Some of the episode summaries will have the following key below saying where the ideas came from, either it was from the comic book series and/or the TV series. The episodes that don't have the following means they were either my own ideas, or they were ideas based a non Sonic related series.



ENTER SONIC: PART 1: Sonic the brown hedgehog was playing with his friends around the Emerald Hill Zone, and had a little exercise. Later on he tunnelled underground and entered an underground lab, where he met Doctor Ovi Kintobor. The next day Sonic tried out his new Power Sneakers on Doctor Kintobor's Gyratoscope, and accidentally overloaded it. After the explosion, Sonic had turned blue. Doctor Kintobor had an accident of his own, when he crashed into his ROCC machine, holding a rotten egg. He had changed into Doctor Robotnik.


ENTER SONIC: PART 2: The next day after the accident, Porker Lewis came to clean up the mess in the lab, and discovered that Doctor Kintobor's memory had been transferred to a ring. Porker built the Kintobor Computer. Porker Lewis had been missing for a few days, and Sonic and Johnny ran into Robotnik's Badniks. Sonic defeated them and released the trapped animals, including Porker. He told Sonic what Robotnik had been up to. Doctor Robotnik decided to build some robots to catch Sonic, and he built Scratch, followed by Grounder. Coconuts overheard him and tried to catch Sonic by himself. Sonic faced Coconuts, followed by Scratch and Grounder, and defeated them.


THE TAIL OF A FOX: Sonic, Johnny and Porker were at the lab with the Chaos Emeralds, and the chaos energy caused Sonic to change into Super Sonic. He busted out of the lab and ended up in a swamp, where he met Tails the Fox. Robotnik sent Scratch and Grounder to catch Sonic and ended up catching Tails instead. Sonic returned to the Green Hill Zone and learned that Tails had been captured. Tails showed up as Robofox along with Robotnik in his Egg-O-Matic Chain Ball machine. They attacked Sonic, and when Robotnik was about to finish Sonic off, Tails got control and attacked Robotnik.


MAYHEM IN THE MARBLE ZONE: A squirrel named Tufftee was captured by Badniks in the Marble Zone, after he stole a pair of Sonic's sneakers. Tails and Sally Acorn told Sonic what happened, and before they knew it he was on his way. Robotnik sent Scratch and Grounder to catch Sonic, and they failed. Sonic faced the Badniks and defeated them, and rescued Tufftee.


LOST IN THE LABYRINTH ZONE: Tails was captured by Robotnik's latest creation Arch Bot, and was dragged below into the Labyrinth Zone. Sonic went after Archbot and defeated him, and rescued Tails.


SUPER SONIC: Sonic and Tails went to the Oil Ocean Zone, to stop a fire. Sonic faced against a Badnik and ended up in a oil fire, turning him into Super Sonic. He destroyed the Badnik, and after that he changed back to normal.


ROBOTNIK TAKES OVER: PART 1: Sonic decided it was time to let his friends Tails, Johnny and Porker learned the truth about Doctor Robotnik, and took them to the Special Zone to meet with Omni Viewer. He showed them the story of Sonic meeting Doctor Kintobor, and how Sonic turned blue, and how Doctor Kintobor turned into Doctor Robotnik. After the story ended, Robotnik showed up, and he ordered Omni Viewer pull Sonic and his friends sent into the future.


ROBOTNIK TAKES OVER: PART 2: Omni Viewer returned Sonic, Tails, Johnny and Porker to the Emerald Hill Zone, six months later. They learned that Robotnik had taken over, and Sonic freed Emerald Hill Zone from his new trooper Badniks. Sonic travelled to the Chemical Plant Zone as Bob Beaky, and he freed the others from slavery. He ran into a Mega Mack monster known as Megatox, and flushed him out the zone.


TRAPPED IN THE STARLIGHT ZONE: Scratch and Grounder were sent to catch Sonic and Tails, and the four of them stepped on a platform, sending them to the Starlight Zone. They faced against Robotnik, who showed up in his Egg-O-Matic Spike Bomb machine. Sonic and Tails defeated him and returned to the Emerald Hill Zone.


THE DIMENSIONAL DOOR: Sonic, Tails and Sally discovered a door, and they were sent to another dimension. They had a run in with three aliens. They escaped and returned to the Emerald Hill Zone, in time to stop Scratch and Grounder from taking over.


DOUBLE SONIC: Tails accidentally released an evil Sonic from a monitor, and he began an attack on the Emerald Hill Zone. Scratch and Grounder laid a trap to catch Sonic, but the evil Sonic showed up and sent them packing. Sonic returned and was accused of wrecking the Emerald Hill Zone by his friends. The evil Sonic showed up and the truth was revealed. Tails returned the evil Sonic back into the monitor and Sonic kicked it into space.


HIDDEN DANGER: Sonic ended up in the Hidden Zone, after a run in with Scratch and Grounder. Sonic had lost his memory, and Steve Owl looked after him until Sonic could remember who he is. Robotnik's Badniks attacked, and after one of them said Sonic's name, Sonic got his memory back. Sonic introduced Steve Owl and his friends to the Emerald Hill Zone after that.


SONIC BREAKOUT: Robotnik sent Scratch and Grounder to catch Sally Acorn and locked her up in his new prison fortress. Sonic let Scratch and Grounder catch him, in order to get into the prison fortress and rescue Sally. Sonic escaped his prison cell, rescued Sally, and destroyed Robotnik's prison fortress.


THE GREEN EATER: Terra-droid was ordering Badniks to build his Green Eater machine to destroy all the plants, trees and fields. Sonic faced Terra-droid in the Scrap Brain Zone and destroyed him, then he reversed the process on the Green Eater and destroyed it too.


HAPPY CHRISTMAS DOCTOR ROBOTNIK: Sonic was surprised to hear that Robotnik had turned good and was convinced until Robotniks trooper Badnik accidentally revealed that he was a robot with a bomb inside. Sonic took the Robotnik robot to the sea, and threw it in before the bomb went off. Scratch and Grounder were busy shopping for a present, and they got Robotnik an egg cup chair.


CASINO NIGHT: Sonic and Porker Lewis investigated the Casino Night Zone which was controlled by the Marxio Brothers, who were working for Robotnik. Sonic and Porker were captured by the Marxio Brothers, and they escaped. They made it up to the Robotnik Statue and destroyed it.


THE NAMELESS ZONE: Tails was summoned to the Nameless Zone to help the Enchanter Kings against the evil Trogg. Tails faced him, and with luck he defeated Trogg. While Tails was in the Nameless Zone, Scratch and Grounder attacked Mobotropolis with Robotnik's giant robot Boltzilla. Sonic defeated the giant robot and sent it into the ocean. Tails returned from the Nameless Zone afterwards.


HILL TOP TERROR: Sonic and Tails arrived at the Hill Top Zone and stopped a volcano from erupting. Sonic faced a dinosaur Badnik, and he turned into Super Sonic. He destroyed the Badnik and saved the zone.


THE GENIE: Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts stole a lamp and summoned a powerful genie to help them destroy Sonic. Tails got the lamp and returned the genie back into the lamp, and Sonic returned it back to the cave where it came from.


TAILS IN TROUBLE: Robotnik sent Scratch and Grounder to catch Tails and they failed, so he sent two Insectorniks to catch him. Robotnik sent a letter to Sonic about Tails, and Sonic, Porker and Johnny went to rescue him. They defeated the Insectorniks and rescued Tails.


GIRL TROUBLE: PART 1: Coconuts was banished, after he crashed Robotnik's Egg-O-Matic. He landed in the Emerald Hill Zone where he met Amy, who claimed to be Sonic's girlfriend. Coconuts returned to tell Scratch and Grounder about Amy. Robotnik sent his troopers to capture her. Sonic and Johnny Lightfoot faced Robotnik's troopers, but failed to rescue Amy from them. After that, Scratch and Grounder showed up with a trap to catch Amy, unaware that Robotnik's troopers had already captured her. Sonic and Johnny travelled to Robotnik's Egg Fortress in the Special Zone, and were captured by his new assistant, Grimer.


GIRL TROUBLE: PART 2: Robotnik greeted the prisoners and revealed his plan, to turn them into Super Badniks. Scratch and Grounder showed up to yell at Coconuts for sending them on a wild goose chase, and they learned about Amy, and that she had already been captured. Sonic escaped, and he and Johnny rescued Amy and returned to Mobius.


PIRATES OF THE MYSTIC CAVE: Sonic and his friends went to the Mystic Cave Zone, after Amy mysteriously disappeared. Sonic and his friends faced Captain Plunder and his pirates and battled them, until Amy said about joining forces. Captain Plunder released Amy and she and the other freedom fighters left the cave.


THE SONIC TERMINATOR: PART 1: Robotnik's Badniks captured the Emerald Hill folk on a slave ship, and the freedom fighters were captured too. Captain Plunder and the pirates showed up and helped rescue the prisoners, and Porker accidentally told Filch where the Chaos Emeralds were. After the Emerald Hill folk were returned home, the freedom fighters travelled to the North Cave on South Island to stop them. Captain Plunder got the Chaos Emeralds, and the magic turned them into hippies. Sonic got the Emeralds back, and while he was away, Robotnik's new creation Metallix the Metal Sonic was attacking the Emerald Hill Zone.


THE SONIC TERMINATOR: PART 2: Amy was captured by Metallix at Neverlake, and Sonic came to rescue her. He faced against Metallix and knocked him out. He came to his senses and captured Amy, dragging her off to the Miracle Planet, which had been taken over by Robotnik. Sonic found Amy on the Miracle Planet, and he faced Metallix again. Sonic ran into himself from the future who gave him a Time Stone, and Sonic travelled into the past and destroyed Robotnik's machine. He returned to the present and gave the Time Stone to himself from the past, and after he left, the Miracle Planet returned to normal, and Metallix disappeared. After that Sonic and Amy returned to Mobius.


THE BIG BULLY GIRL: Sonic left the Emerald Hill Zone, and a tough squirrel girl named Alicia showed up and started bossing Tails and the others around. Scratch showed up and captured Amy and Alicia, and locked them up in a cave. Sonic returned and Tails told him what happened. Sonic rescued Amy and Alicia, and defeated Scratch, and Robotnik in his Egg-O-Matic Cannonball Machine. Alicia decided to stop picking on others, and apologised for bullying Tails.


METAMORPHIA: Sonic, Tails and Amy ran into a girl bear, who wanted Sonic's help to defeat a monster which was haunting her home city, the Grim Zone. Sonic and the girl went to the Grim Zone, and the girl revealed that she was the monster known as Metamorphia. Sonic sent her into a fire pit, but she survived.


THE PRETENDER: A green hedgehog named Cosmic showed up in the Emerald Hill Zone, and defeated Robotnik's Badniks. Cosmic challenged Sonic to a race and lost, and revealed that he was Metamorphia in disguise. She eventually took Sonic's form to catch up with him, and was attacked by Scratch and Grounder.


THE UNBEATABLE FOE: A mysterious traveller showed up in the Emerald Hill Zone with a special monitor. Tails jumped into the monitor and ended up in the Misery Zone. A monster from the Misery Zone was sent to the Emerald Hill Zone, and Sonic had a powerful foe to stop. Sonic sent the monster back through the monitor, before it could use it's apocalypse blast. Tails returned to the Emerald Hill Zone, and the monster ended up destroying the Misery Zone.


SCRATCH'S BIRTHDAY PRESENT: Grimer and Grounder decided to build a robot for Scratch's birthday, and they created a turtle robot called Super Turtloid. They sent the Badnik after Sonic and the freedom fighters, and it was destroyed. Scratch wasn't pleased, and Robotnik was mad.


TERROR STRIKES SKY HIGH: Sonic and the freedom fighters went to the Sky High Zone, when they heard that Robotnik's giant Badniks were attacking there. The first Badnik was a dinosaur, then a Motobug, and a Buzzer. Scratch and Grounder attacked afterwards, and Sonic defeated them all.


A VIDEOGAME WITCH: Robotnik sent Scratch to place an arcade game in the amusement park, and a witch came out of the machine when it was switched on. The Witch sent Sonic's friends underground and faced Sonic himself. Tails, Amy, Johnny and Porker escaped and they destroyed the arcade machine, which destroyed the Witch.


THE CHICKEN'S ACT: Robotnik wanted a day off and Scratch decided to attack Mobeus with a few Badniks. Sonic and the freedom fighters faced the Badniks and destroyed them.


DARKBOT: Robotnik sent the Darkbot to catch Tails, and tied him up in a cave with a bomb. Sonic and the others showed up in time to save Tails, and defuse the bomb. Sonic faced Darkbot and destroyed him.


THE HEDGEHOG SISTER: PART 1: Amy saw a green hedgehog girl talking about Sonic and got mad. Amy asked Sonic about her, and he claimed that the green hedgehog was his sister Helen. Helen didn't know that Sonic had turned blue, and she thought Sonic was a stranger. Doctor Robotnik created the Metallic Knight to destroy Sonic. The Metallic Knight sent Sonic to a prison, where he faced against Scratch.


THE HEDGEHOG SISTER: PART 2: Sonic's friends told Helen about Sonic turning blue and she began to believe the truth. Sonic escaped the prison and returned to the Emerald Hill Zone, and was reunited with his sister. Robotnik sent the Metallic Knight again and Sonic destroyed him.


SONIC NO MORE: Grimer zapped Sonic with his new invention, and transferred Sonic's powers to Robotnik, and he used Sonic's powers against him. Scratch and Grounder showed up and they attacked Robotnik, mistaking him for Sonic. Grimer used the device to remove Sonic's powers from got hold of the device and got his powers back.


WHO FRAMED SONIC?: Robotnik created a Badnik disguised as Sonic, and sent him to attack Mobotropolis. Sonic got arrested, and when the police learned that the fake Sonic was still on a rampage, they released him. Sonic faced the fake Sonic and destroyed him, and saved his reputation.


SONIC DAY: PART 1: Mobeus was celebrating Sonic Day, and Robotnik devised his master plan. He captured the whole population of Mobotropolis, by sending them to his prison in the Special Zone. He sent his giant robot Monstersa into battle. Sonic faced the giant robot which was piloted by Scratch, and discovered it was a powerful opponent. Sonic finally destroyed the robot, and Robotnik used his machine and automatically reconstructed it.


SONIC DAY: PART 2: Sonic faced against Monstersa again, and lost. He retreated to the underground lab, and Tails and the Kintobor Computer came up with a solution. Sonic and the freedom fighters faced Monstersa again, and kept distracting it. Eventually the robot became weak, and Sonic finished off the giant robot once and for all. The prisoners were sent back to Mobotropolis, and they all thanked Sonic.


ROBOSAURUS: Robotnik dispatched a giant dinosaur robot to attack Mobotropolis, and Sonic faced against the robot and destroyed it. Robosaurus returned, and Sonic learned from the Kintobor Computer that there was a robot computer inside. Sonic faced the robot again, and got inside. He destroyed the computer, and then the robot.


ONE BAD STORM: Robotnik created the Hurricanik robot to cause storms around Mobius. Sonic faced the robot and destroyed him, before he could cause serious damage to the planet.


ROBOTNIK'S POISON PLANT: Robotnik sent Grounder to plant his robot seeds, and his new creation Rutus Vine began to bloom. Sonic faced the Rutus Vine and destroyed her, before she could destroy Mobius.


SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY: Scratch used Robotnik's Nightmare Machine to manipulate the minds of the freedom fighters, and turned their dreams into nightmares. Even though he was scared from his nightmare, Sonic had to face against Scratch and destroy the Nightmare Machine. After he destroyed the machine, Sonic and his friends got their confidence back.


A VIRUS ATTACK: Robotnik sent Grimer's Virus robot into Porker's hand held computer, and caused it to say mean words to Sonic. The Virus eventually came out, and Sonic destroyed it.


A FISH SURPRISE: Robotnik sent his Toxic Fish robot to pollute the oceans of Mobius. Sonic and the freedom fighters faced him, and after a long hard battle, Sonic destroyed him.


THE PARROT BROTHERS: Robotnik sent two parrot robots named Tom and Thomas to fight Sonic and Tails. They learned from the Kintobor Computer that it likes exotic fruit. Helen showed up with a fruit, and gave it to distract the two robots. Sonic attacked the parrot robots and destroyed them.


THE EXTERMINATOR: Robotnik sent Grounder and Coconuts to catch Sally Acorn, and he sent a lizard like robot known as the Exterminator to attack Mobotropolis. The freedom fighters faced the robot and Sonic destroyed it, and Sally tricked Grounder and Coconuts and scared them away.


ALICIA STRIKES BACK: PART 1: Robotnik sent the Tunnelmole robot to send the Emerald Hill folk to his prison, while the freedom fighters were busy fighting Badniks. Sally Acorn showed up in the Emerald Hill Zone and was brainwashed by Tunnelmole. She went to the Underground Base and retrieved the remote for Boltzilla. Scratch gave Sonic and his friends a trade. The Chaos Emeralds for the return of the Emerald Hill folk. Scratch reactivated Boltzilla, and brought it out of the ocean. Sonic faced the robot, and the freedom fighters gave Scratch the Chaos Emeralds, but Scratch didn't return the Emerald Hill folk. Alicia the squirrel showed up in the Emerald Hill Zone, discovering it had been deserted.


ALICIA STRIKES BACK: PART 2: Sonic and the freedom fighters met up with Alicia, and told her what was going on. She decided to face against Scratch and get the Chaos Emeralds back, and Sonic destroyed Boltzilla. Alicia got the Chaos Emeralds, and after they returned them back to the Underground Base, the freedom fighters went off to face the Tunnelmole. Sonic destroyed Tunnelmole, and the Emerald Hill folk were sent back to the Emerald Hill Zone.


TO BEE OR NOT TO BEE: Robotnik sent the Bad Bee robot to destroy Sonic and the freedom fighters, and with the help from Porker Lewis, Sonic destroyed the robot.


THE LAND BEYOND: PART 1: Tails was summoned to the Nameless Zone to free the third Enchanter King Shirob, Errol Blackthorn went with him to the Land Beyond. They reached the dungeon where Shirob was held captive. While Tails was in the Land Beyond, Robotnik sent a Roller Badnik to destroy Sonic. After Sonic destroyed Roller, Scratch attacked.


THE LAND BEYOND: PART 2: Tails and Errol rescued Shirob from the Pit Beast, and later they discovered that Shirob was Trogg the whole time. Sonic continued his fight with Scratch and defeated him. Tails and Errol returned to the Nameless Zone, and Tails returned to the Emerald Hill Zone.


THE UNDERWATER CITY: Robotnik attacked the Underwater City, and King Seaside told his son Prince Ocean to get some help. Prince Ocean ran into Sonic and asked for his help. Robotnik sent the Sharkness robot to the Underwater City and Sonic destroyed it, and saved the city from Robotnik.


EVIL TWIN FREEDOM FIGHTERS: Robotnik ordered Scratch to train several trooper Badniks to be as skilful as Sonic and the freedom fighters. They were given clone devices to take the form of the freedom fighters. Robotnik created another Metallix, to lead the evil freedom fighters against Sonic and his friends. The heroes destroyed their evil twins in the end.


ENTER KNUCKLES: PART 1: THE FLOATING ISLAND: Sonic and his friends watched the news, reporting the Robotnik's disappearance after testing his Death Egg satellite. Sonic and Tails journeyed to the Floating Island to find out if the legend is true, and if Robotnik's Death Egg had crashed on the island. They found the Floating Island and went to investigate. Scratch appointed himself as the new evil Lord when he was convinced that Robotnik was gone, and had dispatched Grimer's robot Devastator to destroy Sonic and his friends. Johnny, Amy and Alicia faced Devastator, who trapped them in a brick prison. Sonic and Tails found Robotnik on the island, and Sonic was knocked out by Robotnik's new bodyguard, Knuckles the Echidna.


ENTER KNUCKLES: PART 2: SONIC VS KNUCKLES: Sonic faced Knuckles, who was convinced that Sonic was a criminal after his Chaos Emeralds. Sonic and Tails got past Knuckles, and they managed to capture Doctor Robotnik. Helen faced Devastator and freed the prisoners. Sonic and Tails returned with Doctor Robotnik and locked him up. Knuckles rescued him, and Sonic gave them the Chaos Emeralds. Sonic and Tails followed Robotnik and Knuckles back to the Floating Island, and Knuckles got ready to face Sonic again.


ENTER KNUCKLES: PART 3: ROBOTNIK'S REVENGE: Sonic faced Knuckles again, and Knuckles activated a trap to keep Sonic busy, while he and Robotnik made their way to the Temple of Chaos. The truth was revealed, and Robotnik possessed the power of the Chaos Emeralds. Knuckles revealed the Grey Emerald and used it to remove the powers from Robotnik and sent him back to Mobius. Scratch learned that Robotnik was back, and now that Robotnik knew the location of Sonic's base, he could attack it. He attacked Sonic's Underground Base, with his Egg-O-Matic Squeeze Tag Machine, and Knuckles attacked the Launch Base Zone.


ENTER KNUCKLES: PART 4: STOP LORD SCRATCH: Knuckles showed up at Sonic's Base and destroyed Robotnik's Egg-O-Matic Squeeze Tag Machine. Scratch sent Devastator to attack again, and Knuckles destroyed him too. Robotnik went back to the Floating Island, stole the Chaos Emeralds, and began the countdown to launch the Death Egg.


ENTER KNUCKLES: PART 5: THE DEATH EGG: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and the freedom fighters attacked the Launch Base Zone to stop Robotnik from launching the Death Egg. The countdown reached zero and the Death Egg was launched. Sonic and Knuckles retrieved the Chaos Emeralds, and the Death Egg began to fall and it crashed somewhere on Mobius. They let the Floating Island land on the Mobius ocean, and transported the Emerald Hill Folk from the Emerald Hill Zone to the island, so they'll be safe from Doctor Robotnik. The Chaos Emeralds were returned to the Floating Island, and the island rose up back into the sky.



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