Some of the episode summaries will have the following key below saying where the ideas came from, either it was from the comic book series and/or the TV series. The episodes that don't have the following means they were either my own ideas, or they were ideas based a non Sonic related series.



THE NEW ROBOTNIK: PART 1: Sonic and his friends decided to take a break at Knothole Village, their new home base in the Great Forest. They were unaware that Robotnik had constructed a new fortress in the Metropolis Zone, called Citadel Robotnik. Robotnik encased himself inside an egg, and he hatched out, and he was more evil than before. Robotnik sent his Trooper Badniks to attack Mobotropolis, to let Sonic know he was back. After Sonic defeated the Troopers, Robotnik dispatched a new robot called Frish Head, which was half frog and half fish. Frish Head confronted Sonic and the freedom fighters, and demonstrated his powers by freezing Amy, Johnny, Porker, and Helen.


THE NEW ROBOTNIK: PART 2: The Frish Head Badnik used his powers on Tails and Alicia, and turned them evil. Sonic got Amy, Johnny, Porker and Helen back to Knothole, and unfroze them. Helen and Porker began working on a new tool that could free Tails and Alicia from Frish Head's control, and Sonic went ahead to face Frish Head. Sonic confronted an army of Trooper Badniks and defeated them, and he tried to get through to Tails and Alicia. Frish Head had another surprise for Sonic, and revealed it was Knuckles. He had Knuckles under his control as well.


THE NEW ROBOTNIK: PART 3: Helen and Porker finished creating the Power Stone, and it generated the first Power Ring. They showed up at the battlefield in time, and used the ring's power on Knuckles and Tails, freeing them from Frish Head's control. Sonic used the Power Ring on Frish Head and destroyed him. Knuckles returned to the Floating Island, and Sonic and his friends went back to Knothole Village.


FLOWER OF POLLUTION: Robotnik created a device, and used it on Amy. The device caused Amy to turn against Alicia in an act of jealousy. Robotnik dispatched a flower Badnik called, Blossomtron and she trapped Amy in the Dark Zone. Sonic used the Power Ring and set Amy free, and used the Power Ring to destroy Blossomtron. Amy was back to normal and apologised to Alicia.


ENTER THE CYBERNIK: PART 1: Robotnik sent Scratch and an army of Trooper Badniks to Mobotropolis to capture some of the animal residence. Shorty the squirrel sneaked onboard to rescue the Badniks. Robotnik decided to turn Shorty into a Super Badnik known as the Cybernik. Scratch distracted Sonic from rescuing his rescue mission, and told him the bad news afterwards.


ENTER THE CYBERNIK: PART 2: Robotnik sent his new Cybernik to lead an attack on Mobotropolis. When they got there, the Cybernik attacked the Badniks and released the trapped animals. Shorty the squirrel was in control. Robotnik attacked in his Egg-O-Matic and tried to destroy the Cybernik. Sonic showed up and stopped Robotnik. Shorty decided to call himself Shortfuse, and chose to fight against Robotnik, for what he had done to him.


ALICIA'S NIGHTMARE: Alicia had a nightmare which was like a warning. In her nightmare, Robotnik attacked the Great Forest and found Knothole. Robotnik created a horse like Badnik called Horsenik, and sent him to attack the Great Forest. Sonic and the freedom fighters faced Horsenik, and Sonic used the Power Ring to destroy him.


LET'S FACE THE MUSIC: Robotnik sent the Electric Flute Badnik to hypnotize Tails, Amy, Johnny, Porker and Alicia. Sonic rescued Helen and they faced the Badnik. Sonic destroyed Electric Flute with the Power Ring, and Tails and the others were free from Electric Flute's spell.


WELCOME TO SPOOKY ISLAND: Scratch captured Tails and lured Sonic and the others to Robotnik's Spooky Island. Sonic faced the Skeletonik and destroyed him, and he rescued Tails.


BADNIK ILLUSIONS: Robotnik sent Scratch to use a device on Sonic and the freedom fighters, which caused them to see Badniks of the past. The Kintobor Computer told Sonic what was going on, and he faced Scratch and destroyed the device.


THE GREAT ESCAPE: Sonic and the freedom fighters entered the Metropolis Zone, to rescue the rest of the Emerald Hill Folk that Robotnik captured in the past. Sonic faced a strict alligator, and defeated him. Sonic used the Star Post to transport the prisoners to the Floating Island.


RETURN OF THE OLD SONIC: PART 1: Sonic saw an image of himself from the future. Robotnik used a crystal to steal Sonic's powers, and dispatched his creation Shellnik to cause trouble in Mobotropolis. Sonic was captured and sent to a field, where Shellnik stripped him of his powers and turned him brown again.


RETURN OF THE OLD SONIC: PART 2: Sonic tried to beat Shellnik without his powers, then Scratch showed and told Shellnik to go. After Shellnik left, Scratch began to torment Sonic even more. Sonic defeated Scratch by snatching Robotnik's time device from him and using it on him. After Scratch escaped, Sonic used the device to contact himself from the past, then he used it to get back to the Great Forest. Sonic went to Citadel Robotnik and destroyed the crystal, and got his powers back. He faced Shellnik again and destroyed him with the Power Ring.


HOLIDAY HOTSPOT: A rhino named Rhino Neil suggested that Sonic and his friends deserve a holiday, after their hard work. Sonic's friends went to Rhino's Paradise Dome, but Sonic decided not to go. He ran into Scratch and Grounder, and after he defeated them, Sonic learned that Rhino was really Robotnik in disguise. Sonic returned to the Paradise Dome and saved the others from the dome's illusions.


FACE FROM THE PAST: After Sonic rescued a group of animals from Scratch, Grounder, and an army of Trooper Badniks, someone showed up claiming to be Tonic, Sonic's twin brother. He ran off after Sonic insulted him, and Tails followed him, and he found out Tonic was really Metamorphia in disguise. Sonic and the freedom fighters faced Metamorphia, and defeated her.


FAREWELL ALICIA: Doctor Robotnik sent Scratch to capture Alicia, and turn her into a Cybernik. Unlike Shortfuse, the transformation failed. She had control of the robot and was able to get out as well. Robotnik created the Brainbot to destroy Sonic instead, and Sonic used the Power Ring to destroy him. Alicia decided to quit the team and begin a new peaceful life somewhere else.


DULCY THE DRAGON: PART 1: A dragon named Dulcy was on her way to the Great Forest, and Sonic and his friends were preparing a welcome party for her. Robotnik used his new robot transformer on a marble sphere, and transformed it into a powerful Badnik called Shockwave. Sonic and the freedom fighters faced Shockwave and lost the battle.


DULCY THE DRAGON: PART 2: Dulcy finally arrived in the Great Forest, and Sonic and his friends welcomed her to Knothole. Robotnik sent Shockwave to attack Mobotropolis, and Shortfuse the Cybernik showed up to stop her. Sonic and the freedom fighters including Dulcy showed up and help Shortfuse, and Sonic destroyed Shockwave with the Power Ring.


THE BIRD IN TROUBLE: Scratch disguised himself as a squirrel girl in distress, in order for Grounder and Coconuts to catch Sonic. The plan backfired, and Scratch got stuck in the costume. A French squirrel guy showed up and began chasing Scratch around Mobotropolis, mistaking him for a squirrel girl. Robotnik dispatched Nutzan Bolt to attack Mobotropolis, and Sonic used the Power Ring to destroy him. The result of the battle burned the costume off of Scratch, and he escaped.


THE BIG CON: Robotnik built a convention building in the Chemical Plant Zone, called Robotnikcon One. Sonic and the freedom fighters went undercover, and it was revealed that the Robotnikcon One was really a machine used to turn animals into Badniks. Sonic defeated the Badniks, released the animals, and destroyed Robotnikcon One.


HELEN'S DISAPPEARANCE: Helen has disappeared, and Sonic and his friends went to find her. He found out that Robotnik had captured Helen, and tied her up in a cave. Scratch attacked Mobotropolis, and Sonic faced against him and defeated him.


FLOWER POWER: PART 1: Robotnik sent a new Badnik called Blossom Bird to Mobotropolis, and ordered him to use his powers to shut down the city. Blossom Bird recreated Robosaurus, and Dulcy destroyed him with her powerful breath. Robosaurus returned, and Shortfuse faced him and destroyed him. Shortfuse, Johnny, and Amy faced Blossom Bird, and he zapped them with a freeze ray. Sonic faced Blossom Bird and retreated with Shortfuse, Johnny and Amy.


FLOWER POWER: PART 2: Porker used a device to unfreeze Shortfuse, Johnny and Amy. They all went after Blossom Bird, and Robotnik's Badnik army.


NIGHTMARE ON MOBOTROPOLIS STREET: Robotnik created an ugly and scary Badnik called Fredster, and sent him to give Helen nightmares. Sonic faced Fredster and Robotnik's Badniks. The Kintobor computer showed Helen who she really is, and she joined in the fight. Sonic and Shortfuse destroyed Fredster.


LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT: A sexy fox girl named Villie Vixen showed up in Mobotropolis, and she had her eyes on Tails. Robotnik sent Scratch and an army of Trooper Badniks to capture several animals, and sent Sonic a message. The message said to exchange the Chaos Emeralds for the prisoners. With Knuckles' help, they faced against Scratch and gave him fake Chaos Emeralds. They defeated Scratch and rescued the animals. Robotnik sent a Badnik named Noface to attack Mobotropollis, and Sonic destroyed him with a Power Ring. While all this was happening, Tails was on a date with Villie, realising he had feelings for her as well.


A COMPLETE BRAINWASH OUT: Helen and Villie entered a marathon at Mobotropolis. Robotnik created a Badnik called Mink AM to enslave the animals of the city. Tails, Johnny and Dulcy faced Mink AM and were brainwashed. Porker and Amy were next, followed by Sonic. Helen and Ville learned what was going on, and they used one of Porker's devices to free Sonic and the others from Mink AM's control. Sonic faced Mink AM again and finished him off.


SWITCHING PLACES: PART 1: Helen was accepted into a Mobius college, and she had to choose whether to go to college, or continue fighting against Robotnik. Doctor Robotnik had completed a giant dragon machine called Chaos. The Kintobor computer told Sonic about a powerful crystal ball located in a deserted area called the Forbidden Zone. Sonic, Shortfuse and the freedom fighters went to the Forbidden Zone, to retrieve the crystal ball. Robotnik showed up with his new Chaos machine, and attacked the Zone, and began to destroy it.


SWITCHING PLACES: PART 2: Sonic and the freedom fighters got the crystal ball and escaped the Forbidden Zone, before Robotnik destroyed it. After her near death experience, Helen decided to go to college, and Villie decided to join the team. Sonic sent the crystal ball into the lake at Knothole, and it merged with the Power Stone. Robotnik created the Super Crabmeat, to make way for his arrival at Mobotropolis. Sonic and the freedom fighters, and Villie faced against Super Crabmeat, and Sonic used the first Super Power Ring to destroy it. Robotnik showed up in the Chaos machine, but it had ran out of power, so Robotnik had to abort his invasion plan for the time being.


POP MUSIC: The Kintobor Computer presented five music videos, featuring the main cast. The first video was starred Sonic and Tails. The second video starred Johnny and Porker. The third video starred Ville. The forth video starred Amy and Dulcy, and the fifth was Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder.


HERO OF THE YEAR: Sonic attended a party, where all his friends had gathered to thank him for protecting them from Robotnik. Flashbacks from old adventures occurred during the party. Robotnik sent the repaired Nutzan Bolt, and an army to Mobotropolis. Sonic faced Scratch and the Badnik army, and Shortfuse faced Nutzan Bolt and defeated him.


AN EMPTY MIND: Robotnik sent the Brain Snatcher to attack Sonic, Tails and Amy, and he zapped them, causing them to lose their memories. Johnny, Porker and Villie confronted Brain Snatcher, and they used the Super Power Ring on the Badnik, and Sonic, Tails and Amy to get their memories back. Sonic used the Super Power Ring and destroyed the Badnik.


PINBALL WIZARD: Robotnik created a pinball machine Badnik called Pinballnut, and he turned Tails, Johnny, Amy, Villie and Dulcy into giant pin balls. Sonic and Shortfuse faced Pinballnut and destroyed him, and Tails and the others returned to normal. Robotnik invaded Mobotropolis with his Chaos machine, and Sonic used a Super Power Ring to drain its power. Robotnik aborted his invasion plan again.


SPACE SONIC: Robotnik sent Scratch and Grounder in a spaceship to Planet Z to get some crystals. Sonic and Tails got onboard the spaceship and the spaceship arrived at a space station. Sonic and Tails ran into aliens, and had trouble fighting them. Scratch and Grounder tried to escape in an escape pod and continue their mission, but they became scared and went back to Mobius instead. Sonic and escaped the station and returned to Mobius, knowing that they stopped Robotnik once again.


TYRANO DROID: Scratch and Grounder built a dinosaur Badnik called Tyrano Droid. The Badnik got the best of Sonic and his friends, until Shortfuse showed up and destroyed him. Robotnik demoted Scratch and Grounder for building a useless robot behind his back.


TREASURE HUNT: 'The freedom fighters decided to join in a game of treasure hunt, and Robotnik sent a badnik called Tankbot to blast them into Hyperspace. Sonic and Shortfuse faced Tankbot and destroyed him, and the freedom fighters won the treasure hunt game.


THE MASTER EMERALD: Sonic and the freedom fighters went to the Floating Island to ask Knuckles to join their team against Robotnik. Another Metallix showed up after the Master Emerald, and he explained that he was from a brotherhood of Badniks. Sonic used the Super Power Ring to destroy him. Sonic created a fake Master Emerald, and the freedom fighters got ready for Robotnik's next attack. Scratch showed up and took the fake Master Emerald. He placed it inside the Chaos Machine and Robotnik got ready to attack. He found out it was fake and turned it into a badnik called Dark Crystal. Sonic faced the Badnik and destroyed him.


THE REVENGE OF TROGG: PART 1: Tails was with Knuckles on the Floating Island, when he was summoned to the Nameless Zone. Knuckles followed him into the Nameless Zone, and he was mistaken for Sonic. Knuckles and Tails faced against Errol Blackthorn, who was turned into a monster. They defeated him and had him placed in stocks. Tails and Knuckles began to make their way to the land beyond.


THE REVENGE OF TROGG: PART 2: Errol Blackthorn's sister Morain joined Knuckles and Tails on their mission to rescue the Enchanter Kings from Trogg. They faced an army of goblins and they took, Tails, Knuckles and Morain captive. They faced against the evil Trogg, who has enlist the help of the Dark One. Knuckles, Tails and Morain rescued the Enchanter Kings and began to escape, but the Dark One stopped them.


THE REVENGE OF TROGG: PART 3: The Dark One began to turn the Enchanter Kings into monsters. Knuckles, Tails, and Morain took the Dark Orb and threw it off the bridge, and the Dark One went with it. The Enchanter Kings changed back to normal, and the heroes made their way back to the Nameless Zone. Trogg followed them, and he changed back to Shirob. Errol Blackthorn was back to normal as well, and Knuckles and Tails returned to the Floating Island.


WINGS THE MUTANT VULTURE: Robotnik and Grimer were working on a chemical that can mutate animals into monsters. Scratch and Grounder went behind Robotnik's back and used the chemical on an insane vulture and turned him into a powerful mutant. He began smashing things in Citadel Robotnik, and Scratch and Grounder sent him to Mobotropolis. Wings stole a rocket full of trash and Sonic stopped him from using it to dump the city with garbage. Wings left Mobius in the rocket in the end.


TOTAL CHAOTIX: PART 1: Knuckles uncovered something on the Floating Island, and was pulled into the Special Zone. He came face to face with the Omni Viewer, and the Chaotix team, Vector the Crocodile, Mighty the Armadillo, Espio the Chameleon, Charmy Bee, and Nack the Weasel. They battled against Knuckles, until Omni Viewer told them that Knuckles betrayed Robotnik. Knuckles had a run in with a Metallix, except this time there were two of them. They showed up and took Omni Viewer away. Knuckles and the Chaotix Crew followed them to Robotnik's old Egg Fortress.


TOTAL CHAOTIX: PART 2: Knuckles and the Chaotix Crew stormed into the Egg Fortress and they battled the Metallix army. Nack lead them to the main room, where they faced Emperor Metallix. Nack revealed that he helped the Emporor capture the Omni Viewer, but then learned that he was betrayed. Nack was attacked by a Metallix, and Knuckles used his device to shut them down. Knuckles and the Chaotix crew got Omni Viewer back and escaped the Egg Fortress. Omni Viewer returned Knuckles to the Floating Island. They were unaware that the Brotherhood of Metallix were reactivated, and they had a copy of the Omni Viewer.


THE BROTHERHOOD OF METALLIX: PART 1: Sonic and the freedom fighters arrived at the Metropolis Zone where they faced Grimer's latest creation Mr Blobnik. A Metallix showed up at Citadel Robotnik and captured Grimer. Sonic defeated Mr Blobnik, but then he was captured. Robotnik decided to let Sonic go and told him about the Brotherhood of Metallix. Sonic went into the Special Zone, and went to Robotnik's old Egg Fortress. Sonic saved Grimer, but the Brotherhood of Metallix escaped to the Miracle Planet with the Alpha Device.


THE BROTHERHOOD OF METALLIX: PART 2: Sonic, Amy, Johnny and Porker travelled to the Miracle Planet to stop the Brotherhood of Metallix. The heroes captured a Metallix and reprogrammed it, and turned it into a bomb. The Metallix exploded taking out the whole Brotherhood, and Porker deactivated the Alpha Device. The Emperor reactivated it, and Porker was left behind on the Miracle Planet, as it left Mobius.


SONIC VS SUPER SONIC: PART 1: Grimer's new creation Ghostnik conjured up the Wizo Wizard to create an evil clone of Sonic. The Sonic clone lured Tails, Amy, Johnny and Villie, and Wizo Wizard sent them back in time.


SONIC VS SUPER SONIC: PART 2: Sonic's friends were accused of being witches, and a mink girl named Shirley led them to a safe spot. Back in the present, Sonic faced against the evil clone. The Sonic Clone turned into Super Sonic, and they battled each other. Wizo Wizard zapped Sonic and put him to sleep. Super Sonic visited Knothole and told Dulcy and the Kintobor computer that Robotnik's won, and he told them what happened to Sonic and his friends. He left Knothole and met up with Wizo Wizard after that. Wizo Wizard went back in time with a few Badniks to keep Sonic's friends busy.


SONIC VS SUPER SONIC: PART 3: Super Sonic attacked Mobotropolis, and Sonic woke up in time to stop him from causing serious damage. He learned where his friends are and used Wizo Wizard's wand to travel back in time. Sonic arrived in the past and brought Tails and the others back to the present. Sonic destroyed Wizo Wizard, and Super Sonic went with him, then Sonic and Tails went back to the past to take out the Badniks.


THE RAMPAGE OF MEKANIK: Robotnik sent a giant dinosaur Badnik called Mekanik to attack the Stone Tower Zone. Scratch and Grounder were also sent to lead an army of Trooper Badniks. Sonic and the freedom fighters arrived to stop them, and with help from Shortfuse, Mekanik was defeated.


THE BAD RABBIT: Robotnik captured Johnny Lightfoot, and Metamorphia was sent to uncover the location of Knothole. Sonic's friends got a bit suspicious of Johnny after he claimed that he didn't know what they were talking about earlier, before the real Johnny was captured. Scratch and the Badniks ambushed them, and they battled them. The real Johnny returned, and Metamorphia escaped.


MAGNETIC MAYHEM: Doctor Robotnik created a magnet Badnik called Super Magnet and sent him to shake Mobotropolis. Robotnik sent Scratch to the Floating Island to steal the Chaos Emeralds, and he faced against Knuckles. Scratch was defeated, and he left the island. Sonic and Shortfuse faced against Super Magnet and destroyed him.


THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND AMY: PART 1: Amy was pulled through a time hole, and she ended up in the Wild West era. Amy met Sonic's ancestor, the Lone Hedgehog. Tails' ancestor, Michael. Johnny's ancestor, Jonathan. Villie's ancestor, Lillian. And Porker's ancestor, Lewie. Robotnik sent Scratch and Grounder to go back in time through the time hole to destroy the ancestors of the freedom fighters, and rewrite history.


THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND AMY: PART 2: Amy and her friends' ancestors teamed up, and they confronted Scratch and Grounder. They defeated them, and a time hole opened, sending them back to the present. Robotnik sent a Badnik named Needles to attack, and he was destroyed by Shortfuse.


THE RETURN OF CHAOTIX: PART 1: The Miracle Planet had finally returned, and Porker returned as well. The Chaotix Crew arrived at the Never Lake and were welcomed by Robotnik's Trooper Badniks. Sonic and Porker came face to face with the Chaotix Crew and finished off the Badniks. Omni Viewer revealed the Miracle Planet's true appearance, the Brotherhood of Metallix have taken over. While the heroes were on their way to the planet, Porker revealed to be a Metallix. Sonic and the Chaotix Crew destroyed him and made their way to the planet. They rescued Porker and they ran into the Emperor, who revealed something shocking. Planet Mobius had changed into Planet Metallix.


THE RETURN OF CHAOTIX: PART 2: Sonic, Porker and the Chaotix Crew travelled to Planet Metallix and they met some survivors, and one of them was Doctor Kintobor. He gave Sonic a device to use on a Metallix, and the heroes travelled back in time and used it. Sonic discovered that a Metallix had a rotten egg, and the heroes travelled back in time again. They arrived at Doctor Kintobor's underground lab, where they saw Doctor Kintobor and Sonic, before he turned blue.


THE RETURN OF CHAOTIX: PART 3: Sonic placed the rotten egg in Kintobor's fridge and made sure that Doctor Kintobor changed into Doctor Robotnik, in order to return Mobius to normal. Sonic, Porker and the Chaotix Crew arrived at Citadel Robotnik in the present time, and told Robotnik what they've been through with the Brotherhood of Metallix. Robotnik told them of the self-destruct programme, and the Brotherhood of Metallix invaded. Sonic used the self-destruct programme and shut them down for good. Porker decided to live with the Emerald Hill Folk on the Floating Island because spending a whole month as a prisoner on the Miracle Planet was too much for him.



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