Some of the episode summaries will have the following key below saying where the ideas came from, either it was from the comic book series and/or the TV series. The episodes that don't have the following means they were either my own ideas, or they were ideas based a non Sonic related series.



THE PRINCESS OF MOBIUS: PART 1: A meteor crashed somewhere in the Metropolis Zone while Grimer showed Robotnik the new Robotisizer. The meteor turned out to be Ugly Bird, one of Grimer's reject robots which was sent into space a long time ago. Ugly berried robot eggs in the outskirts of the city and made his way to Citadel Robotnik. Doctor Robotnik devised a plan and ordered Grimer to recreate four old Badniks. Robotnik sent Ugly Bird after Sonic, and he faced both Sonic and Shortfuse in Mobotropolis. The four Badniks, Arch Bot, Exterminator, Blossomtron, and Tunnlemole attacked the two heroes by surprise. Ugly was able to damage Shortfuse's armour, and caused explosions around him. Sonic was caught in one of Ugly's attacks, and was injured. Tails and the others arrived and saw the two heroes had lost the fight.


THE PRINCESS OF MOBIUS: PART 2: The freedom fighters helped Sonic, and took him back to Knothole. Shortfuse was still able to move, and he flew to the Metropolis Zone. He faced against several Trooper Badniks, and defeated them. He freed the slaves including Tekno the Canary, and asked for her help. Sonic told his friends that he once met the King of Mobius, and claims that he has a medicine that can make him better. Tails and the others travelled to the castle. The eggs that Ugly berried finally hatched, and chicken like robots called Cluckers came out. Robotnik sent them to stop Sonic's friends from reaching the castle. The heroes got into the castle and were captured by the guards.


THE PRINCESS OF MOBIUS: PART 3: The freedom fighters were taken into the king's throne room, and his daughter Princess Sally ordered the guards to let them go. The king gave them the medicine, and Sally decided to join in the fight against Robotnik. Meanwhile somewhere else, Tekno showed Shortfuse her secret lab. She fixed Shortfuse's Cybernik armour, and he was ready for a rematch with Ugly Bird. He arrived at the Mobius castle, and helped the other freedom fighters against the Cluckers.


THE PRINCESS OF MOBIUS: PART 4: Shortfuse faced against Ugly Bird in Mobotropolis, and defeated him. The freedom fighters and Sally returned to Knothole and gave Sonic the medicine. Sonic was back to normal, and he thanked Princess Sally. The way he thanked her made Amy jealous. Robotnik dispatched a new Badnik called Vampire Bot to attack Shortfuse. Sonic arrived and used a Super Power Ring to destroy him.


UGLY BIRD IS BOSS FOR A DAY: Ugly asked Robotnik if he could be in charge for one day. Robotnik decided to have a day off, so Ugly could be in charge. Ugly tried to think of a plan on how to destroy Sonic. With a little help from Scratch, he came up with a plan. He sent Cluckers to attack Tails at Mobotropolis park, and Sonic and the freedom fighters arrived to help him. Ugly arrived with Grimer's latest creation, Canon Head. Sonic faced the Badnik and used the Super Power Ring to destroy it. Robotnik sent Ugly to clean up Grimer's lab as punishment.


FOOTBALL IS A BADNIK SPORT: When Robotnik found out that the Mobotropolis football team were playing against a rival city called Willsville, he decided to send Rhinobot and the Cluckers to challenge Sonic's friends. Rhinobot faced Tails, Johnny, Amy, Villie and Dulcy. Rhinobot sent them into another dimension, and Sonic went after him. Princess Sally contacted Sonic and told him to use the Power Ring to rescue the others from the dimension. He succeeded to rescue them, then he used the Power Ring to finish off Rhinobot.


BRUTUS: PART 1: Grimer introduced his latest creation to Doctor Robotnik, Commander Brutus. Robotnik gave the ultimate trooper Badnik a copy of his own brain patterns to make it more superior. When he learned that Sonic and the freedom fighters were in the Pleasant Zone, Brutus decided to go after them, bringing with him an army of Trooper Badniks. He eventually succeeded in capturing the freedom fighters.


BRUTUS: PART 2: Brutus presented his prisoners to the animals of the Pleasant Zone, claiming that Sonic has finally been defeated. Sonic and the freedom fighters tried to escape and were attacked by Brutus. Robotnik kept contacting Brutus, who kept disobeying him. Sonic unexpectedly turned into Super Sonic, and attacked Brutus and the Trooper Badniks. Brutus escaped and Sonic returned to normal.


BYE BYE, WINGS: Wings returned to Mobius in the rocket ship he left in, and he had become smart. He also brought with him weapons to use, and his targets were Scratch and Grounder. He wanted them destroyed for creating him. Sonic and co faced Wings and destroyed his equipment, except for his talking computer. Wings got caught in a portal after the battle.


A CAT TO KNOW: Sonic ran into a voluptuous cat girl named Catty who had been trying to meet Chuck C. Cat, a boy cat she was in love with. She told Sonic that Robotnik's Badniks had captured him, and he went to find him. Catty prepared a dinner for two, while Sonic rescued Chuck C. Cat. He faced Scratch and Ugly and defeated them. He rescued Chuck and brought him to the dinner, where Catty was waiting to meet him.


A BRUTE DISASTER: Commander Brutus came up with a strategy to destroy Sonic, and sent Grounder and Ugly with a device, and they used it on Shortfuse and Tekno, turning them against each other. Scratch and the Cluckers attacked them, and Scratch snatched Tekno's new device. Brutus used it to control Shortfuse and sent him to fight against Sonic. Princess Sally freed Tekno from Brutus' control with a Power Ring, and Sonic freed Shortfuse by destroying the device controlling him.


SONIC DRIFT: Robotnik ordered Grimer to build a racing car for Scratch. With help from her computer Nicole, and the Kintobor computer, Princess Sally built some racing cars for Tails, Johnny, Amy and Villie. The freedom fighters and scratch competed in a race around the Emerald Hill Zone, organised by Robotnik. Scratch lost and Sonic destroyed his racing car.


CAUGHT LIKE A FOX: Robotnik showed up in Mobotropolis in his new Egg-O-Matic Drilling Machine, and he captured Tails. Robotnik locked Tails up in the Mystic Cave Zone, and sent Scratch to face against Sonic. Scratch told him that Tails had been captured, and ordered him to face Robotnik in the Mystic Cave Zone. Sonic faced Robotnik and defeated him, and rescued Tails.


UGLY'S CUPIDITY: There was a dance at Knothole Village, and Tails asked Villie to the dance. Robotnik decided to be nice and take Metamorphia out on a ride in his Chaos machine. Ugly activated Grimer's Badnik the Angel of Death, and sent her to Mobotropolis with a love potion, which Metamorphia used on Robotnik. Scratch found out and ordered Grimer to make an antidote. Scratch sent Grimer to test the antidote on those that were effected by the love potion. Sonic faced against the Angel of Death and defeated her. Robotnik returned to normal and remembered nothing, and Tails danced with Villie at the Knothole Dance.


THE MASKBOT: Robotnik sent Grimer's latest creation the Maskbot to Mobotropolis. Sonic couldn't beat him, especially when the Maskbot made silly impressions. He suddenly became attracted to Villie. Sonic and the freedom fighters worked on an idea, and they faced against Maskbot again. Villie distracted him, by seducing him, and Sonic and Shortfuse finished him off.


REVENGE OF THE CHAOTIX: PART 1: Grimer had completed the new Metallix project, the Metal Knuckles. Scratch used an energy gun on Amy to make her weak. The Chaotix Crew showed up and took Amy to their base in the Special Zone, so she could get some rest. Sonic and Shortfuse faced against Scratch, who used the energy gun to steal some energy from the Cybernik. Sonic took Shortfuse to Tekno's so he could get some rest. Grimer had what he needed to activate the new Metallix.


THE REVENGE OF CHAOTIX: PART 2: Robotnik sent Metallix the Metal Knuckles to attack Mobotropolis, and Sonic, the freedom fighters, and the Chaotix Crew faced against him. Amy woke up and discovered that an innocent girl bear was surrounded by Cluckers somewhere on Mobius. Amy went back to Mobius and faced the Cluckers, and she grew weak and fainted. Scratch showed up to take her away, and the girl bear was really Metamorphia. Metallix retreated, and the heroes returned to the Chaotix Base. They discovered that Amy was gone, and Robotnik showed up to give them two choices, either serve him or watch Amy being drained of her life energy.


THE REVENGE OF CHAOTIX: PART 3: The freedom fighters decided to serve Robotnik, and the mad scientist gave them their first orders and left the base. Sonic and the heroes began to find a way to rescue Amy. When Robotnik found out, he sent the Cluckers to attack them. Sonic travelled to Citadel Robotnik and found Amy somewhere inside. Sonic faced Robotnik and defeated him, and rescued Amy. Sonic faced Metallix and destroyed him with the Super Power Ring, and he used the remaining energy to save Amy.


TROUBLE IN THE ODOUR ZONE: Robotnik captured a giant skunk named Marcel, and turned him into Savage Skunk. Sonic and the freedom fighters faced against Savage Skunk in the Odour Zone, and they defeated him. Marcel was free, and everything in the Odour Zone was back to normal.


BUNNIE RABBOT: PART 1: A new girl named Bunnie moved to Mobotropolis, and Sonic and his friends made her feel welcome. Robotnik sent Ugly and the Cluckers to destroy Sonic and the freedom fighters. The freedom fighters defeated them, and Robotnik came up with another plan to capture and destroy Sonic. He sent Metamorphia disguised as an anonymous citizen. She faced Sonic as he was showing Bunnie around Mobotropolis. The shape shifter gassed them and put them to sleep, and Metamorphia took them prisoner.


BUNNIE RABBOT: PART 2: Metamorphia took Sonic to a cave, and took Bunnie to the prison cells. Ugly showed up in Mobotropolis, and attacked the city. Shortfuse was back and ready to fight. He battled Ugly and defeated him. Scratch faced against Sonic in the cave, and battled him. Ugly joined him later and it was two against one. Sonic defeated the two Badniks and escaped. Robotnik placed Bunnie in the Robotisizer, and he activated it. The Robotisizer overloaded, and Bunnie escaped. She was shocked to discover that three of her limbs had gone mechanical. Sonic and Shortfuse faced against Metamorphia, and defeated her. Robotnik was mad with Metamorphia, and he had her stripped of her powers and sent her to be turned into a Badnik. Sonic found Bunnie and she decided to join the freedom fighters in the fight against Robotnik. Amy decided to take a break from fighting Robotnik, and join the Emerald Hill folk on the Floating Island.


VOICE OF THE PEOPLE:  A crowd of protesters gathered around Robotnik's new statue. Robotnik sent the Special Badnik Service to stop them. Sonic, Tails and Johnny showed up, and they took out the Trooper Badniks. Scratch, Grounder, Ugly and the Cluckers showed up in the deserted Emerald Hill Zone with picket signs, protesting against Sonic. The freedom fighters faced against them and defeated them.


RETURN TO THE MIRACLE PLANET: Sonic, Amy and Johnny travelled to the Miracle Planet to undo what the Brotherhood of Metallix had done. They came face to face with a Metallix and discovered it was really a bird in disguise. The freedom fighters reprogrammed the Alpha Device, and put the thing into reverse. In the meantime on Mobius, Robotnik dispatched the Lavatronic Badnik. Sonic returned and faced the Badnik, and destroyed him with a Super Power Ring.


VILLIE THE VILLAIN: After Robotnik heard Ugly saying that Villie should be on their side, he came up with an idea. Robotnik sent Scratch and the Cluckers to get a sample of Villie's fur, and Robotnik put the fur in the Robomatic machine and created a robotic clone of Villie. The real Villie faced her evil look alike, and when the other freedom fighters joined in, they couldn't tell which one was which. When the two Villie's were figured out, Sonic used the Super Power Ring to destroy the evil one.


WINGS RETURNS: Wings was back on Mobius, with his computer. He found an energy generator and used it to give his computer great power. He took over Mobius castle to lure Sonic out, and he used a device to capture Sonic, Johnny, Bunnie and Villie. He took them to the Metropolis Clock Tower, using them as bait to lure Scratch out. Scratch, Grounder and Ugly showed up and Sonic and his friends escaped. They arrived at the Mobius Castle to free it of Wings' computer. Sonic destroyed it, and Wings was pulled back into the warp again.


LAST ACTION HEDGEHOG: PART 1: Robotnik unexpectedly gets a visit from an old echidna named Doctor Zachary. He had a master plan, involving the Master Emerald. He presented his robot known as Toxo, and began phase one of his plan. He sent Toxo to catch Shortfuse and steal his powers. Sonic and the freedom fighters travelled to the Floating Island to warn Knuckles about Doctor Zachary. Toxo arrived on the island and faced Sonic and Knuckles, and drained energy from them.


LAST ACTION HEDGEHOG: PART 2: The Chaotix Crew arrived to help Sonic and Knuckles against Toxo. While the freedom fighters were distracted, Doctor Zachary made his way to the Emerald chamber in the Hidden Palace Zone. With Robotnik's Egg-O-Matic grabbing machine, Doctor Zachary grabbed the Master Emerald, and escaped. Toxo defeated the Chaotix Crew one by one, and drained them of their energy. They all escaped to the Special Zone, and Doctor Zachary and Robotnik's henchmen celebrated their victory. Robotnik was jealous because Zachary had succeeded where he failed.


LAST ACTION HEDGEHOG: PART 3: Sonic, Knuckles, and the Chaotix Crew used a Super Power Ring to get their strength back. Doctor Zachary placed the Master Emerald inside a Space Satellite, and used it to eclipse the sun. The Space Satellite fired a death ray down at Mobius, destroying some of the deserted zones with the Master Emerald's energy. The freedom fighters got into the Space Satellite and retrieved the Master Emerald. Doctor Zachary sent Toxo to attack Mobotropolis, and Sonic, Knuckles, and the Chaotix Crew faced him. The other freedom fighters overloaded the Space Satellite, and escaped to the Floating Island with the Master Emerald, through a Star Post. The Space Satellite blew up, bringing daylight back to Mobius. Toxo lost his strength, and Sonic, Knuckles, the Chaotix Crew, and Shortfuse got their energy back. They all faced Toxo and destroyed him. The Master Emerald was returned to the Floating Island, and it began to float normally again.


THE ROCK OF MUSIC MIESTER: Robotnik and Zachary sent a new robot called Music Miester to manipulate the freedom fighters, by putting them under a dancing spell. Sonic broke free with a Super Power Ring, and Shortfuse joined the fight and finished off the robot.


HUNT FOR THE RED ECHIDNA: Doctor Zachary activated an ancient robot in the Sandopolis Zone and planed to use it to steal the Master Emerald again. The freedom fighters and Knuckles faced the giant robot and they destroyed it, and the robot's body and Zachary both fell off the island. The robot's head was still intact, and Knuckles decided to keep it. Porker decided to help Knuckles find out more about the robot and it's technology.


REVOLUTION: PART 1: Brutus launched an attack on the Metropolis Zone with his own army of Badniks, and a war between Robotnik and Brutus began. Sonic and the freedom fighters joined in the fight, and so did Shortfuse. Robotnik tried to self destruct Brutus, but it didn't work. Sonic showed up and saved Robotnik from Brutus and his army. Brutus faced Sonic, and showed him that Bunnie and Johnny have been turned into Badniks.


REVOLUTION: PART 2: Sonic faced against Brutus new Badniks, and got some unexpected help from Scratch, Grounder, Coconuts and Ugly. Shortfuse faced against Brutus' Badniks and defeated them, freeing both Bunny and Johnny. Robotnik confronted Commander Brutus himself, wearing an armoured suit. They battled against each other, and Robotnik zapped Brutus with a freeze ray and destroyed him.


ANTOINE: PART 1: The King of Mobius sent his French royal guard Antoine on a mission to Knothole. He was ordered to meet with Princess Sally, to give her a list of the Mobius freedom fighters. Robotnik sent the Cluckers to capture Antoine, and he had him turned into a Badnik called Cyber Horns. Sonic and Sally faced the Badnik, and Sally recognised his voice, but Sonic had no choice but to fight him.


ANTOINE: PART 2: Sonic faced against the Badnik, but the Badnik escaped. Johnny faced against the Special Badnik Service, and ended up being captured. Robotnik sent the Cyber Horns to attack Mobotropolis, and the freedom fighters faced him. Sonic used the Super Power Ring to destroy him at the end, freeing Antoine. Sally thanked Antoine for the list, and he joined the freedom fighters. As for Johnny Lightfoot, he was taken to the Robotisizer, and he was robotisized.


LAND OF THE GIANTS: Grimer built a growing ray, and used it on Scratch. He became a giant and attacked Mobotropolis. Sonic got hold of the device and used it on Shortfuse. The giant Cybernik battled against the giant Scratch. Sally reversed the effects of the growing ray, and shrunk the two giants back to normal size.


MYSTERY VILLAIN: Tails visited the Grim Zone, and faced an unknown Badnik. After an accident, the Badnik was defeated. When the dust settled, Tails discovered it was Metamorphia. She was upset and said she was never going to work for Robotnik again. Suddenly she changed again, and became an innocent girl bear.


BUBBLE TROUBLE: Sonic and Tails visited the Labyrinth Zone, and Sonic ended up in a bubble. Sonic got free of the bubble, and defeated the Badniks.


REVENGE OF THE WOLVES: The freedom fighters learned that Robotnik was planning to launch a new Death Egg into space. They journeyed to the Great Unknown, to find the Wolf Pack freedom fighters. Sonic helped them destroy a Super Egg Robo, who was attacking their land. After the battle, they met up with the other freedom fighters, and they all returned to Knothole.


DEEP POWER STONES: Sonic and Tails followed a ship towards the launch base in the Great Unknown, where Robotnik's new Death Egg was. They used Coconuts to find the power stations controls, and they shut them off. Princess Sally told Sonic about the Deep Power Stones. Robotnik got one, and the freedom fighters got the other.


THRUST POWER: A big thruster was being taken to the Death Egg, and it had to go across the Emerald Valley Bridge. Sonic went to the bridge and placed explosives. A Trooper from the Special Badnik Service showed up and captured Sonic. Tails and Johnny showed up to help, and Sonic escaped the Badnik's prison. Tails used Amy's crossbow and fired it at an explosive, setting them off and blew up the whole transporter. Scratch secretly brought another super thruster to the Death Egg, in case if Sonic tried to stop the transporter, which he did.


DOOMSDAY: Robotnik launched the Death Egg into space, and it began to send an army of Super Egg Robos to attack Mobius. The Mobius freedom fighters united to stop Robotnik, including Sol Furic and Sab from the Flock freedom fighters, the Wolf Pack freedom fighters, and the Southern and Eastern freedom fighters. Most of the Freedom Fighters were captured by Trooper Badniks, leaving Sonic, Sally and Antoine left. Sally and Antoine left Sonic to face Robotnik on his own. Sonic escaped the Death Egg, and travelled to Citadel Robotnik to get the other Deep Power Stone. Sonic and Sally returned to the Death Egg, and used the Deep Power Stones to give them incredible power. They began zooming around the Death Egg at great speed, and Robotnik, Grimer, and the Badniks escaped. The Mobius freedom fighters escaped in a ship and returned to Mobius. Sonic and Sally destroyed the Death Egg and returned to Mobius, convinced that Robotnik was finally defeated.


SONIC VS SHORTFUSE: Robotnik sent the Cluckers to find Shortfuse. They found him and placed a device on him. Shortfuse attacked Mobotropolis to lure Sonic out. Sonic had no choice but to fight him. Tekno got the device off Shortfuse, and he returned to normal.


A FOX DATE: Villie was board one evening, and she saw Tails. She asked him if he would like to go out with her for the evening, and he agreed. They went out for a walk around the Great Forest, and returned to Knothole later that evening.


JOHNNY, REMEMBER ME: The freedom fighters went on a mission to the Metropolis Zone, and they found Johnny Lightfoot as a robot. They used a Power Ring to free him of Robotnik's control, and he took them to the Robotisizer. They de-robotisized him, and Johnny was back to normal. Bunnie was next, but before she stepped into the Robotisizer, Scratch and Ugly showed up. Ugly accidentally zapped the controls and destroyed the machine. Dulcy got a visit from her Mom, and she went home with her. Robotnik sent the Termanik to attack Mobotropolis. Sonic and Princess Sally faced the Badnik, and used the Deep Power Stones to destroy him.


RUNNING WILD: Sonic visited the Floating Island, and met up with Porker in the Emerald Chamber. The robot head made Sonic jump, and he fell into the Emerald generator. Sonic came out as Super Sonic and escaped the island. Super Sonic zoomed towards his friends on Mobius, destroying one of Robotnik's Special Badnik Service ships alone the way. Super Sonic attacked his friends, bringing out a series of destructive attacks. The heroes came up with a plan, using the Kintobor computer and a Star Post. The Star Post separated the chaos energy from Sonic, and sent Super Sonic into the Special Zone.


HEROES AND VILLAINS: PART 1: Sonic entered the Special Zone to warn the Chaotix Crew about Super Sonic. The Chaotix Crew travelled to the New Tek City on planet Meridian. There was a fight going on there between the Justice Brigade and the Discriminators, and Sonic and the Chaotix arrived to help the Justice Brigade. The cops arrived and Sonic was arrested. Sonic was bailed out by Lord Sidewinder, and he brought Sonic to his mansion. Lord Sidewinder introduced Sonic to his associates, Lightmare, Mr Fry and Bio-Hazard. Lord Sidewinder also revealed to Sonic that his evil counterpart Super Sonic was also there, waiting for him.


HEROES AND VILLAINS: PART 2: Super Sonic blew up Lord Sidewinder's mansion, and a battle began. Sonic, and Lord Sidewinders henchmen fought against Super Sonic, and had trouble beating him. The Chaotix Crew arrived and battled against Sidewinder's henchmen, while Sonic battled against Super Sonic. Sonic sent Super Sonic into the Omni Viewer, and Omni Viewer froze himself, trapping Super Sonic inside like a prison.


CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE ROBOT KIND: PART 1: A spaceship showed up above Citadel Robotnik, and Doctor Robotnik got a visit from an evil robot called Emperor Doom. The robot captured Shortfuse and sent him to the Dark Zone, where his powers couldn't work, and sent a giant dragon robot called Dragoon to Mobotropolis. The freedom fighters faced the giant and had a hard time beating it. Shortfuse faced against Emperor Doom, and managed to escape the Dark Zone with him. Shortfuse confronted Dragoon and damaged it. Dragoon escaped. Emperor Doom began the next step of his evil plan, and sent Scratch and Ugly to the Emerald Hill Zone. He sent Vampire Bot and Toxo to the Chemical Plant Zone, and the Cluckers to the Aquatic Ruin Zone.


CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE ROBOT KIND: PART 2: Shortfuse faced against Scratch and Ugly, Johnny and Bunnie faced against Vampire Bot and Toxo, and Tails and Villie faced against the Cluckers. They all met up, and the heroes defeated the villains. Emperor Doom sent Dragoon again, and Shortfuse destroyed it.


VILLIE'S REVENGE: A monster showed up in the Emerald Hill Zone, and Villie recognised him. He was called the Overlord, who murdered her best friend in the Nameless Zone, when she was only ten years old. Now she was older, she planned to get back at him. Shortfuse went to Citadel Robotnik, and he faced Robotnik himself in an arena he had prepared for Sonic. Villie faced against the Overlord, and she told her friends not to help her. She fought the Overlord and began to lose. Shortfuse destroyed Robotnik's machine, and he escaped. He arrived at the Emerald Hill Zone and destroyed the Overlord. Villie realised that she should accept help from her friends, and thanked Shortfuse.


ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARKOLOID?: Emperor Doom created Darkoloid and sent her to attack Mobotropolis. Shortfuse faced against Darkoloid, who froze him. Shortfuse broke himself free of his ice block, and continued the battle. Darkoloid sent Shortfuse to the Dark Zone, they continued the battle there until Shortfuse blasted her. They returned to Mobotropolis and Shortfuse destroyed her.


FOREST HAZARD: It was Villie's birthday, and her friends took her to the carnival at Mobotropolis park. Emperor Doom faced against Shortfuse and used his powers to shut the Cybernik down, and sent him to the Great Canyons. The Kintobor Computer contacted the freedom fighters and told them that Ugly was at Knothole Village. Emperor Doom knew where it was all along, and he sent Ugly there with a device called the Destruction Sphere. The freedom fighters faced Ugly, then Scratch and the Cluckers arrived. They kept the freedom fighters busy while Ugly planted the sphere. They escaped and the freedom fighters couldn't remove the sphere. They evacuated the Great Forest, and the sphere went off like a bomb. Knothole Village and almost all of the Great Forest was destroyed. Robotnik and Emperor Doom were convinced that they had won, knowing that Sonic was in the Special Zone with no way out, and that Shortfuse was closed down. Emperor Doom used his powers to darken the whole planet, and spread fear everywhere. The freedom fighters were convinced that the war was over, and the villains had won.


SONIC STRIKES BACK: While Mobius was being plunged into darkness by Emperor Doom, Sonic and the Chaotix Crew were working on a teleport system to send Sonic home. They activated the system and Sonic was sent back to Mobius. Emperor Doom discovered Sonic was back, and faced him. He grew into a giant, and began to attack Sonic. Princess Sally showed up, and they used the Deep Power Stones. They overpowered Emperor Doom and defeated him. His dark magic was lifted from Mobius, and almost everything was back to normal. Tekno had expanded her secret lab and turned it into a new base for the freedom fighters, and they all moved in. They also moved the power rock, from the destroyed forest to the lake in the Emerald Hill Zone.


SONIC IN SPACE: PART 1: Robotnik began a new scheme, now that Emperor Doom was gone. He stole Doom's spaceship and began to attack Mobius from space. The freedom fighters hijacked one of Robotnik's Transport Ships, and went after him. Sonic, Bunnie and Johnny got onboard Doom's ship and were captured by the Trooper Badniks.


SONIC IN SPACE: PART 2: Tails and Princess Sally tried to contact Sonic from the Transport Ship, and discovered Robotnik had captured them. Tails and Sally sneaked onboard and lured the Troopers out. Sonic got loose, and he, Bunnie and Johnny faced against the Badniks. One of the Troopers wounded Johnny in the shoulder, and Bunnie helped him up. Princess Sally drained Doom's ship of its battery energy, and the freedom fighters escaped in the Transport Ship. Robotnik fired at it causing it to fall back to Mobius. The freedom fighters escaped in escape pods, and Bunnie helped Johnny escape. They returned to Mobius, and Johnny was taken to the Mobotropolis hospital. Robotnik returned to Citadel Robotnik, and sent Doom's ship to be recharged for next time.


SISTER SISTER: Villie ran into her twin sister Bernice, while she was walking in the Green Hill Zone. Robotnik's nephew, Snively Kintobor arrived at Citadel Robotnik to help his uncle. Robotnik sent Grimer's latest creation Robotank to the Green Hill Zone. Robotank faced Villie and Bernice, who confused him. Sonic and Princess Sally showed up, and they used the Deep Power Stones to destroy Robotank. Villie and Bernice went to the deserted Emerald Hill Zone to catch up on a few things, and Bernice taught Villie how to open the portal to the Nameless Zone.


FATHER AND DAUGHTERS: Bernice told Villie that their father Justin had moved to Mobius, and established a lab near the Bridge Zone. They went to see their father, unaware that Scratch and Snively. Justin gave his daughters something to eat, but they were interrupted by Scratch and the Cluckers. Scratch placed an explosive in the lab, and detonated it. The lab exploded, and the freedom fighters arrived. They defeated Scratch and the Cluckers, and Justin decided to return to the Nameless Zone.


BIG TROUBLE: Grimer fixed his growing ray gun, and Ugly and the Cluckers attacked Mobotropolis. The freedom fighters showed up to stop them, and Grimer used the device on Villie. She grew into a giant, and the citizens of Mobotropolis began to panic. Princess Sally got hold of the growing ray again, and used it to return Villie back to normal. Sonic and Sally destroyed the device so Robotnik couldn't use it again. While all this happening, Tekno flew across the skies using a radar to find the Cybernik. She found him lying on the grounds in the Great Canyons. She returned to the base, and told Sonic where Shortfuse was. Sonic zoomed to the Great Canyons and brought Shortfuse back to the base. Sonic used two Power Rings to recharge his power cells, and reactivate him.


ATTACK ON THE FLOATING ISLAND: With Emperor Doom's spaceship fully recharged Robotnik and his Badnik army travelled to the Floating Island, to destroy Knuckles and steal the Chaos Emeralds. Robotnik sent Scratch and Ugly to steal the Emeralds, and they ran into Knuckles. Sonic and the freedom fighters travelled to the island to stop Robotnik, once they found out. They faced against Robotnik's Special Badnik Service, and Shortfuse defeated them. Sonic and Princess Sally used a platform device, and teleported to the Sky Sanctuary Zone. They used the Deep Power Stones and tried to destroy Doom's spaceship, but it teleported out. After Robotnik's Badniks were defeated, Sonic and the freedom fighters left the Floating Island.


TRAPPED IN THE SPECIAL ZONE: Sonic returned to the Special Zone using the teleport remote Vector gave him. Sonic arrived at the Chaotix Base and he and the Chaotix Crew discovered that Super Sonic had moved a bit, since he was trapped inside the Omni Viewer. They also discovered a chest that had been left there, and Mighty opened it. Lord Sidewinder and his followers came out of the chest, and they found Super Sonic. The Chaotix were under Lightmare's nightmare spell, but Sonic wasn't. Meanwhile on Mobius, Scratch had made a new energy staff to use in battle, and Robotnik discovered that Sonic went back to the Special Zone. He sent Scratch to the Special Zone to find Sonic, and he found the Chaotix Base. Scratch entered the base while Sonic was fighting Sidewinder's henchmen, and he used his new weapon to destroy the teleport machine. Scratch escaped and Sonic defeated Sidewinder and his gang. The Chaotix Crew woke up, and Sonic told them what had happened.


THE TOMB: Sonic contacted his friends at Tekno's base, and told them that Scratch had trapped him in the Special Zone. Robotnik sent Scratch and Ugly to the corridors under the Mobius castle, and plant an implosion device under the base of the castle. Sonic and the Chaotix Crew left the base to move the Omni Viewer to the black asteroid, and keep Super Sonic out of harm's way. They didn't know that Nack the Weasel had snuck onboard as a midget. He returned to normal size, and he shrunk Sonic and the Chaotix Crew. He got the Chaotix Crew in a glass ball, but he missed Sonic. Nack looked around for Sonic and found the Omni Viewer. The mini Sonic battled Nack, and zapped him with a shrinking ray. Nack shrunk down and disappeared. Back on Mobius, Scratch and Ugly continued to find the base of the Mobius castle, and Ugly accidentally destroyed the map. Sonic and the Chaotix Crew returned to their normal size, and they finished their mission. They sealed the asteroid, sealing the Omni Viewer inside.


MIGHTY MEGA POWER MACHINE: Tails and the freedom fighters were enjoying themselves at the Mobotropolis Swimming Pool. Somewhere in space, an evil alien named Master Dredd targeted Mobius. He sent a dinosaur robot called Madzilla to attack Mobius, and it landed in Mobotropolis. Tekno activated a new robot warrior she built for such an emergency, and Princess Sally, Tails, Bunnie, Villie, Bernice and Antione piloted it. The giant Ectobird machine and destroyed Madzilla. While all this was happening, Scratch and Ugly continued their search through the corridors under the Mobius castle. Scratch made a trail using popcorn, and it ended up being eaten by Ugly.


RESCUE: Princess Sally and Tekno built a Dimensional Portal Generator and set its co-ordinance for the Special Zone. They used it and brought Sonic back to Mobius. Robotnik sent four old Badniks to attack Mobotropolis, including Metallix the Metal Knuckles, Lavatronic, Cyber Horns and Termanik. Sonic, the Chaotix Crew and Shortfuse faced them and destroyed them. While all this was happening, Scratch and Ugly found the base of the castle and activated the device. Robotnik showed up and told Scratch and Ugly to put a halt on destroying the castle, and capture the king when he is not guarded.


SAVE THE DESERTED CITY: Robotnik attacked a Deserted City on Mobius, with Emperor Doom's spaceship. Master Dredd planed to capture the King of Mobius, and Scratch and Ugly were waiting for Robotnik's signal to capture the King. The freedom fighters arrived at the Deserted City and faced against Robotnik. Sonic and Princess Sally activated the Deep Power Stones and destroyed the spaceship. Antoine returned to the Mobius Castle. Robotnik ordered Scratch and Ugly to catch the King, and they captured him. Master Dread opened a vortex and ended up getting the implosion device. The device went off and blew up Master Dredd's fortress, and Master Dredd with it. Robotnik discovered that the castle was still standing, and he fired Scratch and Ugly.


WHEN FOES BECOME FRIENDS: Villie returned to the Nameless Zone to stay, and she fell in love with a fox named Thomas. They decided to go out on a date, and get to know each other. Scratch and Ugly were banished from Robotnik's empire, and they ran into Sonic the freedom fighters. They told them what they think of Robotnik, and they also begged the freedom fighters to give them a home. They went back to Citadel Robotnik to rescue the King, and they returned him to the castle. Their act of heroism convinced Princess Sally that they have changed.


TINUS DAY: PART 1: Robotnik summoned Tinus his ultimate Badnik, and sent him to attack the Mobotropolis Beach. Sonic and the Chaotix Crew faced against Tinus, and tried to beat him. Tinus absorbed them of their energy, and let them take a nap. He created a vortex and evaporated the Mobius sea, leaving the land almost dry. Bernice returned to the Nameless Zone and met up with Morain.


TINUS DAY: PART 2: Princess Sally and Tekno retrieved a new Power Ring and they gave it to Sonic and the Chaotix Crew. The Power Ring made them strong again, and they faced against Tinus. Sonic and Sally used the Deep Power Stones to destroy Tinus, and the Chaotix Crew returned to the Special Zone. Back in the Nameless Zone, Morain decided to go to Mobius and find out more about Sonic and Knuckles. Bernice opened a portal and Morain stepped through. She entered Mobius and met Tails and the freedom fighters, and the real Sonic. A very angry Doctor Robotnik attacked Mobotropolis as a giant, and Princess Sally, Tails, Bunnie, Scratch, Ugly and Morain piloted the Ectobird. Sonic and Shortfuse joined the fight as well. Robotnik fired at the Ectobird, and caused it to overload. The freedom fighters jumped out, and the giant began to blow up. Ectobird fell apart, and right on top of Sonic and Shortfuse.

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