An outer space adventure starring Tails.


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Some of the episode summaries will have the following key below saying where the ideas came from, either it was from the comic book series and/or the TV series. The episodes that don't have the following means they were either my own ideas, or they were ideas based a non Sonic related series.


BLAST OFF: Tails, and the freedom fighters relaxed in the Emerald Hill Zone. Sonic had left the zone looking for more adventures, and Tails was sad to see him go. After the Kintobor Computer learned about the Zion Emeralds, he figured there might be more emeralds out there in the universe. Tekno thought about going on a space voyage to find out, and asked Scratch, Grounder and Porker to help build a spaceship. Tails volunteered to go into space, and Tekno, Scratch and Grounder volunteered to help him. They got into the spaceship and it took off, and they left Mobius.


NEW MEMBERS: The spaceship began searching the galaxy, using the Emerald Radar Tekno had built. They landed on planet Corzer and began searching for the emerald. They ran into two freedom fighters named Kyla the Hybrid and Platzy the Raccoon. Kyla and Platzy told Tails they were enemies of a lizard like creature named Gigatox, and they were trying to stop him from collecting the seven Galaxy Emeralds. Tails, Tekno, Scratch, Grounder, Kyla and Platzy faced Gigatox, and battled him. Gigatox escaped, and the heroes found the Blue Galaxy Emerald.


THE PLANET OF GORCONS: The search for the Galaxy Emeralds continued, and Tails and his crew landed on Planet Gorcus. They were captured by the Gorcons, mistaking them for Gigatox's henchmen. The Gorcons learned the truth when Gigatox arrived, and they released the prisoners. The heroes battled Gigatox again and chased him off the planet. The Gorcons gave Tails the Yellow Galaxy Emerald as a reward for saving their planet.


TAILS AND THE RAINBOW SQUIRRELS: Tails and his crew landed on the Cloud Planet, where they met seven cute squirrels. Each squirrel had a colour of the rainbow. Tails, Platzy, and Grounder played with the squirrels, while Tekno, Kyla and Scratch searched for the Galaxy Emerald. Gigatox showed up and attacked them. Tails and the heroes battled against Gigatox, and the Rainbow Squirrels helped them. The squirrels fired a powerful love spell at Gigatox and he turned friendly and left the planet. When he was free of the spell, Gigatox bowed never to confront the Rainbow Squirrels again. Tekno used her Emerald Radar, and found the Pink Galaxy Emerald. They said goodbye to the Rainbow Squirrels and left the planet.


RETURN TO THE NAMELESS ZONE: Tails was up one night onboard the spaceship, when a portal to the Nameless Zone opened. Morain called him into the Nameless Zone, because the Enchanter Kings were captured by Goblin Overlords. They got into the Goblin Castle at nightfall, and they discovered the Enchanter Kings weren't captured. Meanwhile on the spaceship, Tekno, Kyla, Platzy, Scratch and Grounder were looking for Tails, when the Emerald Radar detected another emerald on the Red Planet. Back in the Nameless Zone, Morain and Tails asked the Enchanter Kings what was going on, and a battle began. Errol Blackthorn showed up to help, and the they all stopped. The Goblin King Roubal allowed Tails, Morain and Errol to leave in safety. Back in space, Tekno and the others found the Red Galaxy Emerald on the Red Planet. Tails said goodbye to Morain and Errol Blackthorn, and left through the portal. Tails returned to the spaceship, as it left the Red Planet. Tekno and the others found Tails, and they told him that they now had four Galaxy Emeralds.


THE PRISONER: Tekno had been locked away in a space prison, after Slear the space rat got onboard Tails' spaceship. Tails and the others captured her, and they demanded to know what she had done with Tekno. Slear told them where Tekno was, and she told them she was on the run. The heroes went to the space prison and rescued Tekno from General Mordant. Slear gave Tails the Green Galaxy Emerald, which Mordant was after. She left for her home planet in the shuttle she used to get onboard Tails' spaceship.


TAILS ON ICE: Gigatox was back, and he had his eyes on Tails' spaceship. The heroes landed on the Ice Planet to find the next Galaxy Emerald, and Gigatox showed up. He created a giant ice monster, and it froze Tails. Tekno, Kyla, Platzy, Scratch and Grounder escaped to the ship. They built a powerful heat ray, and they faced the monster again. They fired at the monster and destroyed it, and Gigatox escaped. They unfroze Tails, and they found the White Galaxy Emerald.


GOLD RUSH: Tails and his crew travelled to the Gold Planet to find the last Galaxy Emerald. They were captured by King Astromidas, who was king of the planet. Gigatox attacked the planet, and Astromidas released Tails and the others. They faced Gigatox, and defeated him again. King Astromidas gave Tails the Gold Galaxy Emerald as a reward.


DESTRUCTION RISING: Now they had all seven Galaxy Emeralds, Tails and his friends began to make their way back to Mobius. Gigatox attacked the spaceship as it passed his home planet. The ship crashed on the planet, and the heroes faced Gigatox. He physically knocked them all out, and took the Galaxy Emeralds. Tails woke up, and he woke up the others. Tekno fixed the spaceship, while Tails, Kyla, Platzy, Scratch and Grounder travelled to Gigatox's fortress, using Tekno's Emerald Radar. They found it and they saw Gigatox placing the emeralds in a machine, that can destroy any planet in the universe.


THE POWER OF THE GALAXY EMERALDS: Tails and the others watched as Gigatox tested his weapon on a deserted planet. It was blown away to nothing. The heroes battled against Gigatox, and they got the Galaxy Emeralds back. They escaped and Gigatox went after them. The evil lizard, battled and knocked out Kyla, Platzy, Scratch and Grounder. As Tails saw him hurting his friends, the madder he became. Suddenly the Galaxy Emeralds reacted to Tails' anger, and he absorbed the emeralds' energy. He suddenly transformed into Super Tails. He used his powers to heal his friends, then he confronted Gigatox. The evil lizard jumped into space, and got ready to destroy the planet. Super Tails zoomed up and a powerful battle between two powerful enemies occurred. Super Tails overpowered Gigatox and destroyed him. He landed back on the planet and changed back to normal. Tekno fixed the spaceship and the heroes left the planet. They travelled to Kyla and Platzy's home planet, and Tails said goodbye to his two friends. After that, Tails, Tekno, Scratch and Grounder returned to Mobius with the Galaxy Emeralds.



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