MINKSLAYER: Tired of losing to Megamink, Doctor Sinas decided to go to Thomas Minka's house and got hold of an urn containing a very dangerous villain known as Foxer. Rocko got a disturbing letter from Lisa, saying that she had met someone else. Rocko went for a walk in the park and ran into a new girl Sarah Sleek the squirrel. Foxer launched a master plan to destroy Megamink by resurrecting all of Sinas' monsters and launching an attack on Caraville. Megamink defeated them all, then Foxer brought them all back and turned them all into one monster known as Minkslayer.

SINAS' LAST LAUGH: Minkslayer proved to be too powerful for Megamink and he had to retreat. Satchley Cluck left the mansion to attend a Tycoon Convention, and Lucy and the Stink Brothers went with him. Foxer sent the Jet Fighters to attack the mansion, forcing Megamink to come out. Megamink summoned the Megamatics which were immediately destroyed, along with the hill fortress. He summoned Tanktanic, which was destroyed by Minkslayer. Megamink faced Minkslayer again and still couldn't defeat him. As Satchley was leaving Caraville in his limo, Foxer showed up and ordered him to go back and tell Megamink how to destroy Minkslayer. Satchley returned and told Megamink. Megamink did what Satchley said and he finally destroyed the monster, and the result of the monster's defeat also destroyed Soket, Capeus, Dump and all of Sinas' army. Sinas was arrested and Rocko was convinced the war was over, but then he found out about Foxer from his father.

VILLAINS OF THE PAST: Megamink confronted Foxer and lost what was left of his powers. Foxer learned that there were other villains imprisoned in urns back at Thomas house, and she began to make her way there. Foxer got hold of the urns and released two cat warriors, Mistro and Catra, and a pointy eared monkey like monster named Tactic.

TURBOSQUIRREL: Foxer released the last two urns she stole from Thomas' house. One urn contained a bird like monster named Marko, and the other contained a vampire bat lady named Ruth. With help from Satchley Cluck Thomas upgraded the Megamink powers, giving Rocko more strength and power to use against Foxer's forces. He also designed the Turbosquirrel powers for Rocko's new friend Sarah Sleek, and she teamed up with Rocko against Foxer.

MEGAMATICS AND TURBOMATICS: Rocko was still a little depressed about losing Lisa, and Sarah decided to take him out on a nice walk around the forest to cheer him up. Foxer created her first army of Bird Jets and sent them to attack Caraville, along with her first monster, Sytherslug. Rocko and Sarah transformed into Megamink and Turbosquirrel, and they activated the new Megamatics and Turbomatics. They used their new vehicles to destroy Foxer's army.

MEGAMINK JR: A young squirrel named Billy was going around the forest disguised as Megamink, and was eventually captured by Marko. He, Tactic and Ruth held Billy captive and interrogated him, thinking he was Megamink. When Foxer showed up she sent him back to Caraville. She sent a hedgehog monster as well and it was defeated by Megamink and Turbosquirrel. Billy met them and took a photo of them.

MINK OF THE CASTLE: Rocko, Sarah and their class went to the old Wilford castle, which was once defended by one of Rocko's ancestors. Foxer and several monsters attacked the castle and they were defeated by Megamink and Turbosquirrel.

LOVE LOVE LOVE: Foxer sent a skunk like monster named Skupid to make animals fall in love, and to make sure Rocko and Sarah don't interfere with her plans. She sent an army of Bird Jets to attack, and Megamink and Turbosquirrel destroyed them, and they defeated the monster too.

GIGA GREEN: Rocko and his friends spent a night in the woods and when Rocko and Sarah came outside for some fresh air, they saw Foxer and her henchmen. They followed them to a cave, and Rocko and Sarah learned that Foxer was after the Giga Green Sword. Rocko got hold of the sword and used it to become the Giga Green Megamink.

SPRING MINK: Sarah decided to slip into something a little revealing, in order to seduce Rocko. Foxer sent the Springster monster to Caraville and he was defeated by Giga Green Megamink and Turbosquirrel.

CAMP CARAVILLE: Rocko and his friends went to a camp for a week, which was owned by Sergeant Trousers. Rocko and Sarah had to become enemies because it was girls verses boys, which they didn't agree with. When Foxer's latest monster known as Weeder Woman attacked, Rocko and Sarah showed the others that the idea of girls verses boys was pointless. They transformed into Megamink and Turbosquirrel and faced the monster. They used their new motorcycles called Motor Matics, which Thomas had built for them. They were useful in their battle against Weeder Woman.

FASHION SLEEK: Sarah introduced Rocko to her family. Her older sister Francine was a little nervous about the upcoming Fashion Show to be held at the new Youth Centre, owned by Satchley Cluck's niece Tiffany Cluck. Francine was nervous after a run in with Vanessa who claims to hate her. Rocko and Sarah had a talk with Vanessa to find out why she hated Francine. After Francine offered some of her outfits to Vanessa and they became friends. Foxer sent Bird Jets to attack Caraville, and Megamink and Turbosquirrel used their Megamatics and Turbomatics to destroy them.

A DARK NIGHT OUT: Sarah, Lucy and Libby went on a girls night out to the movies, fearing about the legend of this creature called the Dark One who goes around killing and eating innocent girls at night during a full moon. The legend was in fact true and the monster showed up. Sarah transformed into Turbosquirrel and destroyed the monster. Satchley Cluck met up with some old friends and acquaintances at the Caraville Casino.

MARKO'S MESS UP: Marko got hold of Foxer's sword and created a kangaroo monster called Bounce Boxer. Foxer told Marko that they will be destroyed if the monster isn't destroyed in twenty-four hours, since Foxer didn't create the monster. Foxer and her henchmen teamed up with Megamink and Turbosquirrel to destroy the monster.

FOXER GETS A JOB: Foxer tried out a new invention and accidentally got hit by the ray. She ended up somewhere in Caraville with amnesia. She ended up working in Mike's Pizza Restaurant. Foxer finally got her memory back and sent an army of Bird Jets to attack Caraville. Megamink and Turbosquirrel stopped them.

SISTER TROUBLE: Rocko and Sarah met Foxer's little sister called Tina, who came to Caraville for Megamink's help. She used her powers to trap Foxer deep inside a cave, and she destroyed her Dark Mansion. At the same time Satchley detonated the boxes of TNT around the mansion, and he was convinced that he destroyed it.

THE ANGEL: Johnny Raccoon discovered a fossil at the bottom of Caraville Lake. Rocko transformed into Megamink used brain power to lift it out of the lake. It was an angel skeleton and it attracted a lot of animals, including Satchley Cluck who stole it. The statue was being displayed at the mansion, and Mistro and Catra eventually showed up. They claimed that they planted the angel skeleton at the bottom of the lake, and the skeleton transformed into it's true form, known as Angellix the bat monster. The monster was defeated by Giga Green Megamink and Turbosquirrel.

LAND OF THE GIANT VANESSA: Foxer's henchmen built a device to make them big, and they accidentally made Vanessa big instead. Tina gave Rocko the power to summon a giant robot warrior called Rescue Robot, and with his help, they shrank Vanessa back to normal size.

FIRE FLOWER: Sarah put on her favourite red dress to impress Rocko, who was still a little depressed because of Lisa. Foxer returned from being trapped, and established her new HQ in the cave she was trapped in. She sent the Fire Flower monster to set Caraville on fire, and thanks to Rescue Robot, the fire was put out before it did any serious damage.

HYPERMINK AND HYPERSQUIRREL: Tina gave Rocko and Sarah the power to become Hypermink and Hypersquirrel and they defeated Foxer's Stinging Knightle monster. Stinky and Stenchy went upstairs inside the big tree, to hang up a banner at the top declaring Stink's love for a girl skunk named Brianna, who was new. The twins got stuck at the top of the tree, and the end of the banner was ripped off. Instead of saying "Stinky Loves Brianna," it said "Stinky Loves Brian." They managed to contact Rocko, and he and Sarah arrived. They became Hypermink and Hypersquirrel and rescued Stinky and Stenchy, then Stinky ran away when a big angry bear came along claiming that his name was Brian.

MONSTER MAYHEM: Satchley Cluck built a DNA scanning and monster making machine, to create a clone of Foxer, to destroy her, but the Stink brothers obtained DNA from Satchley and a chicken monster was created. Megamink and Turbosquirrel defeated the monster, and Satchley Cluck accidentally destroyed his machine with a mallet, trying to turn the Stink Brothers into pancakes for playing with his DNA.

ROCKO AND ROLL: After Rocko and Sarah's night at a rock festival, Sarah's parents decide to get them an electric guitar. Lucy's grandmother sent her a package of yummy bars, and Satchley ate them. Satchley's gold was stolen by the burglar monster Master Snatcher sent by Foxer. Hypermink and Hypersquirrel defeated him and returned Satchley his gold. Rocko, Sarah, Lewis, Herman and Alice formed a rock band called Caraville Critters.

COMIC CONTEST: Satchley announced a comic contest, and Rocko and his friends designed their own comic strips. Rocko and Sarah's comic won the contest.

THE NEW BOARDING HOUSE: A new boarding house opened and new animals moved in, including a ferret named Tanya Twister, a turtle named Terrence, a goat named Daniel, and an elephant named Lilly. They went to a disco at night, and the next day Rocko and Sarah showed the newcomers around Caraville. Foxer attacked and Rocko and Sarah became Megamink and Turbosquirrel, and they stopped her.

GYMNASTICS: A gymnastics competition was being held at the Youth Centre by Tiffany Cluck, and Rocko, Sarah, Tanya, Lucy and Alice competed in the event. Foxer also competed too. Alice won and Foxer was furious. She sent a crocodile monster named Twistinator to cause trouble, and was defeated by Rescue Robot.

THE ORIGIN OF MEGAMINK: A young brown mink named Steven Brown came to Caraville Forest. Rocko and Sarah were curious about where the Megamink powers came from. Tina took them to a fortress, where they met Metallix, who claimed to be the creator of the Megamink powers. He showed them the story of how Rocko's ancestor became Megamink. Metallix gave Rocko the Giga Gold Sword.

2 BECOME 1: Satchley Cluck announced a film festival and Steven Brown decided to film Rocko and Sarah's next battle. Foxer merged Marko and Tactic into one monster called Marctic. Rocko used the sword to become Giga Gold Megamink and defeated Marctic, separating them again.

ONE SQUIRREL TOO MANY: Rocko met Steven Brown's sister Mary, who was in love with him, and he fell for her too. Foxer created a clone of Turbosquirrel, and eventually the real Turbosquirrel showed up. Rocko didn't know who was who so they had a little contest, and they both kept winning at everything. Rocko came up with a tie-breaking idea and told them to fight him. One Turbosquirrel refused to fight him but the other one did. Rocko transformed into Giga Gold Megamink and destroyed the fake Turbosquirrel. Rocko told Sarah about Mary, and she was happy for him.

ROCKO TO THE RESCUE: Foxer captured Mary and she created an axe to summon Vile, an evil giant robot warrior to destroy Rescue Robot. Rocko rescued Mary, and Rescue Robot defeated Vile.

A NEW COUPLE COMES TO CARAVILLE: Two teenage cats Dez and Sally came to Caraville, after running away from their parents who hate each other. Rocko and Sarah helped them find a place to live, at the boarding house. They went to the dance the next day at the Cluck Mansion. Foxer summoned Vile to attack and he was stopped by Rescue Robot.

MURDER HE WROTE: Rocko witnessed something disturbing at the Cluck Mansion, and he saw Satchley killing Lewis, Lucy and the Stink Brothers with a chisel. Rocko was shocked by what he saw and couldn't stop thinking about it. He went to the Cluck Mansion the next day and was interrupted by Foxer. He became Megamink and battled Foxer. Rescue Robot and Vile were summoned, and they took their battle to the moon. After Rescue Robot and Vile returned from their battle, Foxer retreated. Lewis showed up and he told Rocko that Satchley was building sculptures of him, Lucy and the Stink Brothers. He said that they begged him not to destroy his work, and it all came clear to Rocko. He saw Satchley destroying the sculptures from behind a curtain.

SUPER CLUCK: Tina played a little joke on Satchley Cluck and used her powers to disguise him as a super hero. He didn't believe her when she told him the truth, and he and his sidekicks the Stink Brothers travelled to Foxer's cave to retrieve the axe. He succeeded and used it to summon Vile, who turned on him. Foxer got hold of the axe, and Satchley was convinced that he really wasn't a super hero. Megamink and Turbosquirrel showed up with Rescue Robot, and a battle occurred. Megamink and Turbosquirrel transformed into Hypermink and Hypersquirrel, and continued the fight. Vile retreated, and so did Foxer and her henchmen.

ULTRA MINK POWER: Foxer conjured up an egg containing a lizard monster named Lizardius. She hatched the egg and sent the monster to attack Caraville Forest, where it became a giant. Rocko and Sarah transformed into Megamink and Turbosquirrel and they summoned Rescue Robot to fight the monster. Rescue Robot lost the battle and the heroes had to retreat. They decided to surrender their transformer's to Foxer in order to stop the destruction, but it was really a plan to get hold of Foxer's axe. Rocko and Sarah summoned Vile and he faced Lizardius, and lost. Rocko and Sarah transformed into Hypermink and Hypersquirrel and revived the two giant robots, and with their combined strength, they finally destroyed Lizardius.

A SQUIRREL'S TALE: Sarah's cousin Tony came to Caraville for a visit, and he had a feeling that he's missing something. He went to Acornwood Hall at night where he saw a sexy squirrel girl named Sonette, who was performing. He fell in love with her and realised that it was love he was missing. Foxer launched an army of Bird Jets to attack Caraville, and they were destroyed by Megamink and Turbosquirrel, and Rescue Robot and Vile.

HIDE AND SLEEK: Sarah challenged Rocko, Steven and Mary to a game of hide and seek in the forest, and their game was disturbed by Foxer's latest monster, Missile Menace. Rocko and Sarah transformed into Megamink and Turbosquirrel, and defeated the monster.

I MISS MY LISA: Rocko got a phone call from Lisa, who told him that Steven Brown was the boy she met. That night Rocko had a few dreams about Lisa, and the next day he was depressed because he missed Lisa. Rocko told Steven and Mary about his relationship with Lisa, and he apologised to Mary for not telling her sooner. Marco and Tactic attacked, and Rocko and Sarah scared them away by becoming Hypermink and Hypersquirrel. Even after he and Sarah won a battle against Marko and Tactic, Rocko was still upset about Lisa. That night, Rocko saw a shooting star, and he made a wish.

LUCY IN SCHOOL WITH A TEMPER: Lucy was looking forward to the upcoming week which she would become a prefect at Caraville Upper School, and was outraged when she didn't get picked. She locked herself in the headmaster's office and demanded to be a prefect. Foxer sent the Crimson Claw monster to attack Caraville, and Megamink and Turbosquirrel defeated him. Rocko and Sarah returned to school as Megamink and Turbosquirrel, and forced Lucy out. The headmaster Crazy Hazy the kangaroo discovered the mistake and decided that Lucy can start next week. Lucy received detention after that.

COMA MINK: After a battle with one of Foxer's monsters during a thunderstorm, Megamink was stuck by lightning. Turbosquirrel rushed to the hospital with Rocko and he was put into a coma. Rocko's sister and his friends gathered around him and remembered the best times they've had with him since over the past year. Rocko finally woke up and he couldn't believe his eyes, because he saw Lisa who was watching over him the last few minutes. She was back in Caraville.

THE BEACH MINK: Rocko and his friends spent a day at the beach, which was interrupted by Foxer. Megamink and Turbosquirrel stopped her once again.

A CUPID AND HIS COUSIN: Rocko's cousin Lavinia came to stay at Rocko's house for a few nights, and there was a Sweethearts Ball to he held at Acornwood Hall. Rocko set Lavinia up with Steven before the dance.

MEGA TROUBLE: A new drive in cinema had just been completed and all the votes to decide the name of it, and the cinema was named after Megamink. Foxer designed a new invention which can make her go Mega, but Marko and Tactic got hold of it. Marko used it on Tactic and made him go Mega. He faced Megamink and Turbosquirrel and almost won against them, but the powers wore off. Ruth showed up and after a fight with the device, they dropped it and it broke. They retreated after that, and Foxer punished them. Rocko and Sarah, and Sarah's family went to see a movie at the drive in at night.



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