Several months have passed since Rocko saved Caraville from Hermix. Rocko's cousin Kylie moved back to the city to pursue her dream as a music star, and his sister Julie went with her to help, leaving Rocko home alone. He has proven to be responsible as well as playing with his friends.


THE RETURN OF THE ORIGINAL MEGAMINK: An explosion of light woke up the whole community one night and they all went outside to investigate. Rocko eventually confronted the evil Vixer, who caused the explosion, which was the result of her arrival in Caraville. Rocko transformed into the original Megamink and defeated Vixer's Poison Plant monster.

HEAD OVER HORNS: Satchley Cluck's cousin Ed came to Caraville and moved into the mansion. Vixer created the Mega Minotaur monster, and he was defeated by Megamink.

ROMANCING THE RANDY: Randy was depressed because Tatyana left Caraville, and Sarah decided to cheer him up by making herself alluring towards him. Rocko's original powers got damaged during a fight with Vixer's Demonette monster, and Megara upgraded them so they'll be stronger.

VANESSA'S BIRTHDAY: It was Vanessa's birthday, and her mother and Satchley Cluck decided to throw her a surprise party. Vixer created the Frost Freezer monster to freeze Megamink, and the monster was defeated. Vanessa loved the surprise party.

ROCKO AND THE RAT: A rat girl named Ratalia had arrived in Caraville, after being chased away by rat haters. Satchley learned about the rat and called an exterminator. Rocko and his friends protected her and gave the exterminator some good advice about looks and species. Vixer created the Vine Idas monster, and Megamink defeated him.

TROUBLE AT SCHOOL: The Stink Brothers got detention for graffiti, which they didn't do. Rocko found out it was done by a monster called Stink. Megamink defeated the monster and cleared the Stink Brothers for a crime they didn't commit.

BE MY VALENTINE: It was Valentines Day in Caraville and Rocko gave Lisa a box of her favourite chocolates. Vixer learned about Valentines Day and created a cupid like monster called Evil Arrow. The monster attacked Lisa and turned her evil. Rocko transformed into Megamink and defeated Evil Arrow, and freed Lisa from the monster's spell.

LISA MOVES OUT: Lisa's family planned to move again, and Lisa was upset about it. She told the bad news to Rocko and he suggested about moving in with Sarah so she could stay in Caraville. He talked to Sarah about it and eventually Lisa moved into Sarah's house, so she could stay in Caraville. Rocko faced Vixer as Megamink and he defeated her.

POISONED: Vixer gave Ratalia an apple to give to Rocko, but instead she took a bite from the apple and passed out. Satchley Cluck jumped out of a shower after being hit by cold water, and shocked his cousin Ed. He hit Satchley on the head with a frying pan, knocking him unconscious. Rocko and Sarah found Ratalia and took her to Derek Kimba's house, and Ed and Lewis brought Satchley to Derek Kimba's house. Later on Rocko ran into Ratalia's boyfriend, and thanks to him she survived. He kissed Ratalia and she woke up. Satchley came to his censes too and started yelling at Ed, and he knocked Satchley out again with the frying pan.

RUNAWAY SQUIRREL: After being bothered by Sarah and her friends at her slumber party, Harvey ran away from home and spent a night at Rocko's house. The next day Rocko told Sarah about what Harvey told him. Sarah felt guilty because Harvey thought she and her friends hated him. She apologised to Harvey for giving him the wrong idea. Vixer also sent a monster called Needle, and he was defeated by Megamink.

VIXER'S METAMORPHOSIS: Vixer destroyed Ginger, and challenged Rocko to a final battle. Rocko transformed into Megamink and faced Vixer's latest monster Hyenaton, and Vixer transformed into her true form.

THE TRUE VIXER: During the battle between Megamink and Vixer, Lisa was attacked and injured by Vixer which made Megamink mad and caused him to become Hyper Megamink, the next level in his new advanced powers.

FINAL BATTLE: Megara healed Lisa and Hyper Megamink defeated Vixer. At the end she was finished off by a shadowy figure in the dark blue sky.

DOUBLE ROCKO: The shadowy figure started causing trouble in Caraville, and Rocko was being blamed. Rocko faced against him and the trouble maker was revealed as Flexo, Rocko's twin brother.

RETURN OF A DYNAMIC DUO: Megara told Rocko about Flexo, and that he was taken away from the family by an evil being named Lord Why, when Rocko and Flexo were only a year old. Megara also gave Randy and Sarah new Hyper-Hybrid and Turbosquirrel powers, and they teamed up with Megamink to defeat the Emeraldo monster.

LISA GOES MEGA: Lisa learned that an old family artefact which she inherited was in fact a Megamink transformer. Megara upgraded it and Lisa became the G. Megamink and helped the others against the Tree Eater monster.

THE LITTLEST MEGAMINK:  Sean Wilson, an eight-year-old orphan mink, also known as Micro Megamink was introduced, and he moved in with Rocko. Megara resurrected Ginger, and sent her to Maplewood, where she decided to live.

A TALE OF TWO LUCYS: A squirrel girl named Lucy Oak was new to Caraville Upper School, and Lucy Heart thought she stole her name. Rocko told her that there are other girls out there called Lucy, and she no longer had a reason to hate Lucy Oak. Flexo summoned Furdusa to get rid of his brother. Rocko and his friends became their hero selves and defeated the monster.

BROTHERS DUEL: A fire drill at the Cluck Mansion goes terribly wrong, and Flexo captured Lewis, Lucy and the Stink Brothers. Flexo challenged Rocko to a duel, but he lied and summoned the Claw Mole monster to fight for him. Megamink and his friends defeated the monster, and Flexo released the prisoners.

THE CRYSTAL PLANET: Rocko travelled to the Crystal Planet to get a red crystal, and Flexo and the monster Slagor tried to stop him. Slagor sent a blast of energy into the planet's core and Megamink defeated him. Flexo escaped and Megamink found the red crystal and he became Hyper Megamink to escape the planet before it exploded.

UPGRADE TO BATTLE ARMOUR MEGAMINK: Flexo sent the Bad Bunny monster to destroy his brother. Megamink faced the monster and used the red crystal's power to become Battle Armour Megamink, to destroy him.

THE INVISIBLE CHICKEN: Flexo sent the Vanish monster to make Rocko invisible, and instead he made Satchley Cluck invisible. Rocko and his friends faced against Vanish and defeated him, making Satchley visible again. Satchley thought about firing the Stink Brothers, because they ran away screaming when they saw him. Satchley didn't know he was invisible.

ROCKO VS FLEXO: Flexo challenged Rocko to face him in a fight to the finish, and Flexo's friend Madge the fox stopped the fight.

TOTAL CHAOTIX: Lord Why who kidnapped Flexo when he was a year old, returned to kill him for failing to destroy Megamink. Megamink rescued Flexo and Madge before their floating fortress crashed and exploded. Madge took Why's next attack and she died. Why attacked Flexo and began beating him up. Rocko got mad and became the Chaotix Megamink. After the battle against Why ended, Rocko and Flexo who were together again, and they attended Madge's funeral.

A NEW LIFE FOR FLEXO: Flexo felt so alone after Madge died, and Rocko and his friends decide to help him out. They gave him some new clothes and introduced him to some new friends. Lord Why summoned Cybercat to destroy Megamink and his friends. Cybercat was defeated by Megamink Chaotix.

THE MEGAMINK COMEDY SHOW: A comedy spin-off Megamink episode. A squirrel girl named Muffy Bush, a spin-off of Penelope Taint from The Amanda Show, was trying to win a Megamink contest. Satchley Cluck and Ed starred in a story called Behind, a spin-off of Bottom. Lisa and Sarah starred in a story called Furry Pair, a spin-off of Dirty Pair Flash. Lester, Rocko and Flexo starred in a story called Brother Brother, a spin-off of Sister Sister and Droopy's Double Trouble. Muffy won the contest but with all the phones, she forgot which one she used, and she lost.

ROCKO'S MEGAMINK LIFE: Rocko spent one night, telling Flexo and Sean about his past battles and adventures.

FIGHT WITH MEGABYTE: Megamink and his friends battled Why's last monster and destroyed it, taking Why and his spaceship along with it.

THE RETURN OF WHY: Why returned and his body was half machine, and he was with his father Captain Watt.

BE PREPARED: Megamink and his friends prepared to face against Lord Why.

ROCKO VS WHY: Megamink used his Chaotix powers and destroyed both Why and Watt.

THE ZIAMOND RINGS ON SKY ISLAND: Megara told Rocko that his old enemy Doctor Sinas was back as an android called Metal Sinas, and he has teamed up with an evil alien scientist called Doctor Grimes. She also told him about the three powerful Ziamond Rings located on Sky Island, and Rocko travelled to the island and retrieve the rings. He had a run in with Metal Sinas' Cyclinder robot and lost his powers.

BEHOLD, THE ZIAMOND POWER: Rocko harnessed the Ziamond Ring powers and became the Fire Megamink, and destroyed the Cyclinder. Rocko had three identical Megamink costumes but in different colours and with different elements. The Red Fire Megamink, the Blue Water Megamink and the Green Lightning Megamink.

RESCUE FLEXO: Metal Sinas captured Flexo, thinking he was Rocko. Rocko rescued Flexo and defeated Metal Cell. Meanwhile in the other dimension, Megara began her journey along Star Way to meet up with her friend, Sylvia.

THE NEXT MISS CARAVILLE: Flexo disguised himself as a girl and entered a Miss Caraville Contest. He didn't win, and the reason he entered was to live one of Madge's dreams. One of Metal Sinas' robots named Metal Cat entered and lost, then she lost against Megamink Ziamond.

SATCHLEY'S LAST HOURS: When Satchley Cluck had a cold, he got a visit from Doctor Kimba, and when the Stink Brothers heard him on the phone, they thought Satchley was dying. Satchley found out the truth, and used it to his advantage. When he saw his monument was a printing press for the school newspaper, he fainted.

STORY CONTEST: Rocko and his friends wrote stories for a contest at school. Rocko and Flexo starred in a story called Serpent Sphere X, a spin-off of Dragonball Z. Lewis starred in a story called Lewis Potter, a spin-off of Harry Potter. Sarah and Flexo starred in a story called Sleeky and Minkwinkle, a spin-off of Rocky and Bullwinkle. Metal Sinas sent Metal Fox and Axetron to destroy Megamink, and they were defeated by him.

ENTER, METAL MEGAMINK: After Megamink defeated Big Freeze and Infernoid, Metal Sinas became mad. He activated his ultimate robot called Metal Megamink, but it turned on Metal Sinas and destroyed the Sinas Satellite controls, causing it to fall down from space and it crashed on top of the legendary X-Teen Mountain. Megara finally made it to Sylvia's home.

JOURNEY TO X-TEEN MOUNTAIN: Rocko went to the X-Teen Mountain after Megara told him about what was going on. At the mountain Megamink confronted Metal Sinas in his giant robot, Mega Sinas.

THE WRATH OF METAL SINAS: Megamink defeated Metal Sinas and destroyed his satellite. Metal Sinas retreated to Caraville. Megamink found Metal Megamink absorbing energy from the mountain's Master Ring, and Metal Megamink planned to use the X-Teen Mountain to cause tremors around the planet, especially in Caraville.

MEGAMINK VS METAL MEGAMINK: Megamink used the powers of the Master Ring to become the Master Megamink. He and Metal Megamink took their battle to the Sky Island. Metal Sinas battled Turbosquirrel and the others in Caraville.

DUEL ON SKY ISLAND: The battle between Megamink and Metal Megamink continued, and so did the battle in Caraville.

THE SECRET OF METAL MEGAMINK: The two battles continued on. Metal Megamink won the fight with the Master Megamink and left for Caraville. Megara discovered Metal Megamink's true identity.

THE DARK ONE REVEALED: Metal Megamink arrived in Caraville and closed down. An evil cloud and took physical form. It was the form of an old enemy, which was Foxer. She was reborn inside Metal Megamink from the evil which was expelled from her when she became Ginger. The evil Foxer destroyed Metal Sinas and her power caused everyone to be afraid.

ILLUSIONS: Rocko and his friends had illusions, but Rocko wasn't effected by them. He helped the others snap out and they broke free of Foxer's spell. Foxer darkened the sky and turned Caraville into an emerald city, surrounding the forest with green crystals.

SHOWDOWN: Megamink and his friends faced Foxer, and got help from the Maplewood Megaminks and the mysterious Starlight Megaminks. The Starlight Megaminks created a sword, and Megamink used it to destroy Foxer once and for all, and save Caraville.

POULTRY MUTINY, THE SEQUEL: Satchley's brother Rick returned with his robot creation called the Forest Destroyer. The robot reactivated Metal Megamink and it was defeated by the Fire Megamink, and Rick was sent to prison.

SARAH SLEEK'S BIRTHDAY: Rocko and his friends prepared a surprise party for Sarah, but the day out in the park was interrupted by Metal Megamink. Megamink faced Metal Megamink and destroyed him once and for all, and finally he and the others surprised Sarah, and she was happy.

ROCKO AND LISA'S NIGHT OUT: It was the last day of school and Rocko and Lisa planned to spend their first night alone in a cabin in the woods. Rocko was nervous because he thought Lisa was planning to do it with him, and vice versa. Luckily it didn't happen and the two had a peaceful night. At the Cluck Mansion, Satchley Cluck activated a Shredder like robot called Knightbot, to protect Caraville and put Rocko's hero business out of business. He said "It's alive," like a mad scientist as Knightbot started to move, and when he told Satchley to shut up and said he was going to take over the forest, Satchley panicked and cried out, "It's alive!"

ENTER CYBERFOX: Saffron, a teenage fox girl showed up in Caraville the next day and met Rocko. Later that day Rocko encountered Knightbot for the first time. Saffron showed up during the battle as Cyberfox. After the battle she talked to Megamink and was rude to him, not knowing Rocko was behind the mask.

VANESSA'S ROMANCE: Satchley was turned into a skunk by Knightbot, and he ended up being chased around the forest by Vanessa. After a battle against Knightbot, Satchley returned to normal. Megara called the heroes of Caraville for an important meeting regarding Knightbot and Cyberfox. She splits the Ziamond powers from Rocko. He still had the Red Fire powers, and Megara gave Flexo the Green Lightning powers. The Blue Water powers were destroyed. Sean's Micro Megamink powers and Lisa's G Megamink powers were used to increase the powers of Turbosquirrel and Hyper-Hybrid.

FLEXO'S PIANO LESSON: Rocko presented Flexo with a keyboard, and Flexo couldn't play anything. He practiced "The Entertainer" and when he tried playing it to Rocko and Sean, Knightbot attacked Caraville and interrupted the performance. After the battle with Knightbot, Cyberfox told Megamink she is going to kill Satchlry Cluck the next morning. She had learned that he created Knightbot.

THE LIZARD RIVAL: Cyberfox attacked the Cluck Mansion and got ready to kill Satchley, but then the two Megaminks held her back. She ran away when she learned the truth about Satchley. She went to the lake and remembered the day when the enchanted fox, Sara gave her the powers of Cyberfox. She cried learning she almost killed an innocent, but mean business man. Satchley Cluck was all scared after getting a letter from his rival Robin Fraser, who was coming to Caraville for a few days. Satchley thought he was going to put him out of business.

DUELS AND DRAGONS: After watching a movie, Lester started copying the main character, which led him into trouble when he accidentally challenged a colonel to a duel. He was forced to leave the forest until the whole thing blows over, taking the whole family with him. Meanwhile on Dragon Island, an evil Dragon Lord had brainwashed the whole population except a baby dragon girl who fled for her life. Sarah used Turbosquirrel powers to beat Dragon Lord and save the dragons. The family returned to Caraville and Lester and the colonel resumed their duel.

FLEXO'S GIRL TROUBLE: Ever since Donna Bear left the forest, Flexo had been depressed about it, so his friend Rex the raccoon decided to fix him up with a girl cat named Slappy, and him with another girl cat named Sally. They went to the cinema and Rex thought Flexo's name was Impmon, and Slappy was rude and Flexo didn't get along with her.

THE RETURN OF DRAGON LORD: Dragon Lord followed Sarah and her family back to Caraville. He captured Rocko and Saffron and trapped them in a cave. Rocko transformed into Megamink and Saffron learned the truth, then she transformed into Cyberfox. Megamink and Cyberfox defeated Dragon Lord.

DRAGONITE: Dragon Lord confronted Knightbot and merged with him, creating Dragonite. Cyberfox used her powers to destroy the monster before it opened a portal to another dimension, inhabited by evil dragons. The portal was still opened after the monster was destroyed, and an alien force entered, led by an evil alien named Cylicon.

MEGAMINK MATRIX: The heroes confronted Cylicon, and one by one they were defeated. Turbosquirrel, Hyper-Hybrid and Cyberfox lost to the alien, then the Fire and Lightning Megamink fused together to become Megamink Matrix. They destroyed Cylicon as one, and saved the forest. After that, Saffron decided to leave Caraville and continue to find adventures around the world.



Credit goes to David Cooper who came up with the ideas for the Crystal Planet and the X-Teen Mountain.



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