SUPER FOXER: Foxer discovered a crystal buried near her cave hideout and turned it into an evil duckbilled platypus named Hermix. He used the crystal's powers to turn Foxer into Super Foxer, and she created evil look-alikes of Megamink and Turbosquirrel called Metallic Mink and Titanic Squirrel. After Megamink and Turbosquirrel destroyed them, Super Foxer showed up.

FINAL FOXER: Since Hermix possessed powers greater than Foxer's, he devised a plan to get rid of her and form his own empire. Turning Foxer into Super Foxer was a part of it, and getting rid of Mistro, Catra, Tactic, Marco and Ruth was apart of the plan too. Super Foxer destroyed the Megamatics and Turbomatics, and launched an attack on Caraville. Megamink and Turbosquirrel became Hypermink and Hypersquirrel, and defeated Super Foxer. Instead of being destroyed, Foxer turned into an innocent girl fox.

BIRTH OF THE CRANIACS: Rocko and Sarah confronted Hermix and lost their powers in the first round. After the battle Foxer decided to change her name to Ginger. They learned that Hermix was inside Caraville Mountain and went there to see what he was up to. Hermix created two soldiers to help him. One was a white rabbit girl named Kissingelle and the other was a monkey robot named Mojor.

PLATALLIX RISING: Rocko and his friends met Megara, the sorceress who originally created the Megamink powers. She told them that Metallix was created to be king of all Megaminks, and was left in charge while she was away. She gave Rocko new Megamink powers, and he was able to become Megamink Platallix. With his new powers Rocko faced Hermix and his new henchmen. After the battle, Hermix created a giant rabbit robot called Rabbitank to destroy Megamink.

THE ASSAULT FORCE: Megara created the new Platallix Battle Station, containing new Megamatics. Megamink used the Megamatics to fight against Hermix's army of Rabbitanks and Craniac Jet Fighters.

THE HAPPY COUPLE: Rocko and Lisa pretend to be a married couple for a week, as part of a class project. Hermix created the Starbot and sent him to attack. Rocko transformed into Megamink and defeated him.

ROCKO'S ROCKET POWER: Hermix created Rocketurtle to attack Ginger. Rocko transformed into Megamink and with the help of his new Platallix Rocket Board, he defeated Rocketurtle.

DREAMING OF LOVE: Rocko had a dream about him and Lisa at the forest, and decided to make it a reality. Kissingelle told Rocko that she had captured Lisa, and challenged him to a battle. After the fight, Kissingelle said that she didn't capture Lisa. She just tricked Rocko into fighting her. Kissingelle retreated and Lisa showed up, and she and Rocko went for a walk in the forest.

I REMEMBERED LISA'S BIRTHDAY: Rocko planed a surprise party for Lisa at Acornwood Hall, and got Lewis to phone all their friends to tell them. Rocko found Lisa who was depressed, because she thought her friends forgot her birthday. Rocko told her to go to the hall at five in the evening. Hermix attacked with an army of Craniac Jet Fighters, and Rocko became Megamink and stopped them. Lisa was surprised when she arrived at Acornwood Hall.

CARAVILLE'S CHRISTMAS TALE: A Megamink version of The Christmas Carol. Everyone in Caraville was into the Christmas spirit. Everyone except Satchley Cluck. On the night of Christmas Eve, Satchley got a visit from three Megamink ghosts. The original Megamink as the ghost of Christmas Past, Giga Green Megamink as the ghost of Christmas Present, and Giga Gold Megamink as the ghost of Christmas Future. When Satchley woke up the next morning he decided to do a good deed for Christmas.

MILLENNIUM MINK: Rocko and his friends celebrated the millennium. Hermix created Beetlebot to ruin the millennium party, and it was defeated by Megamink.

MOVING IN: Rocko's cousin Kylie moved to Caraville from the city, and she moved in with Rocko and Julie. Satchley Cluck fired the Stink Brothers after they put some of his money through the shredder. Later on he realised that he missed them, and hired them back.

VANESSA: Vanessa was hired to perform at the Acornwood Hall, and Satchley looked at an old photo of himself with Hannah (Vanessa's mother) and Amy (Lewis' birth mother) and he remembered the good old days, when he was a child. Rocko became Megamink to stop an invasion of Rabbitanks and Jet Fighters.

PASS IT ON: Rocko and his friends sat around a campfire at night, and began to tell a story. Rocko started of the story, then Lisa told the story next. Vanessa was next after Lisa, followed by Lewis. After Lewis finished his part of the story, it was Ginger's turn. After Ginger finished her part of the story, Stenchy told his part of the story, to end it. The story they were telling was more or less like a normal Megamink story with Rocko's friends depicted as spin-offs of other characters. In Lisa's story, Lisa and her friends Sarah and Lucy looked like the Powerpuff Girls. In Vanessa's story, Vanessa looked like Jessica Rabbit. In Lewis' story, Lewis looked like Sonic the Hedgehog. His blue bushy tail was spiky. In Ginger's story, Ginger looked like a Japanese heroine. In Stinky's story, Stinky looked like one of the Warner Brothers from Animaniacs.

KYLIE'S ROMANCE: Kylie met a boy mink named Edward Simmons, and fell in love with him. They decided to go out on a date together. Mojor decided to destroy Megamink on his own and tried to do it, but he lost. The next day Kylie found out that Edward Simmons was a photographer, and was only in Caraville for a short time. She said goodbye to him, and Rocko cheered her up.

GINGER'S NIGHTMARE: Ginger had a disturbing nightmare, where she ran into her evil self. Hermix captured Ginger the next day and changed her back into Foxer. She faced Megamink and almost finished him, because he refused to fight back. When she got ready to finish him off, the spell wore off and she changed back to Ginger.

THE GARDEN OF BEES: Rocko got sucked through a portal to another world, and landed in the Honey Garden where he met a bee named Ashley. Her family was taken away by a mechanized creature, which was one of Hermix's monsters called Clangton. Megamink defeated the monster and rescued the bees, and finally returned to Caraville.

SPRING FEVER: It was spring in Caraville, and animals were catching the spring fever. Hermix launched an army of Rabbitanks and Craniac Jet Fighters, and they were stopped by Megamink. Alice was depressed because she didn't have a boyfriend, then she met a fox boy and went for a walk and they looked at the full moon together.

THE FOREST FILES: Lester Sleek was walking through the forest at night and he had a close encounter with what he thought was an alien. Satchley Cluck contacted agents Noader and Nellie. They were rabbit twins who track down aliens. The alien haunting the forest was really a monster named E.V. sent by Hermix. The monster revealed his true form, and Megamink defeated him.

LEWIS RUNS AWAY: Lewis ran away from home after an argument with his step father Satchley Cluck and he met his natural father Derek Kimba, who had just returned to Caraville. He gave Lewis some advice and convinced him to move back into the Cluck Mansion.

PLATYPUS IN LOVE: A platypus girl named Sandy came to Caraville and fell in love with Hermix and followed him back to Caraville Mountain. Hermix decided to hold her hostage in order to get revenge on Megamink. She escaped and started chasing Hermix around the cave. He couldn't stand it anymore, and sent her out of the mountain. After that she met another platypus and fell in love with him.

FROM OUT OF NOWHERE: Hermix got a surprise visit from four evil robot soldiers, a purple cat named Destructor, an orange fox named Firetor, a green mantis named Slashtor, and a black rabbit named Lantor. They were all known as the Vortons. Megamink confronted them and lost the battle.

THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE: A young mink named Fred Taylor showed up at Rocko's house during the night, and the next morning he told Rocko about the evil Syrinx, the sorcerer who created the Vortons. Rocko and Fred went into battle with the Vortons as Megamink Platallix and Megamink Mightallix.

SHE MEGAMINK: A sexy mink girl named Fluffy Ann, also known as Megamink Heartallix showed up in Caraville and she helped Rocko in the next fight with the Vortons. It was the first time Rocko had met a female Megamink, and he became a little attracted to her because of that. Hermix sent Mojor to capture Vanessa, but he was distracted by her seductive abilities.

NEED FOR SPEED: Mojor tried to capture Vanessa again and failed again. During his next fight with the Vortons, Megamink had help from Eric Bentley, also known as Megamink Speetallix.

SAVE THE SKUNK: Mojor tried once more to capture Vanessa, then Hermix decided to send the Vortons after her. Hermix trapped her in a tube connected to a machine, which can create fog out of Vanessa's scent, and spread it over the forest. Rocko met Arthur Bushytail, and they became Megamink Platallix and Megamink Magnetallix. They rescued Vanessa, and destroyed Hermix's machine. Arthur asked Rocko to come with him to a meeting at Megara's home, the Enchanted Forest.

GOLD RUSH: The five Megaminks gathered at the Enchanted Forest, to summon a powerful weapon called the Platinum Sword. Rocko learned that he needs the four Mega Stones to use the sword at full power, and he will receive a Mega Stone from each Megamink after each coming battle. Hermix sent the Vortons to the Cluck Mansion, to steal all of Satchley's gold. Megamink Platallix and Megamink Mightallix stopped them. Fred gave Rocko the Mighty Stone after the battle.

POWER OF THE HEART: Rocko had a little dilemma regarding Lisa and Fluffy. The Vortons attacked Lisa, thinking she was a Megamink. They turned Lisa into stone, and after that Megamink Platallix and Megamink Heartallix showed up. Megamink Heartallix gave Megamink Platallix the Heart Stone, and he used it to return her to normal. His dilemma was finally over, and he chose Lisa.

A NIGHT OUT IN THE WOODS: Rocko and his friends including Eric spent a night in the cabins in the woods. Mojor and the Vortons attacked, and Megamink Platallix and Megamink Speetallix stopped them. Eric gave Rocko the Speed Stone.

BATTLE FOR THE PLATINUM SWORD: Arthur returned to give Rocko the Magnet Stone, and a battle between them, and Mojor and the Vortons began. Mojor got the Platinum Sword and gave it to Hermix. The two Megaminks, Platallix and Magnetallix faced the villains and tried to get the sword back. Hermix attacked the Megaminks, and Megamink Magnetallix dropped the Magnet Stone. The other three Megaminks, Mightallix, Heartallix and Speetallix showed up and defeated the Vortons. The five Megaminks won back the Platinum Sword and all four Mega Stones.

KING MEGAMINK: The evil Syrinx showed up to fuse with the Vortons and become Super Syrinx. Rocko and the others faced him and Rocko used the Platinum Sword loaded with all four stones, to become the King Megamink, and he destroyed Super Syrinx.

THE AMAZING THREE: Randy Red was introduced, and Rocko used the Platinum Sword to create the Hyper-Hybrid powers for him, and new Turbosquirrel Powers for Sarah. Mojor asked Hermix to turn him into Super Mojor, so he could destroy Megamink, but he failed.

LONELY: A dance was going to be held at Acornwood Hall and Randy was a little upset since he was a cross between a squirrel and a rabbit. He met a girl named Tatyana Bush, who was a cross between the same animals, and Randy was happy. He became Hyper-Hybrid and protected her from Hermix's monster Blue Horns. They went to the dance together at the end.

EATING FOR A PRIZE: Satchley Cluck was in charge of a potato chip factory, and he began a contest to win a phantom bike. Randy learned about the contest and became addicted to wining the bike. Mojor learned about the contest too and thought the prize was a phantom. Randy won the prize and sold it to buy new bikes for Rocko and Sarah, and Satchley's plans to sell the potato chip factory to Mr Fox went up in a puff of smoke.

VANESSA THE SUBSTITUTE: Vanessa became a substitute teacher at Rocko's class, and at first she was flirting with the class. After a little advice from Rocko, Vanessa began acting more like a normal substitute teacher. Hermix sent the T. Threx monster to attack and was defeated by Megamink, Turbosquirrel and Hyper-Hybrid.

COLLISION CHAOS: An asteroid was on a collision course with Omnumy. Rocko transformed into King Megamink and tried to change its course, and he almost failed. Megara contacted him telepathically he told him to increase his size, and he tried again and succeeded. King Megamink returned to Caraville and stopped Hermix's invasion.

THE MEGAVOR WARRIOR: Hermix created a red armoured cat robot called Megavor, containing data on Megamink, Turbosquirrel and Hyper-Hybrid's moves and attacks. Megamink, Turbosquirrel and Hyper-Hybrid faced Megavor and lost. Rocko came up with a plan to beat him, and they faced him again. Megamink used Hyper-Hybrid's moves, Turbosquirrel used Megamink's moves, and Hyper-Hybrid used Turbosquirrel's moves. They made Megavor confused and Megamink became King Megamink to finish him off.

JOIN THE CLUB: Randy met three chipmunks, Billy, Carol and Sam, and became friends with them. Billy took Lewis boat for a ride, and made a hole in it. Billy let Randy ride on Sam's motorbike which didn't have any breaks, and he almost ran over Satchley Cluck on his own doorstep. Lewis was caught with Randy and the chipmunks at night listening to rock music near the Cluck Mansion, and Satchley grounded him. The chipmunks sneaked into Satchley's garage and accidentally caused a fire. Randy became Hyper-Hybrid and saved Carol, and put out the fire. Satchley learned that Billy was responsible for everything and apologised to Lewis.

POULTRY MUTINY: Satchley Cluck's evil brother Rick showed up with big plans for Caraville, and Rocko scared him away.

VANESSA'S SPIN-OFF DREAMS: Vanessa had strange dreams one night. In her first dream she was Sailor Heart Sailor Moon. In her second dream she was the manager of Skunky Towers Fawlty Towers. In her third dream she was performing Kate Bush's song Babooshka, and in her final dream she was Vanessa Le Heart Fifi La Fume.

A STAR IS BORN: Kylie was given an opportunity to become a rock star, but if she accepts she would have to leave Caraville, so she decided to turn it down. Lucy saved Lewis from a fire accident and became a heroine, which attracted attention. She was also given an opportunity and decided to turn it down too.

A DARK DAY: Hermix used a powerful stone to become Mega Hermix and used the power to destroy the powers of Megamink, Turbosquirrel, and Hyper-hybrid. Megara took Rocko away from Caraville then Mega Hermix destroyed it.

ROCKO'S DESTINY: Rocko learned he still had the Platinum Sword, and he still had the other Megaminks from Maplewood to help him. Rocko became the King Megamink, and Megara sent him and the other Megaminks to Caraville after Rocko was taken away, before Mega Hermix destroyed it. The five heroes confronted Mega Hermix and used all their powers to create a gigantic energy ball, and used it to destroy him. After that the Maplewood Megaminks returned home, and Rocko got his original powers back.



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