ENTER BRUTIX: A cat like monster named Brutix stumbled into Caraville, and Randy and Sarah decide to go to Acornwood Hall at night. A rabbit girl named Violet performed and Sarah couldn't stand her. The next day Rocko, Randy and Sarah faced Brutix.

FUSION UPGRADE: Megamink, Turbosquirrel and Hyper-Hybrid faced Brutix and lost their powers in the battle. Megara retrieved three Fusion Stones from the X-Teen Mountain, and used them to create new powers for Rocko, Sarah and Randy.

SARAH'S WAR: After being attacked by Violet in the girls locker room at school, Sarah decided to settle a few things with her. Princess Feelon sent her henchmen to attack Sarah, and she became Turbosquirrel and stopped them.

RANDY'S NIGHTMARE: After Randy had a nightmare, the next day he had a run in with the Ice Knight monster, who he saw in his nightmare. Randy transformed into Hyper-Hybrid and destroyed him.

ROMANCE IN CARAVILLE: Love is in the air and all the animals, including Rocko and Lisa, Randy and Sarah, and even Vanessa were having a good time. Feelon launched an army of Wildeborg Jet Fighters to attack, and Megamink, Turbosquirrel and Hyper-Hybrid stopped them.

RISE OF THE FUSIONMATICS: Harvey Sleek was traumatized after he saw his parents making love one night, and Sarah told him not to worry about it. Megara created three new Fusionmatics for Rocko, Randy and Sarah to use against the Wildeborg Jet Fighters. They also faced against Feelon's latest monster, called Rockets O' Destruction.

SPRING FEELINGS: Sarah introduced Randy to the new Hot Springs in her back garden, and Feelon trapped them in there. She confronted Rocko after that.

ROCKO VS FEELON: A battle between Megamink and Feelon began, and Megara freed the others. Turbosquirrel and Hyper-Hybrid helped Megamink against Feelon and they defeated her.

HOME MOVIES: Rocko and his friends decide to make some home movies.

MOTHER AND TWINS: Rocko and Flexo's mother came to Caraville for a visit, and they introduced her to their new friends. On another planet an evil alien weasel named How decided to avenge his brother Lord Why, and destroy Megamink.

BIG BROTHER ATTACKS: Lord How showed up in Caraville looking for Megamink, and faced against Newtak. He began to beat up Newtak, when Megamink, Turbosquirrel and Hyper-Hybrid showed up.

THE HORROR OF HOW: Turbosquirrel rescued Newtak and she, Hyper-Hybrid and Megamink faced Lord How and destroyed him.

FLEXO'S GENDER BENDER: Feelon was back and she conjured up the Orb of Demonix, and linked it to Megamink, Turbosquirrel and Hyper-Hybrid. Feelon began to send monsters to fight Megamink, in order for the orb to gather energy for the monster to hatch. Newtak created a potion to turn Rocko into a monster, but Flexo drank it and he turned into a girl. He eventually changed back to normal.

BATTLE OF THE RIVALS: Satchley's rival Robin Fraser stopped by to close a business deal, and challenged Satchley to a duel. Rocko helped them settle their little feud, and Robin Fraser left Caraville the next day.

NEWTAK ATTACKS: Feelon gave Newtak a new look and super strength to use against Megamink, but he has until midnight to destroy him. Rocko and his friends, Randy, Sarah, Lewis and Violet spent a night in the cabins in the woods. Super Newtak challenged Rocko to a duel and they met in the quarry area.

NEWTAK'S LAST STAND: Super Newtak faced Megamink and the others at the quarry and came close to destroying them, but the clock struck midnight and he changed back to normal.

SARAH AND THE PLANT OF EVIL: Feelon sent the plant monster Toxicon to attack Caraville and it was destroyed by Turbosquirrel. Megamink sensed something unusual about Violet Bunny and he told the others. Is Violet a monster?

TALENT SHOW: There was a talent show being held at Acornwood Hall, and Rocko and his friends began rehearsing for it. Sarah went to Violet's home to ask her a few questions to see if she was different, and all she learned was that Violet had a crush on her, and that she talked Sarah into doing this and that with her. Flexo won the talent show by causing an accident on stage.

VIOLET'S FAREWELL: Violet was given an opportunity to learn about being a professional actress from her mother. Violet decided to take it and got ready to leave Caraville. Sarah used her Turbosquirrel powers to find out if Violet was normal or not, and she was. There was also a Violet look alike roaming the forest, which was really a monster named Seelinx. Feelon sent the Wingbat monster to attack the heroes, and was defeated by Megamink. Violet said good bye to her friends and left Caraville.

TWO SQUIRRELS AND A PARASITE: Seelinx got inside Flexo's body, and Megamink, Turbosquirrel and Hyper-Hybrid faced Seelinx. Seelinx was eventually separated from Flexo, and the heroes defeated him with help from Osaka and Fifi, who were responsible for creating him. Guest Starring Osaka and Fifi from the Squirrel Squad series.

THE HATCHING: Rocko and his friends went to the beach to enjoy themselves. Feelon transformed her henchmen, Vindrex and Torma into one being known as Tormex. Rocko, Sarah and Randy transformed into Megamink, Turbosquirrel and Hyper-Hybrid to defeat the monster, and not only did they destroy Tormex, but Vindrex and Torma as well. Megara showed up after the battle with some shocking news. She has sensed Demonix's energy. The monster was about to hatch.

DEMONIX: The monster hatched out of the orb and was sent after Megamink, Turbosquirrel and Hyper-Hybrid. The three heroes faced the monster in a big deserted area, and discovered they were no match for him. Demonix began to pick them off one at a time, starting with Hyper-Hybrid. The evil monster charged at him in great speed, and impaled him with his horn. Demonix started torturing Hyper-Hybrid by bouncing him up and down on his horn, and the others below couldn't do anything but watch the horror before them.

SARAH'S FURY: After Demonix tossed Hyper-Hybrid into the lake after he finished torturing him. Turbosquirrel launched a big attack on Demonix and was convinced that he was beaten, after her final attack caused a big explosion. Demonix survived and began to attack and destroyed the upper half of Turbosquirrel's armour, making her topless. When he was about to finish her off, Hyper-Hybrid returned. Megara used her powers to heal him while he was bleeding to death in the ocean.

THE GALLANT FOX: Hyper-Hybrid distracted Demonix while Megara used her powers to heal Sarah, and restore the upper half of her Turbosquirrel costume. The three heroes faced Demonix, and the monster created mini versions of himself. When he ordered them to attack, they were immediately sliced and diced by a mysterious teenage fox, armed with a sword.

THE END OF ALL THINGS TO COME: The mysterious fox introduced himself as Ivor and he transformed into the Red Firefox. The mighty warrior faced Demonix and immediately destroyed him. He gave Megamink and his friends the cold shoulder, saying they were an embarrassment, but secretly he knows they are great heroes. He just didn't want any friends. Princess Feelon retrieved Demonix's right hand, which was all that's left of him. Feelon extracted energy from it, and turned the energy into a crystal ball. Feelon ate the crystal ball after that.

CARAVILLE FETE: There was a fete on Caraville Green. Feelon used the powers of Demonix's energy to recreate some of her old monsters, and sent them to attack Caraville. Dragonite, one of the resurrected monsters created a magnifying glass above Caraville, creating a heat wave. Firefox destroyed the magnifying glass, and the forest fire was put out. But who did it? Megara increased the heroes' powers, and Megamink became Ultramink.

ICEFOX: A young fox named Daniel showed up and helped Megamink, Turbosquirrel and Hyper-Hybrid against another resurrected monster by transforming into the Blue Icefox. He also told them that he put out the fire. He found his brother Ivor and they went the Oaktree village to rescue their big sister Raska, who was going to be crucified. The Eggotitan monster showed up and the two Ninja Foxes defeated him.

DEEP AND DARK PURPLE: A family of bears moved into Violet's old home, and Rocko and his friends made them feel welcome. The parents were Cyril and Cynthia, and they had a young son named Ben and an older daughter named Jessica. Eggotitan returned claiming to have two lives left. Raska transformed into the Purple Stormfox, and Hyper-Hybrid transformed into Ultra-Hybrid. Eggotitan lost his last two lives. A monster confronted Sarah and asked her to meet him at a certain time and place.

ULTRA BEAUTY: Sarah met up with the monster who introduced himself as Blades. He was created by Dranzoid, and he told Sarah that he also created Feelon. Blades came to recruit Sarah for Dranzoid's army, but she turned it down. She transformed into Turbosquirrel, then she transformed into Ultrasquirrel, and defeated Blades.

WHEN YOU WISH UPON A STONE: Ben the bear found a stone, which he thinks can make wishes come true. Even Newtak and Satchley Cluck were convinced. Eventually a riot occurred because of the stone and Rocko used his Megamink powers to destroy it. A camera monster sent by Dranzoid showed up to take pictures of Megamink for some reason.

CRADLE OF FEELON: Princess Feelon suffered from the side affects of Demonix's energy, and transformed into Super Feelon. She confronted Firefox and he brought up the past when Feelon destroyed his home village. She wounded Firefox after that, and Turbosquirrel healed him. Megamink, Turbosquirrel and Hyper-Hybrid transformed into Ultramink, Ultrasquirrel and Ultra-Hybrid, and they confronted Super Feelon.

FEELON DEFEATED: The three heroes used their combined ultra powers to send Super Feelon into the sun, and Ivor, Daniel, and Raska said goodbye to the heroes and left Caraville. A villain named Rabid, was sent by Dranzoid to launch an attack on Caraville. Megamink and the others faced him and defeated him. Fluffy Ann showed up from Maplewood, to ask for Rocko's help. He left with Fluffy, and Randy and Sarah were left to protect Caraville Forest on their own.

MAPLEWOOD FOREST: Rocko arrived in Maplewood, where he was to help protect it from one of his old enemies, Arcticus the White Fox. He dispatched an ice monster and Rocko used his Megamink powers to destroy it. Meanwhile in Caraville, Satchley left Lewis and Lucy in charge as he attends a school reunion, and Lucy accidentally left Ed in charge of the builders, who were coming to fix a wall.

THE ANIMALS OF MAPLEWOOD: Fred, Fluffy, Eric and Arthur introduced Rocko to their friends, Lloyd the lizard, Sophie the squirrel and Kate the fox. Arthur had a problem with a bully known as the Big Piggy. When a group of ice giants attacked, Arthur became Megamink Magnetallix and saved Big Piggy's life. After that, Big Piggy changed his feelings towards Arthur. Meanwhile in Caraville, Satchley returned home, only to find a door blocked off. He was mad, and he had his cousin Ed to yell at some more.

CARAVILLE COUSINS: Sarah's cousin Melissa Chestnut came to visit Caraville. She was a seventeen-year-old purple squirrel, who made Sarah mad by flirting with Randy. Satchley and Robin Fraser attended an art auction, and Satchley accidentally won a small painting. He came up with a plan to make money, and ordered the Stink Brothers to find more paintings. Instead they painted some paintings themselves. Rabid attacked Caraville, and Randy and Sarah transformed, and they defeated him.

FLUFFY THE BABYSITTER: Fluffy was babysitting a ten-year-old fox cub named Timmy one night, and Arcticus talked to Rocko about a final battle at a certain time and place. Meanwhile in Caraville, Rabid confronted Flexo and offered him the opportunity to become a Megamink like his brother. The next day, Fluffy joined Rocko and the others, and faced against Arctucus' giant Frostoid monster. Rabid gave Flexo the Dark Megamink powers, and he transformed. He was immediately manipulated by the dark powers, and was ready to fight.

DARK MEGAMINK: Megamink and the Maplewood Megaminks continued their battle with Frostoid. Megamink became Ultramink and defeated Frostoid. Acticus transformed into a giant warrior and almost defeated Megamink, until he was attacked and destroyed by a mysterious warrior. It was Dark Megamink, and Rocko was shocked when he learned who was behind the mask. Dark Megamink faced the Maplewood Megaminks and defeated them. He used his powers to steal theirs after he won the battle. Megamink faced Dark Megamink, ordering him to stop it. Dark Megamink defeated Megamink, and caused him to crash in the forest.

LUST FOR POWER: Dark Megamink faced Turbosquirrel and Hyper-Hybrid, and defeated them and stole their powers. He then faced the Ivor, Daniel and Raska, and stole their powers, then Cyberfox. Flexo took a rest on an island after his hard days work. Rocko woke up and he faced Rabid. He lead Rocko to where his brother was.

BATTLE OF THE TWINS: Flexo transformed into Dark Megamink, and he and Megamink battled against each-other. Dark Megamink won the battle, and got ready to claim Rocko's powers. Rocko transformed again, and Megara contacted him. She told him to say, "power transfer," and the stolen powers were transferred from Dark Megamink to Megamink. He used the combined powers to destroy Dark Megamink, and returned the stolen powers back to their owners, and Flexo was back to normal.

FLEXO'S SORROW: Flexo suffered a lot from his experience as Dark Megamink, and thought it would be best for everyone if he didn't live anymore. Sarah snapped him out of his depression, and confessed her true feelings for him. She revealed that she had loved Flexo since the day he and his brother were back together. Dranzoid arrived and sent the Poison Ivy monster after Flexo. Sarah transformed into Turbosquirrel and defeated the monster.

JULIE COMES TO VISIT: Rocko's sister Julie came to Caraville for a visit, and Rocko introduced her to some of his new friends. Dranzoid sent his latest monster Cyber Voltage to attack Caraville, and he was defeated by Megamink.

BEAUTY AND THE SLEEK: Flexo became annoyed as Sarah was being distracted by a perverted stranger, and she eventually told him off. Dranzoid sent the Toxic Terror monster to attack, and the three heroes had trouble defeating him. Sarah tried something, and began to strip off her clothes. The monster became distracted as he saw Sarah's topless body, leaving him open to attack. Megamink defeated the monster, and Sarah apologised to Flexo for ignoring him.

PASSING THE TEST: Randy failed a math test, and had to pass the next test in order to pass the grade. Rocko and Sarah decided to tutor him. He studied hard and passed the test.

DANGER, HIGH VOLTAGE: Cyber Voltage was back, and Dranzoid ordered him to attack the X-Teen Mountain. Cyber Voltage absorbed some of the mountain's energy and used it to attack Caraville. Megamink, Turbosquirrel and Hyper-Hybrid stopped him from causing chaos to the forest, and Flexo and Lisa tried to rescue a badger from falling from a cliff and into the river. Turbosquirrel and Hyper-Hybrid came to the rescue and carried both Flexo and the badger to safety, and Megamink defeated Cyber Voltage for good.

FOXY LADY: A new girl named Suzette Fox came to Caraville Middle School, and she was acting all nervous, because of what she had to put up with in a catholic school. When she cornered Flexo in the janitor's closet, her true self was revealed. She learned that there was nothing to worry about in Caraville Forest.

RAINY DAZE: There was a rain storm in Caraville during a school day, and everyone had to stay indoors. Rocko discovered that the storm was caused by one of Dranzoid's monsters, known as Stormy. He transformed into Megamink and defeated him.

FEELON RETURNS: Randy got a letter from his parents, asking him to come home, to their new home. Feelon returned as a cyborg, and had revenge on her mind. With Rabid's help she wounded Hyper-Hybrid, and lured Megamink out. Hyper-Hybrid was healed, and he gave his power to Megamink. Megamink used the combined powers to finish off Feelon once and for all. After that, Randy said goodbye to his friends and left Caraville on a bus.

FLEXO'S CHOICE: Dranzoid turned Rabid into a robot and sent him to attack Caraville. Dranzoid also confronted Flexo and made him a deal to see Madge again, in exchange for the powers of Megamink and Turbosquirrel. Flexo confronted Megamink and Turbosquirrel as Dark Megamink and he attacked Rabid, and defeated him. Flexo decided to let Madge go, and finally admitted that he was in love with Sarah.

A CARAVILLE ROCK FESTIVAL: Satchley held a rock festival, and Rocko and his friends signed up to bring back their old band, the Caraville Critters. Satchley and his old band, the Purple Poultries performed at the festival as well. Rocko and his friends won the contest, and Satchley's cousin Ed lost.

TERRAZOID: Dranzoid confronted Rocko in the park, and he was attacked by Rabid. Rabid and Dranzoid became one monster known as Terrazoid, and Rocko and Sarah became Megamink and Turbosquirrel. They tried to defeat him and failed, then Terrazoid travelled to the X-Teen Mountain to destroy it. Megamink and Turbosquirrel tried to stop him again and failed again. Even their ultra powers were useless against him. Flexo showed up with a plan, and he borrowed both Rocko and Sarah's powers. He transformed into Megamink, and had Turbosquirrel's powers. He use the combined powers to finish off Terrazoid once and for all. After that, the heroes had a picnic to celebrate.



TWO SQUIRREL'S AND A PARASITE: Special guest appearance from Osaka and Fifi, from Squirrel Squad.

FOXY LADY: Credit goes to Trey Luna for helping me come up with ideas for Suzette Fox.



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