Some of the episode summaries will have the following key below saying where the ideas came from, either it was from the comic book series and/or the TV series. The episodes that don't have the following means they were either my own ideas, or they were ideas based a non Sonic related series.



THE NEW BATTLE BEGINS: PART 1: The freedom fighters walked up to the trashed Ectobird, fearing that Sonic and Shortfuse might be dead. They discovered that Sonic and Shortfuse were alive. Shortfuse's Cybernik armour was strong enough to withstand the destruction, and he shielded Sonic as well. While they were making their way back to Tekno's base, Robotnik and his henchmen were celebrating their victory. Their victory was cut short when Citadel Robotnik was attacked by the Robotic Empire, lead by King Ritus. Snively escaped in a lift, and went down into the basement of Citadel Robotnik. Doctor Robotnik, Grimer, Grounder, Coconuts and the Cluckers left the citadel, carrying their stuff in boxes. They made their way towards the Chaos Machine, trying to ovoid being hit by Ritus' Stealth Bots. Sonic and the freedom fighters returned to the underground base to rest, and they got a message from the Chaotix Crew. They activated the Dimensional portal and travelled to the Chaotix Base in the Special Zone.


THE NEW BATTLE BEGINS: PART 2: The Chaotix Crew summoned Sonic and the freedom fighters to warn them about the Robotic Empire, lead by one of Emperor Doom's old creations. They told Sonic about King Ritus, his wife Queen Birdonna, their son Prince Feathers, and their servants Asteron, and Ball Hog. They also explained that the Robotic Empire's base had been established on top of Mount Mobius, and Ritus had a whole army of Swatbots and Stealth Bots. While the freedom fighters were learning of the new evil threat, Doctor Robotnik and his henchmen made it to the Chaos Machine. They escaped in it and left Mobius, and Robotnik bowed that he will return one day to take back what's his. King Ritus sent a group of Swatbots to Mobotropolis, and the freedom fighters returned to stop them. King Ritus found out that Mobius wasn't totally defenceless, and had a new enemy to deal with. Snively returned to Citadel Robotnik in the lift, and he had someone with him.


LET'S PARTY: Sonic faced against Horrorsphere, one of Ritus' robots. While he was busy, Scratch organised a surprise party in his honour. He sent Tails to invite all of Sonic's friends, and they surprised him. They showed clips from Sonic's past victories on the monitor, and they all thanked him. King Ritus sent Horrorsphere again, and Sonic and Shortfuse both faced against him. They defeated the robot and, and the party continued afterwards.


SONIC VS THE HEAT: Tails, Bunnie, Morain, Scratch and Ugly had fun at the beach, while Sonic ran around the deserted Emerald Hill Zone. Coconuts showed up, claiming that Robotnik had banished him as well. King Ritus sent a Steam Engine robot to the Marble Zone to release the lava. He also sent the Swatbots to attack Scratch and the others. Sonic and Coconuts showed up, and Sonic defeated the Swatbots. Princess Sally Sonic what King Ritus was up to, and Sonic went to the Marble Zone. Sonic faced against the Steam Engine robot and destroyed it.


GAMES: Bunnie, Morain and Tekno were having a slumber party at the underground base. Sonic, Tails and Princess Sally went to the Casino Night Zone, searching for one of Ritus' robots. Scratch, Ugly and Shortfuse were there as well, playing on some of the games. Shortfuse played on the fruit machine, Ugly played on the wheel and Scratch played on the pinball machine. Sonic and Princess Sally faced King Ritus' Spider Robot, and they used the Deep Power Stones to destroy it.


LOST IN GIMMICK MOUNTAIN: Sonic discovered the Robotic Empire were at the Gimmick Mountain Zone, and Sonic, Shortfuse, Scratch and Ugly went to investigate. Scratch and Ugly ran into Swatbots, and they escaped to another part of the zone. Sonic and Shortfuse faced against Ritus' Cyclops Robot, and they defeated it. They all exited the mountain and they ran into King Ritus' Train Robot. Sonic destroyed the robot, using the new Treadmill Wheel Tekno had built for him.


FREE VILLIE: Villie returned to Mobius from the Nameless Zone, and she was captured by Swatbots. Ritus turned Villie into a gold armoured robot called Vile Villie. He sent her to the Emerald Hill Zone, and Sonic and Shortfuse faced against her. She nearly defeated them, but then they got a message from the Kintobor Computer. He told them that if Sonic used the Super Power Ring on Vile Villie, the evil robot would be defeated and Villie would return to her normal self. Sonic used the Super Power Ring, and freed Villie from Ritus' control.


CHRISTMAS ON TWO WORLDS: It was Christmas time on Mobius, and the freedom fighters were decorating the base ready for Christmas. Sonic visited Planet Meridian in the Special Zone, and discovered they celebrate Christmas there as well. A kid named Richie got an Insect Guy superhero costume. He was convinced he was a real hero, and he jumped out a window. He was rescued by the Chaotix Crew, and they ran into a monster called the Blazer. King Ritus sent a few Swatbots to help the Blazer, and he sent the Robo Claws Robot to the Emerald Hill Zone. Sonic defeated the Blazer on Planet Meridian, and Scratch and Shortfuse defeated Robo Claws. Sonic, the Chaotix Crew and young Richie helped out at the Children's ward at the New Tek City hospital. And Shortfuse and the other freedom fighters had a Christmas party at the underground base.


NIGHTMARES: Sonic had a nightmare about Sally being captured by King Ritus. Ritus sent the Storm Machine to the Gigalopolis Zone. Sonic and Shortfuse arrived in the Gigalopolis Zone and faced the robot. Sonic was caught in his nightmare again, but he managed to break through in time to help Shortfuse. Sonic caused a tornado, and sent the Storm Machine spinning. Sonic used a Super Power Ring to destroy it.


UNDER MOUNT MOBIUS: King Ritus sent Swatbots to the Emerald Hill Zone, to catch Tails. Coconuts warned Sonic and the freedom fighters, and they began tracking the Swatbots. The trail lead to Mount Mobius, the heart of the Robotic Empire. The freedom fighters entered the mountain, and battled against Ritus' army. Tails was imprisoned in a cave, and strange things began to happen in there. Sonic and Princess Sally came out of the mountain, and they ran into King Ritus. He ordered Sonic and Sally to give him the Deep Power Stones, in exchange for Tails. Sonic had no choice but to give the Deep Power Stones to Ritus.


TROGG DAY AFTERNOON: Ritus decided to keep both Tails and the Deep Power Stones, which made Sonic mad. The other freedom fighters got out of the mountain, and they escaped back to the underground base. Tails was still in the cave, and the strange energy in the cave formed one of Tails' old enemies. It was Trogg, and King Ritus teleported him out, and Tails went with him. The freedom fighters faced against him and the Swatbots, while Sonic followed King Ritus. The evil king was going to use the Deep Power Stones to blow up South Island, but Sonic got them before he could put them together. Tails and Morain battled the Trogg clone, and Shortfuse finished him off.


THE GOLD CYBERNIK: Sonic decided to return to the Special Zone, to keep an eye on any news regarding Super Sonic. He put Shortfuse in charge, before leaving Mobius. Knuckles visited Mobius, and he made more room for the freedom fighters' to make their fortress bigger. King Ritus sent Doom Droid to the Emerald Hill Zone. While all this was going on, a gold spaceship came flying towards Mobius. Meanwhile in the Special Zone, Sonic found Charmy Bee being taken away by bees. Sonic went with them to the Hive. Back on Mobius, Shortfuse and the freedom fighters faced Doom Droid. Shortfuse became damaged, and they had some unexpected help from another Cybernik known as Goldnik, the Gold Cybernik. He faced Doom Droid and finished him off. Back at the Special Zone, Sonic, Charmy and the bees arrived at the Hive.


THE BOXING FOX: Sonic and Charmy entered the Hive, and discovered the Queen was Charmy's mother. A swarm of Wasps attacked the hive, and the bees went after them. With Sonic's help, they defeated the wasps. Meanwhile on Mobius, Prince Feathers sent the Box-O-Bot Robot to catch Villie. Shortfuse and the other freedom fighters faced Box-O-Bot in order to get Villie back. Shortfuse and Goldnik both faced against Box-O-Bot, and destroyed him. Villie returned to normal. Back in the Special Zone, Sonic and Charmy returned to the Chaotix Base after they saved the Hive.


THE BLACK CAT: Goldnik showed up in his Giga Dragon spaceship, and landed in the Emerald Hill Zone. He didn't know he had a stowaway. It was Silver Sonic. Scratch and the freedom fighters were also in the Emerald Hill Zone, having a barbeque. They still didn't know about Goldnik's origin, until a black cat named Ebony showed up. Ebony claimed that Goldnik was sent by Doctor Robotnik to destroy all his enemies, and she went into Goldnik's mind and made him good. The freedom fighters faced against King Ritus' Swatbots, and Ebony demonstrated her powers and destroyed the Swatbots. Silver Sonic showed up and attacked Goldnik, punishing him for helping the freedom fighters. Goldnik used his sword to finish off Silver Sonic.


THE RETURN OF TWO OLD FRIENDS: Giga Dragon was chased by spaceships, commanded by Silver Sonic 2. The Giga Dragon crashed into the oceans of the Aqua Planet, and sank to the bottom. Back on Mobius, the freedom fighters tried to figure out where Goldnik was. Johnny Lightfoot came out of hospital, and met up with his friends. Amy Rose returned from the Floating Island, and met up with the others as well. King Ritus sent an army of Swatbots to the Emerald Hill Zone to destroy them. Goldnik returned and helped the freedom fighters against Ritus' army.


HERO HOUR: While in New Tek City, Sonic came face to face with a team of super heroes known as the Zed Monkeys. Sonic met their mentor Professor Zed, and discovered he was really a the Zed Minkeys' arch enemy Madmeano in disguise. Meanwhile on Mobius, the freedom fighters visited the Floating Island. Scratch and Ugly investigated the Chemical Plant Zone, and Scratch sent Ugly through a tube and left the zone. King Ritus covered four of his robots with new armour, and sent them to the Floating Island. He first sent Rocketeer, and Shortfuse and Goldnik had trouble defeating him. King Ritus sent Robo Claws, Doom Droid, and Horrorsphere to join him on the island. Knuckles went to the Emerald Chamber and summoned the Emerald Warriors. They faced King Ritus' robots and destroyed them.


THE PIRATES ARE BACK: King Ritus launched his Robotic Ship to attack Mobius from the air. Captain Plunder showed up at the Emerald Hill Zone, and faced the freedom fighters. They joined forces when King Ritus' Robotic Ship attacked them. Scratch joined in and attacked the Robotic Ship, with the help of Ebony's magic and the Deep Power Stones. Ugly got out of the Chemical Plant Zone and returned home. He discovered that Scratch had invited the pirates to dinner, and Ugly was scared away by them.


THE MYSTERY OF UGLY'S GIRLFRIEND: It was Valentines Day on Mobius, and Tails fell in love with a girl fox named Delilah. Scratch and Ugly went to the dead Great Forest, and they used Princess Sally's new formula to bring it back to life. After that Ugly returned home, and for some reason he had been bothering Princess Sally like he was trying to ask her on a date or something. Scratch ran into Snively and a female robot named Avalon, which he had activated in the basement at Citadel Robotnik while the Robotic Empire attacked. Avalon put Scratch under her spell and ordered him to attack the Emerald Hill Zone. The freedom fighters battled against Scratch, and Princess Sally used a Power Ring to bring Scratch back to his senses. Shortfuse destroyed Avalon, and Snively escaped. Princess Sally asked Ugly why he had been bothering her, and the mystery was revealed. Ugly was interested in Nicole her handheld computer. The freedom fighters arranged a dance at the new Great Forest, to celebrate its return, and Tails danced with Delilah.


RITUS INVADES NEW TEK CITY: King Ritus sent Squirreltron to attack Mobotropolis, and he left for the Special Zone. The freedom fighters faced against Squirreltron, and Shortfuse and Goldnik destroyed him. King Ritus launched an attack on New Tek City, and he brought with him an army of Swatbots. Sonic faced against King Ritus, and the Chaotix Crew faced against the Swatbots, and defeated them. King Ritus retreated back to Mobius. Back at Citadel Robotnik on Mobius, Snively and someone with him were watching the monitor. They discovered that the Emerald Hill Folk were on the Floating Island, with the use of a hidden spy camera.


THE END OF MOBOTROPOLIS: Scratch and Ugly entered the Special Zone through the Dimensional Portal Generator, and landed somewhere in New Tek City. They saw two suns in the sky, and they began looking for Sonic. Meanwhile on the Floating Island, Knuckles and Porker discovered the Emerald Hill Folk were gone. They headed for the Emerald Chamber, and they ran into Snively and Doctor Zachary. King Ritus summoned the Orb of Robotisation and planned to use it on Mobotropolis. Scratch and Grounder met up with Sonic and the Chaotix Crew, who also noticed the two suns in the sky. The Omni Viewer returned revealing the other sun is the asteroid where Super Sonic is inside. The freedom fighters faced King Ritus, trying to stop him from planting the Orb of Robotisation in the heart of Mobotropolis. King Ritus zapped Shortfuse away, and he planted the orb. The city transformed into a robotic city, all the citizens transformed into robots, and the freedom fighters escaped just in time.


RITUS CITY: Ritus used a brain machine on Shortfuse, turning him evil. King Ritus also made a copy of his Cybernik technology, so he can create his own Cybernik army. King Ritus also captured Tails, Delilah, Amy and Coconuts. Meanwhile in the Special Zone, Lightmare confronted Sonic, Scratch, Ugly and the Chaotix Crew. Lightmare turned out to be Lord Sidewinder's daughter, and she came to tell them that Sidewinder was going after Super Sonic. On the Floating Island, Doctor Zachary explained how he survived to Knuckles and Porker. Snively and Doctor Zachary revealed the Emerald Hill Folk were being used to power an enormous biological computer. Back on Mobius, Tekno found out how to reverse the process, and created the Orb of Derobotisation. Goldnik and Bunnie arrived at the spot where the Ritus' orb was planted, and they planted Tekno's orb. The orb undid what Ritus' orb had done, and Bunnie was derobotisized as well. Tails, Delilah, Amy and Coconuts were free as well. Back in the Special Zone, Lord Sidewinder and his henchmen left Meridian in a spaceship, making their way towards the flaming asteroid.


THE LEGEND OF DOOMSDAY COMES TRUE: Sonic, Scratch, Ugly, Charmy, Mighty and Espio journeyed towards the flaming asteroid, to stop Lord Sidewinder. Vector was at the top secret laboratory known as Equinox, learning about the asteroid. Back on the Mobius, King Ritus launched an all out attack on Mobotropolis. Goldnik and the freedom fighters battled against all the Swatbots. On the Floating Island, Knuckles and Porker were attached to the biological computer. Knuckles broke free and attacked Snively, then he battled against Doctor Zachary's robots. Back in the Special Zone, Sonic battled against Lord Sidewinder and his followers. Sonic defeated them, then Vector arrived with Omni Viewer. He told Sonic and the others the bad news. After Vector told them what will happen when the asteroid explodes, Sonic came up with an idea. He told Omni to send the black asteroid to Mobius, and Omni sent it to Mobius. On the Floating Island, Snively and Doctor Zachary saw the asteroid in the sky. King Ritus felt the energy and ordered the entire Robotic Empire to shut down, and all the Swatbots and ships suddenly disappeared.


THE FINAL VICTORY: The Black Asteroid blew up, shutting down all of Robotnik's computerised systems. Sonic returned to Mobius, while the Chaotix Crew, and Scratch and Ugly took care of Lord Sidewinder and his gang. Sonic arrived on Mobius and faced against Super Sonic. Super Sonic suddenly ran off, after his powers were drained. Sonic travelled through Omni Viewer to the Floating Island, and helped Knuckles against Doctor Zachary. Knuckles cracked open the ground, sending Doctor Zachary below. Snively was captured, and Sonic took him back to Mobius. Super Sonic was lost, and he had amnesia. He met an old lady who took him in to get some rest. Sonic travelled to Citadel Robotnik, and went into the emergency generator room. Sonic overloaded the emergency generator, and destroyed Citadel Robotnik. Scratch and Ugly returned from the Special Zone, and everyone in the Metropolis Zone and Mobotropolis threw a party, knowing that the planet was completely free of Robotnik's control. Mobius was free from Robotnik, but the war was far from over. Eventually, the Robotic Empire rebooted, and King Ritus was back.


FAST IN MILES PROWER: During a game of baseball, Sonic and Tails bumped into each other. Tails came to and discovered he had Sonic's super speed. King Ritus found out as well, and dispatched the Squirreltron to destroy him. Tails defeated Squirreltron with a Power Ring, then Ritus sent the Fury Dragon. Tails defeated Fury Dragon as well, and Ritus was mad. Tails explained his victories to Sonic and the freedom fighters, and Sonic told him to be careful. King Ritus dispatched one of his powerful robots, the Metalligator. Tails faced against the Metalligator in the Emerald Hill Zone, and his friends and King Ritus were there watching the battle. Tails defeated Metalligator and Ritus escaped. The next thing Tails knew, he was waking up after being hit by a baseball. He had dreamt the whole thing.


ROBOTNIK RETURNS: Villie and Scratch investigated a Robotic Base on a deserted island, with help from Sab and Sol Furic. It was also Prince Feathers' birthday, and King Ritus and Queen Birdonna gave him the Robo Ball robot to use against Sonic. Prince Feathers sent his robot to attack the Metropolis Zone, and Sonic faced against Robo Ball, and used the Treadmill Wheel to destroy it. Back at the Robotic Base, the Swatbots guarding the inside were destroyed by a mysterious person, while Villie, Scratch, Sab and Sol Furic battled against the Swatbots outside. The mysterious person planted a time bomb inside the base, and left. The freedom fighters ran into the mysterious person as he came out, and it was Doctor Robotnik. He said that the base was going to explode in thirty seconds, and he left. Scratch grabbed onto Villie, Sab and Sol Furic, and teleported them all to a safer place. The bomb went off and took out the whole island. Villie and Scratch returned the the Underground Base and told Sonic who was back.


VOTE FOR ME: Now that Mobius was completely free of Robotnik's control, there was an election to decide the new world leader. The candidates were Wombat and Baboon. A battle between the two candidates began a week later in the Metropolis Zone, and King Ritus showed up to destroy them so he could take over. Sonic showed up and defeated King Ritus, then he dealt with Wombat and Baboon. At the end, no one won the election.


CYBERNIK STRIKES BACK: King Ritus tested out his new Virtual Reality Shriekbot. At the same time, Sonic and Princess Sally sneaked into the Robotic City. They saw Shortfuse among the Swatbots, but they had to escape from the Shriekbot. Sonic returned later with a Power Ring, and used it to free Shortfuse of Ritus' control. They brought him back to the Underground Base. Eventually Ritus' brainwashing took over Shortfuse again, and he captured Tails and Delilah. He took them to the Robotic City, and Sonic followed them. He faced Shortfuse, and reasoned with him. Shortfuse broke free of Ritus' control, and Ritus attacked again with the Virtual Reality Shriekbot. Sonic faced against the Shriekbot and destroyed it with the Treadmill Wheel. Shortfuse returned to the Underground Base with Tails and Delilah, and he was great to be back.


VILLIE VS BLONDIE: A blonde fox girl named Blondie arrived in the Metropolis Zone, and she began picking on Villie for no reason. King Ritus dispatched his new robot created from the Cybernik technology, called Vermin the Cybernik. Shortfuse faced against Vermin, and had a tough time beating him. Doctor Robotnik activated the memory chip in Scratch's brain, and lured him back to the dark side. Scratch left the Underground Base and made his way to the Marble Zone. There he stepped through a portal into the Special Zone. Goldnik joined Shortfuse in the fight against Vermin, and together they came close to defeating him. After meeting Blondie, Villie became very nervous.


BYE BYE, RITUS: Super Sonic had a nightmare, involving some monster trying to destroy him. After he heard an argument from the couple he was staying with, he decided to leave. Johnny and Amy tried looking for him, but they couldn't find him. Scratch returned to the Special Zone and came across Robotnik's new fortress, where Robotnik, Grimer and Grounder were waiting for him. King Ritus dug up the Robotic Sword, which made him invincible. Shortfuse faced against him, and was beaten. Sonic faced against a group of Swatbots, while Goldnik battled against Ritus. Goldnik overpowered Ritus, and finally destroyed him.


THE PRINCE: Vermin the Cybernik took over as leader of the Robotic Empire. That was until King Ritus' old son Prince Tallix and his wife Francine showed up. They took control of Vermin and sent him to destroy Goldnik. Tails wished he was as cool as Sonic, and paid Doctor Sorders a visit. The doctor hypnotized him into being cool, and Ugly arrived after Tails left. He asked Doctor Sorders to make him smarter. Sonic, Shortfuse and Goldnik faced against Vermin, and together they destroyed him.


TWO ROBOTS ATTACK: Ever since Tails visited Doctor Sorders, Tails has been acting too cool to help Sonic and the freedom fighters. Apart from that, Ugly had been acting smarter which made Sonic admit that he missed the old Ugly. Sonic ran into Doctor Sorders Tails almost got into a fight and Doctor Sorders showed up in time to return Tails to normal. He also found Ugly and returned him to normal. Prince Tallix sent the Mechaman Robot to attack the Metropolis Zone, and Doctor Robotnik sent the Snownik to attack as well. Sonic, Shortfuse, Goldnik and the Chaotix Crew faced against the two robots and destroyed them.


FLICKIES' ISLAND: PART 1: The Floating Island came down to the surface, and the Emerald Hill Folk returned home to the Emerald Hill Zone. The Floating Island returned to the sky afterwards, and Tails got a message from a Flicky. The birl lead them to Flickies' Island, where Robotnik and Grimer were. Prince Tallix was also there with Prince Feathers, planning a new location for the Robotic Kingdom. Sonic and Tails arrived on Flickies Island and they ran into Doctor Robotnik.


FLICKIES' ISLAND: PART 2: Robotnik demonstrated to Sonic, how he had been capturing Flickies and turning them into Badniks. Suddenly something happened to the Mobius Ring Robotnik had been using. A soldier appeared, claiming to be a Prosecutor of the Drakon Empire. Sonic defeated Robotnik's Badniks, freeing the Flickies inside. The Prosecutor took Robotnik away, and left through the Mobius Ring. Prince Tallix attacked Flickies' Island with his Warship and an army of Stealth Bots. Sonic destroyed the Stealth Bots, and Goldnik showed up in Giga Dragon and destroyed the Warship.


24 HOURS TO LIVE: Villie ran into Blondie again, and was threatened. Blondie told Villie she has twenty four hours to live and left, and she left Villie feeling depressed. Prince Tallix built a new robot called Weaseling and sent him to the Metropolis Zone. Villie faced against Blondie twenty four hours later and tried to tell her that violence is not the answer. The Weaseling Robot attacked and had Blondie at his mercey. Villie attacked the robot and told Blondie to run. Sonic showed up with a Super Power Ring and used it to destroy the robot. After the fight, Blondie faced Villie and apologised for picking on her.


ATTACK ON METROPOLIS: It was night at the Metropolis Zone, and Super Sonic stopped by at Ebony's Groovy Train Coffee Bar, looking for a job. Bio-Hazard showed up, and came after Super Sonic. Prince Tallix also learned about Super Sonic, and discovered that he was made out of chaos energy. Prince Tallix sent an army of Swatbots to capture Super Sonic, so he could harness his powers for the Robotic Empire, so they could rule supreme. The freedom fighters learned that there was an attack on the Metropolis Zone, and they went to stop the Swatbot attack. Prince Tallix and Francine showed up to stop the freedom fighters. Sonic used the Power Ring to destroy all the Swatbots, and Prince Tallix and Francine escaped. Bio-Hazard disappeared from the Coffee Bar. Back in the Special Zone, Bio-Hazard, his fellow sidekicks, and Lord Sidewinder were arrested. Ebony gave Super Sonic a job at her Coffee Bar.


IS THE TRUTH OUT THERE?: Amy and Tekno discovered a crashed UFO and aliens in the Rocky Valley Zone. Scratch and Grounder were at the Groovy Train Coffee Bar, telling the customers about the same UFO they saw, and no one believed them. They decided to go back and get some proof. While all this was happening, Francine used a device to send Sonic, Tails, Princess Sally, Johnny, Villie and Ugly to the Myastic Cave Zone. Francine challenged Morain to a sword fight in exchange for her prisoners. Francine and Prince Tallix summoned Robo Knight to deal with Morain. Sonic and the freedom fighters escaped the Mystic Cave Zone, and helped Morain. Goldnik showed up and destroyed Robo Knight. Amy and Tekno found out the aliens were two dogs wearing costumes. Amy and Tekno discovered the treasure they were protecting was fake, and the two dogs caused the cave to cave in. Scratch and Grounder saw the two unmasked aliens and they were disappointed.


TAILS LAST 24 HOURS: Tails ran into Scratch and Grounder, and Grounder wanted to clobber him. Scratch told Grounder to wait for twenty four hours. Tails kept trying not to worry, but it was difficult with Scratch shouting at Tails, telling him how long he had to live. The next day Tails faced Grounder and acted crazy to scare him. He succeeded to scare him away.


HE'S IN LOVE WITH VILLIE: Princess Sally returned to the Mobius Castle, to follow her father's footsteps. Scratch faced Morain and Dililah, claiming he acts nervous when he sees Villie. Morain told Scratch he might be in love with her. He decided to go out with Villie, and they both found out that they hardly had anything in common, especially since Scratch was working for Robotnik again. They said goodbye to each other, and went their separate ways.


BRAVEHOG: Villie decided to return to the Nameless Zone. She realized she was board, when Mobius was free of Robotnik's control. Sonic rescued a hooded man from the Swatbots, and Sonic told him about the story of Bravehog and King Leer. Prince Tallix and Francine attacked again, and Sonic defeated them. The hooded man turned out to be a descendant of King Leer.


THE SECRET MAP: The Emerald Hill Zone came under attack by five female pirates named Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Coriander, Pepper, and Tarragon, also known as the Spice Maidens. Meanwhile in the abandoned Egg Fortress in the Special Zone, Scratch and Grounder came across a map of Citadel Robotnik. Scratch discovered there was a safe in the basement, but Grounder thought it was a sofa. They went to the basement of the destroyed citadel to find the safe, and they found it. The freedom fighters battled against the Spice Maidens, until Prince Tallix sent an army of Swatbots. They all teamed up to stop them. Captain Plunder, and the Spice Maidens' mother, the Pirate Queen showed up in the Emerald Hill Zone. They Spice Maidens left the Emerald Hill Zone with Captain Plunder, and they sailed off. Scratch and Grounder brought Grimer to the safe, and they opened it. They pulled out what turned out to be a sofa.


REVENGE OF TALLIX: Prince Tallix created the Robo Caterpillar, and launched an attack on Mobotropolis. Shortfuse faced against the Robotic army, and the freedom fighters faced against Robo Caterpillar. Queen Birdonna sent an army to the Emerald Hill Zone, and Goldnik arrived to stop them. Scratch showed up in Mobotropolis to destroy Robo Caterpillar, and Shortfuse joined in as well. Robo Caterpillar put Shortfuse and Scratch under a spell, causing them to dance uncontrollably. Sonic faced Prince Tallix and Francine, and they overpowered him. Goldnik defeated the Swatbots at the Emerald Hill Zone, and went to Mobotropolis. Goldnik arrived and destroyed Robo Caterpillar.


THE EVIL EMPIRE: PART 1: Robotnik returned in the Emerald Hill Zone, and he arrived at Sonic's new base. His Badniks took out Tails and Amy, and Robotnik sent Metallix the Metal Knuckles against Sonic. Metallix knocked him out, and Robotnik and Metallix took Sonic through the Mobius Ring. Tails woke up and followed them. Prince Tallix sent an army of Swatbots and Stealth Bots to invade the Emerald Hill Zone, and Goldnik took them out by himself. Shortfuse flew across the sky, and a portal opened. Someone was seen on the other side asking for Sonic's help. Shortfuse told him that Sonic wasn't around, so he decided to help them. He went through the portal, and it closed behind him. Robotnik took Sonic to the House of War, and introduced him to the Drakon Empire. They accused Sonic for destroying a giant Sentinel a long time ago, and they said there will be a trial the next day.


THE EVIL EMPIRE: PART 2: Sonic and Metallix got ready for the trial, which was by combat. Sonic and Metallix faced each other in the ring, and Tails watched the fight outside. Back on Mobius Queen Birdonna sent an army of Swatbots to attack the Metropolis Zone, and Goldnik faced against them. Back on the Drakon Empire Home world, Tails got into the Drakon Palace. Metallix was destroyed as a door closed on him, causing him to shut down. Sonic discovered that the Drakon were fish in armoured suits, and he learned that he won the trial. Sonic and Tails returned to Mobius, and Sonic went to the Metropolis Zone to help Goldnik against the Swatbots. After the Swatbots were defeated, Queen Birdonna and Prince Feathers had a surprise guest at the Robotic Fortress. King Ritus had returned.


PRISONERS OF RITUS: King Ritus had finally returned, and he had big plans for Sonic and Doctor Robotnik. Prince Tallix and Francine found out that Ritus was back, and they left Mobius. Sonic found out that Robotnik was back on Flickies' Island, and he had taken over the Zones there. Sonic left the Emerald Hill Zone to stop him. King Ritus showed up in the Emerald Hill Zone, and he zapped Tails, Amy, Morain, Johnny, Delilah, Ugly, Coconuts, Blondie and the Emerald Hill Folk. He sent them to his Space Prison. Sonic was in the Green Grove Zone on Flickies' Island, and he faced against Robotnik who was driving his new Egg-O-Matic Spikeball Machine. King Ritus' new robot Machine Controller took control of Robotnik's Egg-O-Matic, causing it to crash. Sonic and Robotnik were shocked to see King Ritus, alive. King Ritus sent Robotnik to the Space Prison, and faced against Sonic. Ritus challenged Sonic to fight against Machine Controller in the Rusty Ruin Zone, in exchange for the release of his prisoners. Sonic travelled to the Rusty Ruin Zone and faced against Machine Controller. Sonic destroyed the robot, and all of Ritus' prisoners including Robotnik were set free.


TAILS TO THE RESCUE: Sonic travelled to the Diamond Dust Zone on Flickies' Island, and Robotnik showed up in his Egg-O-Matic Freeze Cannon Machine. Sonic defeated Robotnik and continued his search for more Badniks on the island. King Ritus captured Delilah, and Tails saw it all. He got out his plane and flew towards the Robotic City on Mount Mobius to rescue her. Tails found her in a prison cell, and set her free. King Ritus and several Swatbots showed up to stop Tails, then Goldnik arrived. He kept Ritus busy while Tails and Delilah escaped in the plane. They returned to the Emerald Hill Zone, and Delilah thanked Tails.


THE EMERALD HUNT: Asteron created a Time Device, and King Ritus used it to send Amy, Morain, Johnny, Tekno and Goldnik into the future. King Ritus showed up at the Hidden Palace Zone on the Floating Island, and he faced against Knuckles. Knuckles fought against King Ritus, but the evil king zapped him and knocked him out. King Ritus stole the Chaos Emeralds, and the Floating Island began to sink. Omni Viewer showed up on Flickies' Island to get Sonic, and he showed up at the Green Hill Zone to get Tails. Omni Viewer told them what had happened. King Ritus showed up in the Metropolis Zone, and launched an attack using the energy from the Chaos Emeralds.


A WORLD RULED BY THE EVIL KING: Amy, Morain, Johnny, Tekno and Goldnik arrived in the future. Swatbots were roaming the streets of a dark city. Several Swatbots surrounded the freedom fighters, and they were shot down by an tough looking fox with two tails. They figured out he was Tails, and they figured out they were in the future. Tails told them that King Ritus destroyed Sonic and the Mobius race, and took over. He also told them that he was looking after the survivors, and the number of survivors were decreasing every week. It was a dark future indeed for Mobius. Back in the present time on Mobius, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles arrived in the Metropolis Zone to stop Ritus. The Robotic King used the Chaos Emeralds' power to steal Sonic's powers, turning him brown again. Omni Viewer showed up and rescued them. They travelled to the future to rescue the others. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles discovered what becomes of Mobius, and Tails met his future self. The freedom fighters returned to the Floating Island in the present time to get the Grey Emerald, and they used it to get the other emeralds back from Ritus, before he attacked the Metropolis Zone. Sonic turned blue again, which meant the future was rewritten. The freedom fighters saved both the present and the future of Planet Mobius.


IT'S HOT ON FLICKIES' ISLAND: Sonic returned to Flickies' Island to continue his search for Robotnik's Badniks. He was now in the Volcano Valley Zone. Tekno invented a machine to help find Shortfuse, and she and Amy tested it out. They saw an image of Shortfuse, and they were transported to another dimension. Back on Flickies' Island, Sonic was still in the Volcano Valley Zone. Robotnik showed up in his Egg-O-Matic Fire Shooting Machine, and faced against Sonic. Sonic defeated Robotnik, then King Ritus showed up. He threw a bomb into the lava, and it exploded. Sonic escaped the volcano as it erupted, and he faced King Ritus. Sonic defeated King Ritus, and made his way towards the next Zone. Amy and Tekno arrived on an alien spaceship, and they faced against the Insectra Empire. Shortfuse showed up claiming to be the Destroyer.


SPACED OUT: Amy and Tekno faced against Shortfuse and were captured by him. Shortfuse took them to his new master, Dark Visor. Tekno found how he was controlling Shortfuse, and pulled the green thing off Shortfuse, while Dark Visor was talking to Amy. Shortfuse returned to normal, and he teamed up with Amy and Tekno to fight against the Insectra Empire, but then they were attacked by another spaceship. Back on Mobius, Sonic was in the Gene Gadget Zone on Flickies' Island, and he freed more Flickies from Robotnik's Badniks. Sonic faced against King Ritus, who was using one of Robotnik's machines. Sonic defeated Ritus, and the villain escaped. Omni Viewer showed, claiming that all the Badniks were defeated and all the Flickies were free. Omni Viewer sent Sonic back to the Emerald Hill Zone. Back in space, a war occurred between the Insectra Empire and Blurrgh. The Insectra ship landed on a nearby planet, and the war continued until the planet's people showed up and stopped the battle. The two enemy forces decided to live on the planet and end their war. Shortfuse decided to stay as well.


PARTY IN THE ZONE: Goldnik started to lose his powers during a battle between the freedom fighters, and Prince Tallix, Francine, and an army of Swatbots. The freedom fighters escaped while Prince Tallix was arguing with Prince Feathers. The freedom fighters returned to Sonic's base, and the Kintobor Computer told them that Goldnik's energy was being drained during each battle he had been in. Sonic's old friend Sally Acorn organised a party in the Emerald Hill Zone, and the freedom fighters were all invited. Shortfuse, Amy and Tekno returned to Mobius with an alien named Amber, and they joined the party. Prince Tallix and Francine sent a group of Swatbots to crash the Emerald Hill Zone Party. Sonic lured them away from the zone, and used a Power Ring to destroy them. He faced against Prince Tallix and Francine after the Swatbots were defeated. Shortfuse and Goldnik showed up to help, and together they destroyed Prince Tallix and Francine. After the battle, the party in the Emerald Hill Zone continued.


THE ROBOTIC KING'S LAST LAUGH: Goldnik ran through the Great Forest, as his powers grew weaker. He ran into his creator Doctor Robotnik, who was ticked off by the Gold Cybernik's good deeds. He summoned the Cluckers to deal with him, but then King Ritus, Queen Birdonna, Prince Feathers and a number of Swatbots showed up. Robotnik and Ritus ordered their soldiers to attack, and a war between the villains began, giving Goldnik the opportunity to escape. Meanwhile in the Emerald Hill Zone, Amber got ready to return home. She gave Shortfuse a gift, and he felt different. His armour opened up, and Shorty the squirrel was free. Goldnik returned to the Emerald Hill Zone and he collapsed. Sonic took Goldnik to his base, and the Kintobor Computer realised it was just what he thought. Robotnik gave him a limited supply of energy. The freedom fighters contacted Ebony, and she showed up. She explained how Goldnik could be recharged with an unlimited supply of energy, and where it could be achieved. The freedom fighters travelled to the beach where the spot was, and King Ritus' army of Swatbots and Stealth Bots attacked. The freedom fighters took them out, while Ebony and Goldnik continued their mission. Ebony used her powers and recharged Goldnik. He was finally back to full strength and he helped against the remaining Swatbots. King Ritus showed up, and Sonic and Goldnik defeated him. Morain opened a portal and returned to the Nameless Zone. Goldnik left Mobius in Giga Dragon to look for more adventures. On Flickies' Island, Robotnik, Grimer, Scratch and Grounder confronted King Ritus, Queen Birdonna, Prince Feathers, Asteron and Ball Hog. Scratch gave Prince Feather's a present, and Robotnik and his henchmen began to leave the island. Prince Feathers opened his present, and it blew up the five evil robots. Shorty the squirrel was settling down in the Emerald Hill Zone, and he felt happy.



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