Scratch (in Tails' body) and Morain and Errol found the monster's cave, and rescued the cubs. During the rescue, Scratch and Tails both returned to normal. Tails found himself in the middle of a rescue mission in the Nameless Zone, and Scratch found himself in the middle of a battle with one of Robotnik's robots. When Tails returned to Mobius, he was confronted by Scratch who demanded an explanation. Tails told Scratch everything, and the robot promised not to tell Sonic and the others about the letters Tails wrote.

DIAMONDS ARE FOR CHICKENS: After spending fifteen weeks trying to complete a puzzle, Scratch discovered it was ruined by Bob. After Scratch left the house, Bob and Grounder watched TV. On a programmed called Mobius' Most Wanted, they saw a diamond thief that looked like Scratch. Scratch returned with what looked like a diamond, which really convinced Grounder and Bob. Eventually they learned from Scratch that it was a solid piece of stone that he found at the Hill Top Zone.

CRISIS IN THE CHEMICAL PLANT ZONE: Sonic got a distress signal from the Chemical Plant Zone, and he and Tails ran into the Marxio Brothers. They investigated the zone, and they ran into Megatox.

THE RETURN OF MEGATOX: Megatox revealed his plan to destroy the Emerald Hill Zone. Sonic stopped Megatox and saved both the Emerald Hill Zone and the Chemical Plant Zone. When Sonic and Tails returned to their base, the Kintobor Computer told them what Robotnik had been up to.

MYSTERY OF THE SANDOPOLIS ZONE: The Kintobor Computer told Sonic to go and warn Knuckles that Robotnik was going to steal the Master Emerald. Sonic and Tails travelled to the Floating Island in the Tornado Plane, and Tails left Sonic there. Sonic and Knuckles had a run in with Captain Plunder, who was after the treasure inside the Lost Pyramid.

THE LOST PYRAMID: The pyramid rose out of the ground, and Sonic, Knuckles, and the pirates entered. The pirates were scared away by the ghosts, and Knuckles sent the pyramid back underground.

INTRUDER IN THE HIDDEN PALACE: Sonic and Knuckles travelled through the corridors of the Lost Pyramid, and they entered the Lava Reef Zone. They faced against Robotnik's Badnik army, and defeated them. They made made their way to the Hidden Palace Zone, and they ran into Metallix the Metal Sonic, the new model.

SONIC VS SUPER METALLIX: The evil robot was stealing the Master Emerald, and Sonic and Knuckles followed him to the Sky Sanctuary Zone. Robotnik showed up in his new Egg-O-Matic, and took the Master Emerald away. Sonic and Knuckles faced against Super Metallix, and Sonic transformed into Super Sonic.

LAUNCH OF THE MEGA DEATH EGG: Super Sonic faced against Super Metallix, and defeated him. Robotnik returned to his secret base with the Master Emerald, and placed it inside the Mega Death Egg. After Sonic recovered from his fight with Super Metallix, the Mega Death Egg launched up into the sky.

BATTLE ON THE MEGA DEATH EGG: The Mega Death Egg rose up, and Sonic got onboard. Sonic faced against Robotnik's new robots, and confronted Doctor Robotnik himself.

SONIC VS METAL ROBOTNIK: Robotnik piloted a giant robot called Metal Robotnik, powered by the Master Emerald.

SONIC GOES HYPER: Sonic transformed into Super Sonic, and defeated Metal Robotnik, and caused the Death Egg to overload and explode. Sonic transformed into Hyper Sonic and chased after Robotnik, who was inside Metal Robotnik Mark 2.

HYPER SONIC SHOWDOWN IN SPACE: Hyper Sonic battled against Metal Robotnik, and defeated him. He retrieved the Master Emerald. and returned it to the Floating Island. Sonic left with Tails, unaware that Super Metallix was still alive.

SUPER METALLIX RETURNS: Super Metallix returned and used the Master Emerald to make him more powerful. Knuckles had trouble beating the evil robot. Knuckles turned into Super Knuckles, as a result of absorbing Sonic's Galaxy energy from the last battle with Super Metallix.

ENTER SUPER KNUCKLES: Super Knuckles battled against Super Metallix and finished off the evil robot. Knuckles returned the Master Emerald to the Hidden Palace, unaware that the emerald was cracked.

A HISTORY LESSON FOR BOB: Scratch and the Omni Viewer told Bob about Sonic's adventures that occurred before he came along. They explained about how Sonic turned blue, how Doctor Kintobor became Doctor Robotnik, how Sonic met Tails, how Robotnik took over, how Shorty became the Cybernik, how the Brotherhood of Metallix took over Mobius, and how Sonic changed history back to normal. Doctor Robotnik returned to his secret lab, after he was defeated by Hyper Sonic.

A CHRISTMAS PARTY: Sally Acorn threw a Christmas Party in the Emerald Hill Zone and the whole community was invited. Doctor Robotnik sent a Snowman Robot to the Emerald Hill Zone, and it was defeated by Sonic. After that, the Christmas Party continued with no more distractions.


The Chaos Saga

Episodes 23-33

CREAM AND CHEESE: A rabbit girl named Cream and a chao named Cheese were being chased towards the Emerald Hill Zone by Robotnik's Badniks, and were rescued by Sonic. Cream told Sonic and the freedom fighters that her mother Vanilla had been captured by Bocoe and Decoe. The heroes journeyed to the Mystic Ruins, where the robots had Vanilla, and rescued her. Meanwhile at his hidden fortress, Doctor Robotnik revealed to Grimer a canister containing something he drew out of the Master Emerald, when he had it onboard the Mega Death Egg. Robotnik planned to use what he drew out of the Master Emerald to destroy Sonic. Grimer also had a plan to destroy Sonic, and hacked into the Kintobor Computer. After he rescued Vanilla from Robotnik's Badniks, Sonic learned from the Kintobor Computer that there was an attack in the Metropolis Zone. Sonic ran into a robot in the Metropolis Zone, that was controlled by the Kintobor Computer.

ENEMY: The Kintobor Computer revealed that he has control of all the city's computers, and Sonic rushed back to the Emerald Hill Base to stop him. Sonic shutted down the Kintobor Computer, and Porker Lewis reinstalled the Kintobor software. Robotnik revealed to Grimer that the canister was a creature known as Chaos, and that plans to unleash it on Mobius.

THE COMING OF CHAOS: Robotnik unleashed the Chaos creature on Mobius, and he made his way to the Metropolis Zone. Sonic, Tails, Johnny and Amy made their way to the Metropolis Zone to stop him. After attacking the Chaos monster, Sonic's eyes turned green.

WHAT PRICE VICTORY: The battle against Chaos continued, and the freedom fighters found a way to defeat him. After the battle, Sonic realised his worst fear. Losing one of his friends, Johnny Lightfoot.

NIGHT TERRORS: Sonic left the Emerald Hill Zone, realising that it never occurred to him that someone close to him was bound to get hurt. Scratch and Grounder began to panic, after they were told about Johnny's death. Robotnik confronted Chaos, and used a remote control device. He ordered Chaos to destroy the Emerald Hill Zone, but it refused and destroyed the remote. The monster took to the sky and made his way towards the Floating Island.

SPLASH DOWN: Meanwhile on the Floating Island, Knuckles and Porker Lewis contacted Amy. They became under attack by Chaos, as he entered the Emerald Chamber. Knuckles transformed into Super Knuckles, and tried to stop him. The monster absorbed a Chaos Emerald, and Knuckles ejected the others from the Floating Island. Amy and Tails arrived, and they rescued Porker and Knuckles. The Floating Island crashed into the sea, and sank. Sonic finally returned, and rejoined the freedom fighters.

SEARCHING FOR THE CHAOS EMERALDS: The freedom fighters began searching for the Chaos Emeralds, and so was Chaos and Doctor Robotnik. Sonic confronted Doctor Robotnik in one of his Egg-O-Matic Robots, and Sonic turned Super to beat him. The freedom fighters returned to the Emerald Hill Zone.

THE MASTER EMERALD'S VISION: Doctor Robotnik travelled around Mobius in his Egg-O-Matic, and found the Master Emerald. He sent Bokkun to deliver a message to Sonic and Knuckles, to face against Robotnik in the Mystic Ruins. They confronted Robotnik in another one of his Egg-O-Matic contraptions. Sonic and Knuckles both used their super powers to defeat Robotnik, and they retrieved the Master Emerald. They both touched the Master Emerald, and a vision appeared in their minds.

THE HISTORY OF THE ECHIDNAS: Sonic and Knuckles saw a vision of the ancient Echidna race. An Echidna girl named Tikal was protecting Chaos from the elders who wanted it destroyed. She sealed Chaos inside the Master Emerald. Then the Echidnas destroyed the land that it protected, and since then only Chaos knew was hatred and greed. Sonic and Knuckles leaned the truth about Chaos, and they brought the Master Emerald back to the Emerald Hill Zone. Meanwhile Robotnik searched for the other Chaos Emeralds and retrieved them. With help from the Kintobor, the freedom fighters tracked down Robotnik's hidden fortress, and they faced against him.

PERFECT CHAOS: Chaos showed up at Robotnik's hidden fortress, and absorbed the other Chaos Emeralds. Chaos destroyed the fortress and took off. Grimer, Decoe and Bocoe decided to quit, and Robotnik and Bokkun escaped. The monster began attacking the Metropolis Zone, and the freedom fighters confronted him. Sonic transformed into Super Sonic and Knuckles transformed into Super Knuckles, and they both confronted Chaos.

CLASH OF THE EMERALD POWERS: Sonic and Knuckles battled against Chaos, and the monster defeated them. Suddenly Tikal appeared, claiming she was responsible for Sonic's green eyes. She transferred her spirit into Sonic from Chaos, and now she was free. Chaos used up the energy of the Chaos Emeralds, and spat them out. Sonic transformed into Hyper Sonic and battled Chaos. Hyper Sonic succeeded in beating Chaos, and won. Chaos returned in his original form, and the chao critters returned as well. Both Tikal and Chaos descended into the sky after the battle, and the freedom fighters returned to the Emerald Hill Zone with the Chaos Emeralds.


The Shadow Saga

Episodes 34-60

DROWNED: A week had passed since the fight with Chaos. Sonic and Porker journeyed underwater, along with Ebony the Cat, to find the Floating Island. They met some descendants of the Drakon Empire, who gave the heroes the ability to breathe underwater. They agreed to help Sonic get to the Floating Island. While on the surface, the Emerald Hill Folk were roaming the village, and Big the Cat was fishing nearby. Doctor Robotnik prepared to attack the Emerald Hill Zone in his new Egg-O-Matic, but was intercepted by Knuckles, Scratch and Bob before he could reach the zone.

RISE OF THE FLOATING ISLAND: After escaping a giant red fish, Sonic entered an underground area of the fallen island, which wasn't flooded. Tikal showed up, and both her and Sonic ran into some old familiar robots, and an old enemy. Doctor Zachary. The evil echidna got hold of an ancient staff, and planned to use it to control the chaos energy, and rule Mobius. Porker and Ebony arrived, and the island began to rise again. Doctor Zachary and his robots escaped the island, and Sonic, Porker and Ebony returned to their homes.

JUST LIKE OLD CRIMES: Nack the Weasel had escaped from prison, and Tails was asked to stop him. The young fox faced him, and lost, then he bowed to try again. Tails was caught in a booby trap, but luckily he survived the explosion. Tails faced Nack again, and stopped him. The weasel jumped into the river, but unknown to Tails and the others, he survived.

TEKNO'S BIRTHDAY: It was Tekno's birthday, and all her friends were preparing a surprise party for her. When she was ignored by the Emerald Hill Folk, Tekno went to the Emerald Hill Lake to think. She wondered why they wouldn't talk to her, then she thought back to when she was working for Robotnik. Years ago, Robotnik sent Tekno to catch Sonic and the freedom fighters. The canary went to the Emerald Hill Zone with a remote controlled robot, and confronted Amy. Tekno set the robot to self-destruct, in order to save Amy's life. When she returned to Citadel Robotnik, Tekno found out that Robotnik sent her out as a diversion for his troops to search her office. He sent her to the Badnik Processing Plant, but luckily she was rescued by Shortfuse the Cybernik. About an hour later in the present time, Shorty the squirrel found Tekno, and asked her to come back with him to the village, and she got her surprise birthday party.

HERE'S JOHNNY!: Amy thought back to the good old days when Johnny Lightfoot was still alive, then she had a nightmare about Johnny Lightfoot. She woke up after the nightmare, discovering Johnny was alive. Amy and Johnny went for a walk on the green, and Johnny changed into a monster. Amy rushed home to get her crossbow, and Johnny busted into the house, and sent her out. Amy tried shooting him down, and afterwards, Johnny disappeared.

ROBOTNIK'S LAST STAND: Scratch showed up at Robotnik's new fortress, which was guarded by Trooper Badniks. Scratch shot them all down and stormed the fortress, destroying more Trooper Badniks along the way. Scratch confronted Robotnik in the main control room, and told the demented scientist that he made a big mistake by creating him. He left the fortress, with Robotnik furious. Scratch returned to the Emerald Hill Base, and informed the freedom fighters that he had found Robotnik's hideout. Robotnik brought the gigantic Chaos Dragon Machine out of retirement, and planned to use it to destroy Mobius. Sonic showed up, and faced against the Chaos Dragon. They took the battle to the sky, and Sonic transformed into Super Sonic, then Hyper Sonic. He defeated the Chaos Dragon, and the giant robot crashed on top of the fortress, and blew it up. Sonic returned to normal, and escaped. Doctor Zachary showed up later on, and found Robotnik among the rubble of he destroyed Chaos Dragon.

ATTACK ON THE DEATH CARRIER: The Kintobor Computer revealed that Robotnik was found by Doctor Zachary, and was taken to his Death Carrier. Sonic and Tails flew across the sky in the Tornado, and arrived onboard the Death Carrier. Sonic and Tails end up being separated, and Sonic entered a room. Waiting for him there was Doctor Robotnik, Doctor Zachary, and a new sidekick, Rouge the Bat. Tails had been captured by the villains, and Sonic ran into some old Badniks. Sonic found Tails and rescued him, then he confronted Robotnik. Sonic defeated the doctor, and he and Tails escaped. While all this was happening, Knuckles learned that the Floating Island had risen again. He returned to the island with Porker and Ebony, and Tikal was there too.

PROJECT SHADOW: Rouge the Bat left the Death Carrier, and flew towards the Floating Island. Doctor Robotnik and Doctor Zachary began plotting their next attack, and Robotnik hacked into the Prison Island's computers. He discovered he wasn't the only human being to set foot on Mobius, there was another before him. His grandfather, Professor Gerald Kintobor. Robotnik found his grandfather's diary and tried to enter it. He quickly discovered his late cousin Maria's name was the password, and downloaded the diary into his laptop computer. Scratch showed up at the Death Carrier, and fired at all the control panels. Robotnik and Zachary were forced to escape by parachute, and the Death Carrier crashed and blew up. Scratch returned to the Emerald Hill Zone, and told Sonic that he destroyed the Death Carrier single-handedly. Meanwhile on the Floating Island, Knuckles entered the Emerald Chamber, and discovered someone changed the settings on the control panel, which controlled the Guardian Robots. Knuckles looked at the control panel, and an explosion occurred on the island. Big the Cat showed up, and told Knuckles and Tikal he knew who took the Chaos Emeralds.

HORROR ON THE HAUNTED HILL ZONE: Rouge the Bat and an army of Badniks have captured Porker Lewis, and Rouge was interrogating him. Knuckles, Tikal and Big were on their way to rescue Porker. They took the Ghost Train to the Haunted Hill Zone. Knuckles and Tikal arrived at the zone, leaving Big behind. They found Porker, and confronted the Emerald thief, Rouge. She forced Knuckles to tell her the combination to open the box, containing the Chaos Emeralds, and he told her. Rouge opened the box, and the Emeralds were warped back to the Special Zone. Knuckles and Tikal rescued Porker, and took him home. Big the Cat left the Haunted Hill Zone, and returned to the Emerald Hill Zone by boat. Robotnik and Zachary were forced to travel to Prison Island by foot. Rouge found them walking along a roadway miles away from Prison Island, revealing that she succeeded in grabbing one of the Chaos Emeralds.

RETURN OF THE CYBERNIK!: Tekno was working on Shorty's new Cybernik armour, and she called Shorty when she was ready. Meanwhile on the roadway, Robotnik, Zachary and Rouge found a van, and hijacked it. Robotnik sat in the back, Rouge sat in the passenger seat, and Zachary sat in the driver's seat. In moments they were on their way to prison island. Back in the Emerald Hill Zone, Shorty tried out his new Cybernik armour, and he and Tekno left the lab. Meanwhile, the villains journey to Prison Island was delayed, as they had a run in with a motorcycle gang, the Nasty Hyenas. Zachary tried to lose them, but they wouldn't shake off. He eventually stopped, then he and Rouge confronted them. Robotnik came out, and the hyenas were scared away by him. After that, the villains continued their journey to Prison Island. An evil black armoured villain was attacking the Metropolis Zone, and the Cybernik confronted him. After a battle, the villain was summoned back, and Shorty and Tekno returned home, as there was still some glitches in the Cybernik armour.

JOURNEY TO THE CROSSROADS: After another day of crime fighting in the Metropolis Zone, Tails flew towards a portal to the Nameless Zone. Scratch spotted Tails, and told the fox he was going too. They both arrived at the Nameless Zone, and met up with Morain. They escaped the goblins, and met up with two foxes named Pippa and Trent. Morain explained the plan to Tails, to stop the goblins plans. Meanwhile elsewhere, a goblin was talking to Errol Blackthorn, who was now the chief of the goblin police. The foxes travelled across the bridge to the land beyond in disguise. Scratch just teleported himself to the Land Beyond. The goblins spotted the heroes, and Morain confronted Errol.

MORAIN'S PLAN: Morain ordered Tails and Scratch to take the satchel to the engine room of the train without her. They discovered the satchel was filled with dynamite. A serious battle occurred, and Morain jumped out of the train. The dynamite got caught on fire, and Tails tossed it into the air outside the train, and it exploded. Tails, Scratch, Morain, Pippa and Trent met up with Errol near the dimensional bridge, leading back to the Nameless Zone. Before Errol could thank Tails, a giant monster warrior known as the Crusher showed up. Tails and Scratch confronted the giant warrior, and they had trouble beating him. Tails tried to take on the Crusher, as Scratch, Errol, Morain, Pippa and Trent watched. Scratch encouraged Tails to use the power of the Galaxy Emeralds, and turn into Super Tails. But Tails couldn't, unless he was in danger, but he was in danger. The Crusher was getting ready to finish off Tails, but then he turned into Super Tails. He overpowered the Crusher, and finished him off, then Tails changed back to normal. Tails and the others visited the Enchanter Kings. They thanked Tails, and they sent him and Scratch back to Mobius.

SHADOW AWAKENS: Tails and Scratch returned to Mobius, and Tails worried about the next time he is needed in the Nameless Zone. Meanwhile elsewhere, Robotnik, Doctor Zachary and Rouge were still driving along the road. They were almost at Prison Island. Scratch and Tails returned to the Emerald Hill Base, and Sonic and the others were there, figuring out what Robotnik was up to. The villains finally arrived at the island, and Robotnik and Zachary broke into the fortress with some of Zachary's new weapons. As for Rouge the Bat, she waited outside. The two villains made it to the chamber where Shadow was sleeping, and with the stolen Chaos Emerald, they awakened Shadow. They were surprised to see that he looked just like Sonic. Shadow demonstrated his powers against the military, and the villains escaped. A security guard got a look at who was with them, and contacted the others, telling them that Sonic was now a wanted criminal.

SONIC THE FUGITIVE: After waiting impatiently for Robotnik's next move, Sonic left the Emerald Hill Zone and went to the Metropolis Zone, looking for adventure. The military showed up and targeted Sonic, and he ended up on the run from them. Meanwhile at the Emerald Hill Base, Tails and the others watched the news on TV, which said that Sonic broke into Prison Island. While Sonic was on the run, and while the freedom fighters watched the news, Shadow used the Chaos Emerald to perform Chaos Control. He warped himself to the Special Zone, and began retrieving the other Chaos Emeralds one by one. Onboard their spaceship the Chaotix Crew monitored the activities in the Special Zone. They caught a glimpse of Shadow, and they thought he was Sonic. They also wondered why he was in the Special Zone. Back on Mobius, Sonic escaped into the sewers of the Metropolis Zone. While down there he was wondering why he had become a wanted criminal. He thought of a few assumptions, like an evil robot of himself built by Robotnik to ruin his reputation, or Metamorphia had returned somehow. Back in the Special Zone, Shadow finished collecting the Chaos Emeralds. After that he left the zone. The military gave up after a while, and Sonic finally returned to the surface. Shadow suddenly appeared, and confronted Sonic. It was then that Sonic realised why the military were after him.

BATTLE OF THE HEDGEHOGS: Sonic and Shadow confronted each other at the Metropolis, and they began to fight. Shadow demonstrated some of his skills, including his super speed. He eventually used Chaos Control, and warped himself and Sonic to the Special Zone. There they continued their battle with more space to move around in.

CHAOTIX CONTROL: Shadow lead Sonic to a planet where the sky was green, and the planet was deserted. The Chaotix Crew discovered Sonic was on the planet, and they investigated. They observed as the battle between Sonic and Shadow continued. Meanwhile on Mobius, Rouge visited the Floating Island again, to steal the Master Emerald. Knuckles confronted her, and tried to stop her from stealing the Master Emerald. Back in the Special Zone, Sonic was losing against Shadow. The Chaotix Crew intervened, and they confronted Shadow.

SONIC, BEHIND BARS: The Chaotix Crew distracted Shadow, while Sonic got his strength back. After a few minutes, Sonic stepped back into the battlefield. Vector, Charmy, Espio and Mighty all stepped down, and Sonic and Shadow continued the battle. Shadow used Chaos Control again, and warped himself and Sonic back to the Metropolis Zone. They heard the police car siren, and Shadow gave Sonic a couple of Chaos Emeralds, and used Chaos Control to retreat. The police surrounded Sonic, and Tails, Scratch and Tekno showed up. Sonic learned the police were taking him to Prison Island, and decided to turn himself in. Rouge returned to Robotnik's new pyramid base with the Master Emerald, and Shadow returned as well. Robotnik announced that they were now ready for the next phase of his latest plan. Sonic was locked in a prison cell, that was in a tank deep underwater.

ATTACK ON PRISON ISLAND: Robotnik, Shadow and Rouge returned to Prison Island to retrieve the two Chaos Emeralds. Tails, Amy and Scratch journeyed to Prison Island on Tails' new plane, Tornado X. They arrived on Prison Island to rescue Sonic, and Amy discovered Shadow. She made her way in, and got Sonic out of prison. Sonic told Amy he wanted to be captured, in order to find out more about his look alike. Shadow planted a bomb inside the prison, and Rouge found the Emeralds. The people on the island evacuated when they learned about the bomb. Sonic ran into Shadow again outside the fortress, and they had another battle. Robotnik contacted Shadow, and ordered him to get the emeralds and leave. Tails spotted Shadow, and grabbed onto him, and Shadow used Chaos Control to get back inside the island. Shadow grabbed the two chaos emeralds from Rouge, and got ready to leave the island. Rouge and Tails asked Shadow to save them, then Shadow used Chaos Control and escaped. The bomb went off, and the island blew up. As Sonic and the others were leaving in Tornado X, they worried that Tails might have been destroyed in the explosion.

THE DOOMSDAY BROADCAST: Two days had passed since Prison Island was destroyed, and Sonic felt guilty than ever. First he lost Johnny, and now Tails. Scratch told Sonic that Tails was still alive, but Sonic refused to believe him. But how did Scratch know that Tails was alive? Even though he had no proof, he was right. Shadow had rescued Tails, and brought him and Rouge to Space Colony Ark. A station that was built by the late Professor Gerald Kintobor. Sonic watched the news on TV. No one was found on Prison Island after the explosion, which convinced Sonic that Tails really was alive. At that moment, the TV signal was interrupted by Doctor Robotnik. He ordered Mobius to surrender to his rule, or suffer. He demonstrated by destroying the moon with his grandfather's Eclipse Cannon, which was loaded with all six Chaos Emeralds. Robotnik gave Mobius twelve hours to decide. The Kintobor Computer told Sonic about Robotnik and Zachary's Pyramid Fortress, and the freedom fighters all teamed up. Knuckles teamed up, because he wanted to get the Master Emerald back. Meanwhile on Space Colony Ark, Tails was wondering why Shadow rescued him. Through Shadow's eyes, he saw his only friend Maria Kintobor through Tails.

NEXT DESTINATION, SPACE COLONY ARK: The dawn of the next morning, and Sonic, Amy and Knuckles travelled to the Pyramid Fortress on Tornado X. They arrived, and the ran into Doctor Zachary and an army of his robots. Scratch and Bob showed up to help, and the heroes battled against the robots. They were outnumbered, and Sonic transformed into Super Sonic. With his super power, he finished off the robots with no problem. Zachary used a teleport device, and escaped. The Omni Viewer showed up to offer assistance, and he had shown up just in time. Omni transported them all to Space Colony Ark.

GERALD KINTOBOR'S LEGACY: The heroes got onboard Space Colony Ark, and Sonic went searching for Tails. Knuckles went searching for the Master Emerald. He found it, but had to fight against Rouge to get it back. After Knuckles saved her from falling, she left and said the emerald was his. Scratch took cover somewhere and called someone on his robot phone, but who? Sonic found Tails, and was happy that he was alright. Shadow the Hedgehog showed up, and used Chaos Control, and warped Sonic to the Special Zone. He left Sonic there, and used Chaos Control, and warped himself back to Space Colony Ark without Sonic. Robotnik and Zachary were busy preparing the Eclipse Cannon to destroy Mobius, and Shadow continued to observe the view. Tails asked Shadow what he had done with Sonic, and Shadow told Tails that he sent him to the Special Zone. Back in the Special Zone, Omni Viewer showed up to rescue Sonic, and brought him back to the colony. Shadow caught Rouge talking on a phone, and discovered she was a spy, working for Scratch. Sonic returned, and confronted Shadow again. The two hedgehogs took their battle to a big room inside the colony. Meanwhile in the main control room, Knuckles, Amy, Scratch and Bob confronted Robotnik, who activated the Eclipse Cannon. Suddenly the machine closed down, and Professor Gerald Kintobor appeared on the monitors along with a countdown. Professor Kintobor's recording played, saying in twenty-five minutes, they will all be destroyed.

MARIA'S WISH: Sonic and Shadow stopped fighting when they noticed the countdown. Robotnik was mad, with his own grandfather, and Rouge showed up claiming that the colony will crash like a meteor, and destroy Mobius. Sonic and Tails showed up, and Robotnik showed them all his grandfather's diary. In the diary, Professor Gerald Kintobor said he wanted to do good, but his scientist feared that he was working on something evil. The military force closed down the project, and killed his granddaughter Maria. After that, Professor Gerald Kintobor began plotting revenge against the people of Mobius. After reading the diary, the heroes and villains all teamed up to get the Master Emerald to the Emerald Chamber, and stop the countdown. Shadow confronted Robotnik, Zachary and Tails. Shadow used Chaos Control, and warped Robotnik and Zachary to another dimension. He confronted Tails, who tried to talk Shadow into stopping all this. Shadow remembered that his friend Maria wanted him to help the people of Mobius, then he teamed up with Sonic, and they battled against the Biolizard in the Emerald Chamber. Knuckles used the Master Emerald to regain control of the other Chaos Emeralds. Sonic transformed into Super Sonic, and he and Shadow defeated the Biolizard. Scratch contacted them and told them the lizard had connected itself to the Eclipse Cannon, pulling them towards Mobius. Shadow suddenly turned Super, like Sonic. The two of them went outside and used their powers to destroy the Biolizard. After that, they both used Chaos Control, and warped Space Colony Ark into a stable orbit. Sonic returned, and gave what was left of Shadow to Rouge, a ring. Mobius was saved, and Sonic's name was cleared. They found escape shuttles, and decided to use them to return home.

THE HOMECOMING: The freedom fighters returned to Mobius, using the escape shuttles. They eventually noticed that Sonic was missing. Rouge told them that she caught a glimpse of one of the shuttles heading in the wrong direction. They realised that was Sonic's shuttle. Tails and Amy returned to the Emerald Hill Base, to figure out if the Kintobor Computer knew anything about where Sonic was heading. Scratch sent Knuckles back to the Floating Island, along with the Master Emerald and the Chaos Emeralds. Once again the Floating Island rose into the sky where it belonged. Scratch and Rouge travelled to Robotnik's old Egg Fortress in the Special Zone, and Scratch planned to turn it into the headquarters for his new team, Team Dark. Also in Robotnik's old fortress was a cloning machine that Robotnik never used. Scratch planned to use it on Shadow's ring, in order to bring Shadow back. The machine worked, except the process would take three months to complete. Three days passed since the freedom fighters returned home, and Tails got a transmission from across space. He thought it might have been Sonic, but it wasn't. It was his old friend Kyla the Hybrid. She contacted Tails to warn him that Gigatox was alive, and that he was on his way to Mobius.

GIGATOX IS BACK!: Gigatox was on his way to Mobius in a spaceship, and this time he was an android. He also had an army of Gigatox like robots, and he was planning to get his revenge on Tails for what he did to him. Tails contacted Scratch, Grounder, Bob, Rouge, and the Chaotix Crew in the Special Zone, and Knuckles on the Floating Island. He asked for their help against Gigatox. Shorty's Cybernik costume was fixed and ready for battle. He suited up, and all the freedom fighters teamed up in the Great Unknown. Gigatox's spaceship landed nearby and he and his robot army stepped out. Gigatox recalled how he survived his fight with Super Tails, and how he spent the last few months building an army of robots ready to attack Mobius. Just as he and his army got ready to attack, a mysterious teenage fox showed up, wearing a purple jacket and blue jeans. He was also armed with a sword, and he told Gigatox that he came to destroy him.

THE MYSTERIOUS FOX: The teenage fox faced against Gigatox's robot army, and took them out with ease. Tails and the others could sense a battle occurring nearby. Meanwhile on the battlefield, the fox revealed something shocking to Gigatox. He possessed the powers of the Galaxy Emeralds, and he transformed into his super self right in front of him. Tails and Knuckles felt the energy, and thought it might have been Sonic, and they journeyed towards the battlefield. The Super Fox took on Gigatox all on his own, and he survived all his attacks. The Super Fox got out his sword, and sliced Gigatox in half.

WELCOME HOME, SONIC: The freedom watched the battle in the air, and they were surprised by what happened, especially Tails. The Super Fox finished off Gigatox, and landed back on the surface, and changed back to normal. The freedom fighters ran towards where he landed, wondering if he was friend or foe. They reached him, and he said that he's going to meet up with Sonic. He revealed to them he had a radar that can tell when and where a spaceship is due to land. He told them that Sonic's shuttle was due to land in the Great Unknown in two hours. They waited patiently for two hours, and Sonic's shuttle finally landed. Sonic came out, and his friends greeted him.

MY NAME IS NINJO: After the freedom fighters welcomed Sonic back, the mysterious fox took Sonic to a deserted place nearby, and tested his super powers against Sonic's. After the short battle, he revealed everything. His name was Ninjo, and he came from a planet that was conquered by an evil being known as Lord Furion. He told Sonic that he once possessed all the Galaxy Emeralds about five years ago, and his super powers weren't strong enough to wipe out Furion's army. He told Sonic that his home world was currently a nightmare, a bigger nightmare than Mobius, when it was ruled by Robotnik. He also told Sonic that Furion will arrive on Mobius in about three months time, and told Sonic he might be strong enough to stop him, because he knew that Sonic can become Hyper Sonic. Sonic wasn't sure if Ninjo was telling Sonic the truth, but Omni Viewer showed up to convince Sonic of Ninjo's story. After that, Ninjo took off, and Sonic confronted the others. Rouge overheard the whole conversation, and helped Sonic explain to everyone about Lord Furion. They all saw Ninjo leaving in a mini spaceship, and the freedom fighters decided to spend the next three months getting ready for the upcoming battle against the new unseen enemy.




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