A mini series set sometime after the main series.


Story List



Some of the episode summaries will have the following key below saying where the ideas came from, either it was from the comic book series and/or the TV series. The episodes that don't have the following means they were either my own ideas, or they were ideas based a non Sonic related series.


SONYA THE HAMSTER: On a distant planet called Morax, an evil skunkette named Smelldra prepared her army of Slayertrons. She left for Planet Mobius, to steal the legendary Zion Emeralds. Smelldra's arch nemesis Sonya the Hamster followed her to Mobius, and she showed up in the Emerald Hill Zone. She faced against Scratch and Grounder as they attacked the zone, and she defeated them before Sonic got to. Sonya met the freedom fighters and told them why she had come, but Sonic was jealous of her. Smelldra's ship appeared above Mobius, and she discovered that Sonya was there. She contacted Doctor Robotnik and the Drakon Empire for their services in her mission.


EMERALD HILL INVASION: Smelldra, Robotnik, and the Drakon Empire attacked the Emerald Hill Zone, and targeted their enemies. Robotnik sent an army of Metal Knuckles after Sonic and Sonya. The two superheroes put their differences aside and teamed up to stop them. Shorty the squirrel got into his Cybernik armour, and joined in the battle as well. Smelldra discovered where the Zion Emeralds are, while Sonic, Sonya and the Cybernik took care of the Metallix robots. The Drakon Empire attacked, and Sonic defeated them. After that, a giant sentinel rose out of the ocean.


ATTACK OF THE MASTER SENTINEL: The Master Sentinel attacked the Emerald Hill Zone, and Sonic and Sonya faced him. While the battle continued, Smelldra sent her henchmen Enzar and Shellhead to capture Sally Acorn and Porker Lewis. Meanwhile at the Groovy Train Coffee Bar, Ebony discovered that Super Sonic was getting weak while he was working at the bar. Back at the Emerald Hill Zone, Sonic and his friends continued the battle against the Master Sentinel. Sonic jumped into the Master Sentinel through a hole in it's armour, and destroyed it from the inside. The freedom fighters returned to their base, and the Kintobor Computer told them what Smelldra has been up to.


ZION ISLAND: The freedom fighters travelled to Zion Island, and so did Robotnik and the Drakon Empire. Smelldra made her way to the Zion Temple, with her two prisoners Sally Acorn and Porker Lewis. The freedom fighters arrived and they took on Robotnik's Badniks and the Drakon Empire. Sonic and Sonya made it to the temple and they saw Sally and Porker about to be sent down into the lava pit. Sonic rescued Sally and Porker, and Smelldra tossed Enzar into the lava pit. The temple shook and the Zion Emeralds came loose. The battle between the freedom fighters, and Robotnik and the Drakon Empire continued outside the temple. Smelldra showed up with the Zion Emeralds, and she used her powers to summon Ebony and Super Sonic from the Metropolis Zone. She used the power of the Zion Emeralds on both Super Sonic and Robotnik, fusing them together to become the ultimate being, Zone Destroyer.


ZONE DESTROYER: Zone Destroyer faced against the freedom fighters, and demonstrated his awesome power by blowing up the temple. His next target was the Cybernik and he fired at him, cracking his armour. Shorty jumped out before the armour exploded. The monster aimed at Tails, and Scratch saw them. He thought back to when he was a friend of the heroes, and he shielded Tails from the attack. Grounder avenged his brother and tried to fight Zone Destroyer, and he was blown up too. Sonic and Sonya battled Zone Destroyer, and they were both zapped by him. Ebony stepped in and used her powers on Zone Destroyer. She separated the Zion Emeralds from the monster, and they turned into harmless stones. Super Sonic and Doctor Robotnik were separated as well. Doctor Robotnik was in his original form again, and Super Sonic was fully charged. He launched an attack on the heroes, and grabbed hold of Sonic. Ebony used her powers to return Sonic and Super Sonic back into one again. Smelldra and her army escaped back to Planet Morax, knowing she had lost. Sonya the Hamster said goodbye to Sonic and the freedom fighters, and left to continue her war with Smelldra. Doctor Robotnik escaped, and the Drakon Empire returned to their dimension. Porker, Tekno and Tails fixed Scratch and Grounder, reprogramming them to be good, and freeing them of Robotnik's control.



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