Written by Stephen Ricketts




Sonic and related characters are copyright (c) SEGA, DIC, Archie Comics & Fleetway Comics. Used without permission. Any non Sonic related characters are my own.

This story takes place after the Chaos Saga, and before the next saga of the fan fiction series.



Tails was walking along a footpath, watching the animals living peacefully. Sally Acorn the squirrel was there, and she saw Tails coming her way.

SALLY: ‘Hi Tails.’

TAILS: ‘Hi Sally, what’s up?’

SALLY: ‘Well my birthday for a start.’

TAILS: ‘That’s right, it’s tomorrow.’

SALLY: (holding out written invitations) ‘And you’re invited to my birthday party, and so are Sonic, Amy, Porker, Tekno, Shorty, you know, all the freedom fighters. You will tell them, won’t you?’

TAILS: ‘You can count on me, Sally.’

SALLY: ‘Thank you Tails.’

She walked off.



Sonic, Porker, Amy, Tekno and Shorty were there, standing around the Kintobor Computer.

SONIC: ‘So what’s going on Doctor K.?’

KINTOBOR: ‘I have picked up an unidentified flying object heading towards Mobius.’

SHORTY: ‘You mean a U.F.O.?’

KINTOBOR: ‘In a way, yes.’

TEKNO: ‘Can you get  a visual of the object?’

KINTOBOR: ‘Yes I can.’

The monitor showed a giant sphere, covered with machinery.

SONIC: ‘Robotnik must be behind that.’

PORKER: ‘But it came from space. How could it be Robotnik’s handy work?’

SHORTY: ‘Maybe he sent it up there undetected to throw us off. Well whoever is behind that, I bet it’s nothing good. We’ll have to be prepared.’

TEKNO: ‘Speaking of prepared, Shorty, the new Cybernik armour suit is ready.’

SHORTY: ‘Great. I can’t wait to use it.’

Tails came in.

TAILS: ‘Hey Sonic, guess what?’

SONIC: ‘Save it for later, pixel-brain. A giant machine is heading towards Mobius, and we think Robotnik is behind it.’

TAILS: ‘Okay.’

He placed the invitations on a nearby table and followed the others out of the room.



Scratch, Grounder and Bob were watching TV. There was a knock at the door, and Shorty came in.

SHORTY: ‘Hey guys, something big is heading towards Mobius. We might need your help.’

He left the room.

SCRATCH: (getting up) ‘Alright, TV time is over. We’ve got work to do.’

GROUNDER: ‘Can’t we wait until this show is over?’

SCRATCH: ‘No we can’t. Now move it!’

GROUNDER: (upset) ‘Yes sir.’



Sonic and the freedom fighters arrived at the canyon area, and Shorty was wearing his new Cybernik armour.

SONIC: (holding up a small comunicator) ‘Are you sure Robotnik is here?’

KINTOBOR: (V.O. on comunicator) ‘I am pretty sure, Sonic.’

SONIC: ‘Well I can’t see him anywhere...’

Suddenly the ground shook, and the ground exploded in front them. Robotnik rose out of the ground in his Egg-O-Matic drilling machine (like in Sonic 2.)

SONIC: ‘Still up to your old tricks, walrus chops?’

ROBOTNIK: ‘I may be using one of my old contraptions to destroy you, but you won’t beat me this time. This machine is made out of the hardest metal on the planet, and not even you can penetrate it.’

SONIC: ‘Not if I transform into Super Sonic.’

GROUNDER: ‘Oh why did he have to go there?’

SCRATCH: ‘Super Sonic might be strong enough to destroy the giant machine that is heading our way.’

ROBOTNIK: ‘Any last words, hedgehog?’

Suddenly the Egg-O-Matic was attacked by laser beams, coming from above. The machine exploded and Robotnik flew out. He landed in front of the freedom fighters.

TAILS: ‘What just happened.’

CYBERNIK: (pointing up) ‘Look.’

They looked up and saw Stealth-bots flying in the air. Robotnik looked up and gasped at what he saw.

ROBOTNIK: ‘That’s impossible. King Ritus and his evil Robotic Empire are supposed to be destroyed!’

SONIC: ‘It appears you forgot to tell him that.’

Ritus materialised in front of them.

RITUS: ‘Well if it isn’t my old enemies, how are you today?’

ROBOTNIK: ‘You were supposed to be destroyed. I saw it happen, I made it happen!’




Robotnik and his minions, Grimer, Scratch and Grounder stood in front of King Ritus, Queen Birdonna, Prince Feathers, and Asteron. Scratch gave a present to Prince Feathers.

SCRATCH: ‘Well, we’ve got to go.’

ROBOTNIK: ‘Yes, have fun ruling Mobius.’


They all got into their ship, and took off.

RITUS: ‘Looks like Robotnik wasn’t the bad type after all.’

Prince Feathers opened his present, which triggered a bomb that blew them up. After the explosion, Ritus and his minions were scattered around the area in pieces.

RITUS: ‘Hey, come back here! What kind of present was that? You haven’t heard the last of King Ritus and the Robotic Empire!’



RITUS: ‘You may have blown me up, but I was still ticking.’

SONIC: ‘Answer this, Ritus! Are you responsible for the flying object in space?’

RITUS: ‘In a manor of speaking, yes. After years of waiting, the Robotic Star has made its way to Mobius. It is the source of my empire’s incredible power, which is why I am back in action. I am also stronger than ever, Sonic. Not even your Deep Power Stones can stop me this time.’

SCRATCH: ‘You don’t scare us, Ritus!’

RITUS: ‘Big words for a second rate robot.’

SCRATCH: (getting mad) ‘What did you say?’

RITUS: ‘I am going to take over Mobius, but first I must get rid of the former ruler of this planet.’

Two Swatbots materialised each side of Robotnik. They grabbed him and they teleported out.

SONIC: ‘Where have you taken him?’

RITUS: ‘To the Robotic Star. If I were you Sonic, I would head over there to rescue him. I’ll be waiting for you.’

He teleported out.

SONIC: ‘I never thought I would say this, but we’ve got to rescue Robotnik. He is wanted for crimes on Mobius.’

CYBERNIK: ‘We have to stop Ritus and his goons too.’



The citizens of the zone were busy with their daily lives, when Ritus’ army materialized in the centre of the city. The evil robots included, Prince Tallix, his wife Francine, Vermin the Cybernik, and a group of Swatbots.

TALLIX: ‘People of Mobius, may I have your attention please! This planet now belongs to King Ritus!’

The citizens began to panic, and run away from the centre of the city.



Sonic and the others got a call from Tekno, Porker, and the Kintobor Computer.

SONIC: ‘Ritus has sent an army to the Metropolis Zone?’

TEKNO: ‘Yes, and Shorty. One of your old enemies is with them.’

SONIC: ‘Okay guys let’s go.’



The freedom fighters arrived, and they saw the evil army.

CYBERNIK: ‘Vermin! So you’re the old enemy Tekno was talking about!’

VERMIN: ‘Nice to see you again.’

TALLIX: ‘Enough talk, let’s destroy them!’

The three villains charged, and Sonic zoomed around the three villains with his super speed. Sonic eventually jumped into the air and zoomed down, performing the spin attack. He bounced off of them, and landed on the ground.

SONIC: (rubbing his forehead) ‘Oww that smarts. Those robots are even stronger than I am.’

SWATBOT: (aiming at the freedom fighters) ‘Do not Move.’

Suddenly the Swatbot was attacked from behind, and it fell over. Knuckles was seen with his fist stretched out.

SONIC: ‘Knuckles?’

KNUCKLES: ‘Thought you could use some help. So Ritus is back in town. Don’t the bad guys ever quit?’

GROUNDER: ‘Well, we quitted our old job, didn’t we Scratch?’

SCRATCH: ‘No we didn’t. I was fired, then I was re-hired, then Tekno reprogrammed us to good.’

GROUNDER: ‘Oh yeah. I knew that.’

VERMIN: ‘Silence!’

He charged at Scratch and pinned him to the ground. He pointed the end of his lethal tail at Scratch’s neck, and got ready to strike. Cybernik grabbed Vermin’s tail, and tossed him across the area. The Omni Viewer appeared, and Vector, Charmy, Espio and Mighty came through the portal.

VECTOR: ‘We’re here to help you against King Ritus.’

SONIC: ‘Great, just in time. Omni Viewer, can you transport me and Knuckles to the Robotic Star?’

OMNI VIEWER: ‘Of course I can.’

SONIC: ‘Great, send us there.’

SCRATCH: ‘Hey Sonic.’

SONIC: ‘What is it, Scratch?’

SCRATCH: ‘After you’ve rescued Robotnik, are you planning to blow up the star?’

SONIC: ‘That’s right, genius.’

KNUCKLES: ‘We’re rescuing Robotnik?’

SONIC: ‘I’ll explain later.’

OMNI VIEWER: ‘I’m ready.’

Sonic and Knuckles jumped through the Omni Viewer portal, leaving the Chaotix Crew, Scratch, Grounder, Bob, Tails and the Cybernik to deal with Ritus’ army.



Sonic and Knuckles came through the portal, and landed on the surface of the star. They saw machinery everywhere.

SONIC: ‘This looks just like the Miracle Planet, when I fought Metallix.’

KNUCKLES: ‘Maybe Ritus is related to them.’

SONIC: ‘Very funny Knuckles. Now let’s find out where Robotnik is.’

Knuckles ran up to a metal manhole cover, and smashed it open with his fist.

KNUCKLES: ‘He must be inside.’

SONIC: ‘And Ritus must also be in there, waiting for me.’

Sonic and Knuckles jumped down the shoot and landed in a corridor inside.



Robotnik was standing in a glass tube, and Ritus and three Swatbots stood by a control panel.

RITUS: (to Robotnik) ‘I suppose you recognise this machine. Your assistant Grimer was the one who built it after all. It’s the robotisizer.’

Robotnik gasped.

RITUS: ‘That’s right. You will be the first to become one of my new robot slaves. But unlike your robotisizer, the process is irreversible, just like the Cybernik.’

ROBOTNIK: ‘You won’t get away with this, Ritus!’

RITUS: ‘I already have, Doctor. (To the Swatbot) Activate the robotisizer.’

The door blew open and Sonic came in.

SONIC: ‘Knock, knock.’

ROBOTNIK: ‘Sonic?’

RITUS: ‘So you’ve arrived.’

The Swatbot grabbed the lever, and Sonic zoomed into the robot before he could pull it, and destroyed it.

RITUS: ‘Curses!’

Knuckles smashed his fist into the glass, and shattered it.

ROBOTNIK: (stepping out) ‘I’m surprised to see you two rescuing me.’

SONIC: ‘We didn’t rescue because we wanted to. It was because we had to...’

Sonic was interrupted by another smashing noise, which was Knuckles destroying the control panel. Sonic, Knuckles and Robotnik ran out of the room.

RITUS: ‘The former ruler of Mobius may have escaped, and Sonic may have freed the planet from his control, but no one can stop my invasion.’

He activated an intercom on the wall.

RITUS: ‘All units prepare to invade Mobius, starting with the Metropolis Zone.’



Sonic, Knuckles and Robotnik entered a room, and stepped onto a teleport platform. The platform lit up, and they were teleported out.



They materialised on another teleport platform on the surface of the Robotic Star.

ROBOTNIK: ‘Well Sonic, how are you going to stop Ritus?’

SONIC: ‘I have a plan, but first we need to get you back to Mobius.’

Scratch, Grounder and Bob materialised in front of them.

KNUCKLES: ‘What are you guys doing here?’

SCRATCH: ‘We came to take Robotnik home.’

BOB: ‘Hey, I wanted to say that!’

ROBOTNIK: ‘Well it’s a good thing you didn’t. You never pronounce my name right.’

BOB: ‘Of cause I do, Metal-nik.’

ROBOTNIK: ‘There you see. I’m glad I fired you.’

They heard a noise, and they saw an army of Stealth-bots rising from the surface, and flying towards Mobius.

KNUCKLES: ‘Ritus is mad.’

King Ritus materialized on the surface.

RITUS: ‘Prepare to meet your doom Sonic.’

He grew into a giant, and his red eyes lit up.

Scratch and Bob grabbed Robotnik.

SCRATCH: ‘We had better get out of here!’

Scratch, Grounder and Bob teleported out, taking Robotnik with them.

SONIC: ‘You have us to deal with now.’

RITUS: ‘When I am through with you, your precious planet will be plunged into darkness once again, but worse.’

KNUCKLES: ‘We’re not going to let that happen!’



The Cybernik fired his laser guns at Vermin, and the Swatbots.

TALLIX: ‘I’ve just got word that Robotnik is back in town.’

FRANCINE: ‘We’ll take care of him.’

TALLIX: ‘That’s right my dear.’

The two villains teleported out.

TAILS: ‘I hope Sonic is doing better than us.’

A Swatbot exploded, and Espio appeared in front of the destroyed robot.

ESPIO: ‘Never underestimate the power of camouflage.’

Mighty smashed his fist into the Swatbot, and destroyed it. Cybernik and Vermin took the fight into the air. Cybernik grabbed Vermin by his tail, and span around. He let go of Vermin’s tail, and sent him crashing into a pile of rubble.

VERMIN: (jumping out of the rubble) ‘Curse you Cybernik!’



Scratch, Grounder and Bob returned with Robotnik, and they looked around.

SCRATCH: (to Robotnik) ‘Since this was where we ran into you, we shall leave you here.’

ROBOTNIK: ‘Ritus won’t give up that easily. He might have already sent someone to recapture me.’

Prince Tallix and Francine materialised in front of them.

BOB: ‘Metal-nik was right.’

TALLIX: ‘Thank you for bringing the doctor to us. We’ll take over from here.’

He powered up his sword and fired a blast of energy at Robotnik and his ex minions.

GROUNDER: ‘You’ll pay for that!’

His arms changed into cannons, and he fired cannon blasts at the two evil robots. Scratch’s energy staff appeared in his hand, and he aimed it on the two robots.

SCRATCH: ‘Take this!’

He fired at them.



Sonic and Knuckles were still fighting the giant King Ritus. The evil king pointed his staff at the two heroes and fired lightning at them. Explosions occurred around the two heroes.

SONIC: ‘Because of the Robotic Star, King Ritus is even stronger than the last time I fought him.

RITUS: ‘That’s right Sonic. It is impossible to defeat me now.’



The Cybernik grabbed hold of Vermin, and fired. An explosion occurred, sending the Cybernik back to the ground. He looked up in the air, and saw that Vermin’s right arm was gone.

CYBERNIK: ‘I did it.’

Suddenly Vermin’s right arm started repairing itself.

CYBERNIK: ‘What the...’

He watched as Vermin’s arm repaired itself.

VERMIN: ‘Good as new. Hey Shortfuse, if you thought one of me was tough enough for you.’

Four clones of Vermin the Cybernik materialised. Two on his left and two on his right.

VERMINS: ‘How about five of me.’

CYBERNIK: ‘No way.’



Tails and the Chaotix Crew continued to fight the Swatbots.

TAILS: ‘There’s too many of them!’

VECTOR: ‘We need a miracle right now!’



KNUCKLES: (to King Ritus) ‘You may be even stronger for us, but did you know that we can go super.’

RITUS: ‘What are you talking about?’

Sonic screamed, and caused the ground around him to shake. His blue spikes began to change, and quickly turned blond.

RITUS: ‘Super Sonic? That out of control speed demon?’

KNUCKLES: ‘Not any more. Thanks to the Galaxy Emeralds, Sonic can now control himself, and transform at will. I can also transform, Ritus.’

He screamed, and transformed from red to pink.

RITUS: (scared) ‘No!’

S. KNUCKLES: ‘You can call me Super Knuckles.’

S. SONIC: ‘Let’s rumble!’

He charged at King Ritus, and blasted right threw him at supersonic speed. Knuckles jumped into the air and fired a blast of energy at Ritus, blowing him up.

S. SONIC: ‘Did we destroy him?’

The shattered pieces of Ritus’ body rose up from the ground, and reformed the giant Ritus.

RITUS: ‘You fools don’t realize that I am indestructible.’



Tails and the Chaotix Crew were still fighting the Swatbots, and the Cybernik was still fighting the five Vermins. The army of Stealth-bots descended towards the city, and began to fire at a few deserted buildings.

TAILS: ‘I can’t take this anymore!’

He screamed, and transformed into Super Tails. He attacked the Swatbots and blew them up completely.

VECTOR: ‘Tails?’

S. TAILS: ‘Don’t worry about me Vector, I’m fine.’

He jumped into the air, and stopped in the middle of two Vermins.

CYBERNIK: ‘Tails?’

S. TAILS: ‘I thought you could use some help.’

He aimed his hands at the two Vermins, and fired energy blasts, destroying them.


S. TAILS: ‘Oh yes.’

He fired at the other two and destroyed them, leaving one Vermin alive.

CYBERNIK: ‘Leave the last one for me, Tails.’

S. TAILS: ‘Okay.’

He looked up at the Stealth-bots.

S. TAILS: ‘I’ll take care of the Stealth-bots.’



RITUS: (to Super Sonic and Super Knuckles) ‘You can never destroy me.’

S. SONIC: ‘I guess I have no choice but to go hyper.’

RITUS: ‘I shall crush you two like... What did you just say?’

Super Sonic screamed and turned into Hyper Sonic.

H. SONIC: ‘Knuckles, I am going to destroy the star.’

He began to run around the star at great speed, causing explosions around the place.

S. KNUCKLES: ‘I’m not missing out on the action.’

He zoomed off.

RITUS: ‘Hey come back here!’

Hyper Sonic and Super Knuckles both zoomed around the Robotic Star, inside and outside, causing it to overload.

RITUS: ‘You’re overloading the star!’

More explosions occurred the Robotic Star, and eventually the whole star exploded. A wave of energy spread from the explosion, and a part of it headed towards Mobius.



Scratch, Grounder, Bob were still protecting Robotnik from Prince Tallix and Francine. The wave hit the two evil robots, and they disintegrated.



The wave came down, and wiped out the Stealth-bots, Vermin and the Swatbots in the same way.

S. TAILS: ‘There was an explosion, and they all just disappeared. I bet that explosion was the Robotic Star.’

Super Tails powered down and changed back to Tails. He landed on the ground, followed by the Cybernik, who’s armour was badly damaged during the fight with Vermin. His helmet fell off and Shorty’s head was seen.

SHORTY: ‘I guess this Cybernik armour took a real beating out there. I might have only enough power to make it back home.’

Omni Viewer appeared.

OMNI VIEWER: ‘Sonic and Knuckles have destroyed the Robotic Star. The result caused King Ritus and his army to shut down and disintegrate. Now the Robotic Star is gone, King Ritus and his army are gone for good.’

TAILS: ‘But what happened to Sonic and Knuckles?’



ROBOTNIK: (running off) ‘Now that King Ritus has been defeated for good, it’s a matter of time before I strike again.’

SCRATCH: ‘You may strike again, but we’ll know what the outcome will be.’

BOB: ‘Yeah! Hey Squash, what are you talking about?’

SCRATCH: ‘It’s Scratch you fool! My name is Scratch!’

BOB: ‘Sorry Squash.’



Tails and the others looked up, and they saw Hyper Sonic and Super Knuckles descending to the ground. They landed on the ground, and changed back to their normal selves. Scratch, Grounder, and Bob materialised in front of them.

BOB: ‘Metal-nik got away.’

SCRATCH: ‘It’s Robotnik, and he always escapes. But we will stop him for good one day.’

SONIC: ‘That’s right.’

VECTOR: ‘Well we had better return to the Special Zone.’

TAILS: ‘Thanks for your help.’

VECTOR: ‘You’re welcome.’

The Chaotix Crew jumped through the Omni Viewer portal, which closed behind them.

TAILS: ‘Now that’s all over with, I guess I can tell you that we are all invited to Sally Acorn’s birthday party tomorrow.’

SHORTY: ‘Really? All of us?’

TAILS: ‘Yeah.’

They all cheered.



Sonic and all his friends including Flicky, Tux, Chirps and Joe Sushi, attended Sally Acorn’s birthday party on the open green area, near the village.

TAILS: (handing Sally a present) ‘Happy birthday Sally.’

SALLY: (taking the present) ‘Thank you Tails.’

SONIC: ‘We are having a party on a planet free of evil control, once again.’

GROUNDER: ‘Yeah, and I like parties.’

SCRATCH: ‘Me too.’

TEKNO: (to Shorty) ‘In time I shall design an all new Cybernik armour suit for you to use against Robotnik, and this time it will be better than ever.’

SHORTY: ‘Thanks Tekno.’

Everyone in the Emerald Hill Zone sang, “Happy Birthday,” to Sally Acorn.







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