This series of adventures are based on early ideas for the unwritten fan fiction series that only existed in my head. This series is more or less based on the TV series Sonic The Hedgehog, or the Sat AM series according to other Sonic related websites. Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts are also in the series, but the difference is that they have defected to the good side. Some ideas from Sonic The Comic are featured in these adventures, including Metallix the Metal Sonic.


Story List



A FUN DAY IN THE PARK: One day at the Emerald Hill Zone, Sonic had a nightmare that Robotnik invaded Mobeus with his Death Egg machine. Shortfuse the Cybernik invaded Robotropollis, and battled Robotnik's badniks. Metallix the Metal Sonic and an alien like robot named Sharper confronted Shortfuse. Sonic showed up and sent them packing.

PRINCESS SALLY SQUIRRELNAPPED: Robotnik decided to create a new Cybernik, and sent Metallix to capture Princess Sally. Metallix captured her and sent a message to Sonic and his friends through their Kintobor Computer, saying that he will return Sally in exchange for the Chaos Emeralds. Sonic went to the Floating Island to see Knuckles, and they decided to create fake Chaos Emeralds. Sonic gave Metallix the fake emeralds, but Metallix didn't return Sally. Sonic, Tails, Amy and Shortfuse sneaked into Robotropollis to rescue Sally and they followed the Swatbots who were taking her to the Transformation Chamber. They got there just in time to rescue Sally, and stop Metallix and the Swatbots from turning her into a Cybernik.

TAILS IS MISSING: Tails was left behind in Robotropollis, and Metallix captured him. He and the badniks took him to the Misery Zone in a shuttle. Also in the shuttle was a fox girl named Kate Fur. Metallix chained Tails and Kate to a wall and Sharper got ready to kill them. Sonic showed up and defeated the badniks, and rescued Tails and Kate. After that, Kate returned to the Nameless Zone.

THE MEDUSA: Robotnik send a badnik named Medusa to the Gigalopollis Zone. Sonic and Shortfuse confronted Medusa and destroyed him. Tails was alone in the Emerald Hill Zone, when he was summoned to the Nameless Zone.

TAILS IS MISSING AGAIN: Tails was summoned to the Nameless Zone, learning that Robotnik was attacking the village in a giant dragon machine called Constructor. The foxes had been captured, and were awaiting to be robotisized. Sonic rescued the foxes and they showed him into the Nameless Zone. He rescued Tails and defeated Constructor by draining its energy with a Power Ring.

HELEN'S BIG PARTY: Helen was throwing a party, with stand up comedy, music performances, dancing etc. Shortfuse was in the Dark Swamp, and he found a Chaos Emerald. He faced Metallix and defeated him, and he returned the emerald to the Floating Island. He faced Knuckles who thought he was one sent by Robotnik. Shortfuse proved that he wasn't by returning the emerald.

THE DEATH EGG LAUNCH: Robotnik launched his Death Egg Satellite, and Sonic and the freedom fighters showed up at the Launch Base Zone on the Floating Island, to stop him. Knuckles detonated the fake Chaos Emeralds, and the engine room of the Death Egg exploded. The Death Egg crashed into a crater of a volcano.

SONIC THE ROMANTIC: The freedom fighters relaxed after stopping Robotnik's plans to rule Mobeus. Sonic and Sally went on a date to a French Restaurant, although Sonic was disappointed that they didn't have chilidogs. They went to Gigalopollis Beach afterwards, and watched the sunset.

THE TIME OF MY LIFE: Sonic and Sally returned to the beach the next morning for a romantic walk.

A FOOLPROOF PLAN BLOWN: Sonic and Sally returned to the travelling circus hideout, and Amy tricked Sonic and kissed him. Sally went to Robotropollis and spied on Metallix and the Swatbots. She was caught by them and Sonic and the others showed up and rescued Sally. An accident caused Sonic and Metallix to get zapped by a machine.

BRAIN SWITCHED SONICS: The result of the accident caused Sonic and Metallix to switch places. Later on Scratch saw Sonic kissing Amy and got suspicious. Eventually Sonic and Metallix returned to their normal selves.

THE UNDERSEA PLANET: Sonic travelled to the Undersea Planet, where he was captured by sea creatures. Sonic met King Crab, who thought he was a monster working for a shark named Jaws. King Crab released Sonic when he learned the truth, and Sonic faced against Jaws. Sonic defeated Jaws and told King Crab why he came in the first place, to get some water which could help the plants on Mobeus grow faster. Robotnik showed up in his Constructor machine and attacked. Sonic used his Power Ring to drain the machine's power, and caused it to close down. There was enough energy left for Robotnik to get it back home. King Crab gave Sonic the bottle of water, and Sonic returned to Mobeus. He gave the bottle to Sally then he left for the Floating Island.

LAVA REEF MADNESS: Sonic arrived on the Floating Island, and made his way to the Lava Reef Zone. He met up with Knuckles and they took on Robotnik's badniks. Sonic and Knuckles saw the Death Egg's face above from inside the volcano. The eyes of the Death Egg lit up and set the Lava Reef Zone on fire. Sonic and Knuckles escaped through a passageway leading out of the Lava Reef Zone.

THE MASTER EMERALD ROBBERY: Sonic and Knuckles entered the Hidden Palace Zone and they felt an earthquake in the area. Robotnik showed up to steal the Master Emerald, and succeeded. Knuckles lead Sonic to another room with a teleport device, and used it to teleport out of the Hidden Palace Zone.

BATTLE OF THE EGG ROBOS: Sonic and Knuckles entered the Sky Sanctuary Zone and they saw the Death Egg rising out of the clouds. The two heroes confronted a number of Egg Robos that came out of the Death Egg. Metallix showed up in the Egg-O-Matic Chain Ball Machine. After Sonic and Knuckles defeated him, they continued to reach the top of the zone, destroying more Egg Robos along the way. Metallix showed up again, and Sonic and Knuckles defeated him again. Knuckles went back down to the Floating Island and Sonic ran up the spiral piller and jumped onboard the Death Egg.

DOOMSDAY: Sonic was inside the Death Egg and he set off the alarm to get Robotnik's attention. Robotnik launched a Stealthbot to destroy Sonic. Sonic made the Stealthbot fire at the Death Egg, causing it to overload. The Death Egg exploded and Robotnik escaped in a giant robot of himself, holding the Master Emerald. The explosion caused Sonic to become Super Sonic, and he chased after the Robotnik Robot. Super Sonic destroyed the robot and turned back to normal. He floated back down towards Mobeus with the Master Emerald. Tails arrived in his plane in time to save Sonic from falling to his doom, and they flew towards the Floating Island with the Master Emerald. Metallix returned and used the Master Emerald's power to become Super Metallix. Sonic attacked Metallix when his power began to run out and sent him off the island.

FOREST INVASION: Robotnik was back and began a new plan. Meanwhile in the Emerald Hill Zone, Sonic was having a picnic with his friends. An army of Stealthbots attacked the Emerald Hill Zone. Sonic defeated the Stealthbots then the Master Stealthbot showed up. Knuckles destroyed the Master Stealthbot. Metallix and an army of Swatbots arrived to capture the Emerald Hill Folk. Sonic and Knuckles took out Metallix and the Swatbots. Robotnik revealed his new plan, to build a bigger Death Egg.

A SONIC HOLIDAY: Sonic and Helen went on holiday at Robotropollis, which was free of Robotnik's control. Robotnik showed Metallix, Grimer, Nutzan Bolt and the Swatbots a simulation of his new Death Egg destroying South Island.

THE MOBEUS LOTTERY: Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts were watching the lottery. Coconuts became mad as the winning numbers were mentioned. They were his numbers and he lost his ticket.

SONIC'S IN DANGER: Metallix attacked Robotropollis inside a giant robot machine, and Sonic faced him. Sonic destroyed the giant robot, and Metallix captured Helen and escaped with her.

HOSTAGE: Metallix returned to Robotnik's new fortress with Helen, and Robotnik ordered him to take her to the dungeon. Sonic reached Robotnik's Mountain Fortress and entered through the Emergency Exit. He found the dongeon and rescued Helen from Metallix.

DISASTER: Robotnik showed up above South Island in his new Ultra Death Egg, and spread fear across the whole island. Sonic lured the Ultra Death Egg to a The Deserted Zone, and the Ultra Death Egg destroyed the zone. Sonic escaped the destruction and the Ultra Death Egg made its way back towards South Island, and it ran out of power. The gigantic machine of destruction crashed into the ocean and exploded. Robotnik escaped the explosion, yelling, "I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!!!"



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