On his 13th birthday, Rocko was given a special present from his father Thomas Minka, which was a device that enabled him to transform into Megamink. On the same day a mad scientist known as Doctor Moe Sinas launched his first attack on Caraville. For days and weeks Rocko used his Megamink powers to defeat Doctor Sinas' army of robots, monsters and jet fighters.

THE ADVENTURE BEGINS: Doctor Sinas sent a fish monster and it was destroyed by Megamink. Julie introduced Rocko to the Megamatics, which came useful against Doctor Sinas' new Jet Fighters. Doctor Sinas also created three new robot soldiers, Socket the cat, Capeus the aardvark and Dump the pig.

JULIE ON STAGE: Julie got the role of Juliet in the school play "Romeo and Juliet," and Rocko and Lisa decided to watch the play.

ROCKO GOES CAMPING: Rocko and his class spent a weekend camping near the woods, unaware that Satchley Cluck was camping in the woods, and they end up disturbing his quiet time. Doctor Sinas sent the Warrior Wasp monster to ruin the camping weekend, and destroy Megamink. The monster was destroyed and Rocko's classmates gave him three cheers.

A CRUSH ON SINAS: Trixie, a girl bunny who's in love with Sinas stopped by his fortress. Doctor Sinas sent the Racconator to destroy Megamink, and was defeated by him. When Trixie left the fortress, Doctor Sinas realised that he was in love with her.

JULIE'S SLUMBER PARTY: Julie invited her friends Stacey the grey squirrel and Vanessa the skunk to the hill fortress for a slumber party, and Rocko spent a night at Ed and Emma's house. Doctor Sinas sent the Knight Hyena monster to attack Caraville, and he faced Megamink and beat him. After getting his armour fixed by Julie, Megamink went back into battle and defeated the monster.

THREE GIRLS AND A MINK: Satchley Cluck invited the animals of Caraville to a party hosted by the Catina Sisters, unaware that the three cat girls are really three vampires created by Satchley to brainwash the animals in order to get back at his rival Doctor Sinas. Lewis found out and warned Rocko, and he stopped destroyed the Catina Sisters and stopped Satchley's plans.

THE LOST CHILD: A young squirrel named Sam was lost, and Rocko and Julie found him. Sam's mother was captured by Sinas's cronies Socket, Capeus and Dump, and Sinas's latest monster Batfink.

BULLIES: The school bully Herman the Hyena threatened Lewis, and Rocko got involved. Herman ordered Rocko to fight him the next day after school. The next day Rocko and Herman met in order to settle the score without fighting. They were attacked by the Pop Bully Pig monster, and Rocko became Megamink and saved Herman. Megamink piloted Tanktanic for the first time, and used it to destroy the monster.

NIGHTMARE IN CARAVILLE: Doctor Sinas captured Julie, Stacey and Vanessa and challenged Rocko to a battle against his new monster Fox Trot. Rocko faced Sinas and Fox Trot as Megamink, and the battle was interrupted by Satchley. Megamink destroyed the monster and Doctor Sinas and Satchley's battle armour, and rescued his sister and her friends.

ROCKO THROWS A PARTY: Rocko decides to throw a party at his hill fortress home, and invites all his friends, including Satchley Cluck. The party was interrupted by Doctor Sinas' monster, Rock Wolf. Megamink defeated the monster and returned to the party. Rocko was surprised when Satchley shouted "It's Conger Time!" and he and the others began to walk out of the fortress, dancing in the form of a conger line.

BASKETBALL: Caraville Upper School was having a basketball game, and Julie and Teddy, one of her classmates were looking forward to playing in it. Rocko had a run in with two of Sinas' monsters and he defeated them, and made it in time to watch his sister play in the basketball game.

CLIMBING CARAVILLE MOUNTAIN: After learning about the legendary monster living on top of Caraville Mountain, Rocko decided to climb the mountain to find out if the legend was true or not. Satchley Cluck activated his booby traps, trying to stop Rocko from reaching the top and finding out his family secret. Rocko got to the top and discovered a statue of Satchley Cluck's uncle, which he thought was the monster and fainted at the sight of it. He figured out that it was a statue after he came back to his censes.

SATCHLEY'S REVENGE: Satchley Cluck built a cannon, which he planned to use on Doctor Sinas' fortress. He also planted boxes of TNT around the doors to the garage where the Megamatics were, planning to destroy them too. Doctor Sinas sent the Spider Bat monster to Stop Satchley Cluck, and was destroyed by Megamink. Lewis removed the boxes of TNT and Megamink used Tanktanic to destroy Satchley Cluck's cannon. Satchley Cluck ended up in hospital afterwards.

STACEY'S BOYFRIEND: Stacey introduced her new boyfriend Simpson the grey squirrel to her friends. He revealed that he was really a monster sent by Doctor Sinas named Cannonman. Lewis had another run in with Herman Hyena at school. He asked Lennie the dog to be his bodyguard, and the next thing he knew he had two bullies to be afraid of. Megamink faced Cannonman and destroyed him, and Stacey met another grey squirrel named Simon. Lewis disguised himself as a girl to get past Herman and Lennie, but it didn't work. He did talk them into fighting each other and eventually they were sent to hospital, and Lewis was safe again.

BOWLING AGAINST SINAS: Satchley Cluck and Doctor Sinas plan a bowling contest, and Vanessa and her friends Julie and Stacey decide to help him. Lewis and Vanessa also learned that they were cousins. Doctor Sinas' Jet Fighters attacked the Cluck Mansion and Rocko became Megamink and stopped them. After the bowling tournament, neither Satchley and Doctor Sinas won because it was a tie.

CARAVILLE GRAND PRIX: Julie, Herman, Satchley and Doctor Sinas entered a grand prix race. Julie asked her father Thomas for his help to build a race car, and Julie won the race.

TALENTS: Satchley held a talent contest at his mansion, and Stacey, Vanessa, Lewis and the Stink Brothers, and Rocko and Lisa competed in the contest. Doctor Sinas sent a giant robot called Steel Beaver to level the forest, and was defeated by Megamink. Rocko and Lisa won the talent contest after their performance.

THE FEUD: Stacey and Vanessa have an argument about their performances at the talent contest, and they fall out. Doctor Sinas sent the Armourdillo monster to destroy Megamink, and was defeated by him. Satchley talked to Stacey and Vanessa, and told them to settle their problems. They became friends again afterwards.

SEASON OF GOOD MINK: Doctor Sinas plans to ruin Christmas, and Socket, Capeus and Dump didn't like the idea. They asked for Satchley's help to find a present for him. Rocko and the everyone in Caraville were also getting ready for Christmas. Rocko stopped Sinas' plans, and Satchley threw a Christmas party at the end.

BLAST TO THE PAST: Satchley got hold of a time machine and used it to travel back in time, and change history. When he completed his mission, he tried to return to the present. He learned that he was unconscious from an explosion, which happened when he switched on the time machine, and he dreamt the whole thing.

ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK MINK?: During a battle between Megamink and Sinas' three robots, Capeus ripped off Megamink's shoulder pad and retreated. Lewis fixed Rocko's armour afterwards. There was also a new kid in the forest named Dexter, and he was a mink and about the same age as Rocko. Rocko didn't like him, especially when he saw him flirting with Lisa. Doctor Sinas used Megamink's shoulder pad to create his ultimate monster, the Dark Mink. Dark Mink faced Megamink and stole his powers.

FATHERLY HELP: Rocko asked for his father's help in finding a way to get his powers back and defeat Dark Mink. Thomas used his scientific knowledge and created plans for the White Megamink. Rocko's friends suggested Dexter should be the White Megamink, but Rocko didn't like the idea.

SINGLE WHITE MEGAMINK: Rocko's friends convinced him to change his mind, and he did. Rocko and his friends went to find Dexter. Rocko and Thomas asked Dexter to become the White Megamink, and he finally did when Dark Mink showed up. He faced Dark Mink and retrieved Rocko's powers.

LIGHTNING: Dexter quit after Rocko got his powers back, and Doctor Sinas resurrected monsters and robots from the past. Thomas built a new weapon called the Lightning Blaster, but it was useless on the Dark Mink. Dexter returned as the White Megamink and Dark Mink was called back by Doctor Sinas to be recharged.

THE POWER OF SUPER MEGAMINK: Rocko and Dexter travelled to Doctor Sinas' fortress to find Doctor Sinas' energy device. They found it and escaped, and Doctor Sinas sent the Cave Weasel monster to stop them. Rocko transformed into Megamink and used the energy device on himself, and he went through an unusual transformation. He became Super Megamink and his power had increased, and he destroyed the monster.

A FIGHT TO THE FINISH: Rocko and Julie moved out of the fortress, and moved into a house in Acornwood Village. Doctor Sinas challenged Rocko and Dexter to face Dark Mink the next day after school, and Thomas and Satchley told them the bad news, that Dark Mink and the White Megamink were linked. Megamink transformed into Super Megamink and destroyed Dark Mink, and Dexter lost the White Megamink powers.

LEWIS, LARGE AND IN CHARGE: Satchley Cluck sent Lewis to a university, to be trained into becoming a successful businessman, but it went straight to his head and even got Satchley into working for him. Satchley and Rocko teamed up to find a way of returning Lewis to like he was before. They succeeded and Satchley apologised for the whole idea.

A NEW GIRL IN TOWN: A blonde fox girl named Alice Capulet moved to Caraville forest in her own motor home, and several animals found her attractive. Rocko and his friends made her feel welcome. Doctor Sinas sent the Turtlebird monster to attack Caraville and was destroyed by Megamink.

SMOKING AND THE BANDITS: Alice's best friend Laura the canary came to visit Caraville, and Rocko learned that Alice smoked cigarettes. When she caught Ed and Emma playing with cigarettes, she gave them a lecture on smoking and realized what she had done. She gave up smoking after that, and she lost her best friend too. Satchley competed against Mr Ratz in a golf game, in order to get into his Bandit club. When he learned what the initiation was, Satchley quitted the club.

BOMB SCARE: Rocko and his friends found a box on a bench in the park. There was something ticking inside. The Stink Brothers thought it was a bomb and warned Satchley Cluck. Satchley contacted the Bomb Squad to destroy it, and Doctor Sinas sent the Knuckle monster and Jet Fighters to distract Rocko. After the battle, Rocko returned to the park. Lewis showed up as the Bomb Squad destroyed the box, and Lewis told Satchley that inside the box was his broken clock, which had just been repaired. Satchley was mad and grounded Lewis for a week.

EVERYBODY WANTS TO BE A HERO: Satchley had a dream that he, Lewis, the Stink Brothers, Julie, Vanessa, Stacey, Alice, Herman and Lisa were super heroes. The enemy was Robo Sinas, and the dream influenced Satchley Cluck with an idea for a comic strip which was done later that week.

MINK AND SWIM: There was a swimming contest, and Lewis and Vanessa competed including Oliver Otter who was being supported by Satchley Cluck. Doctor Sinas's creation the Dolphinator competed too and lost, and was defeated by Super Megamink.

SATCHLEY'S FEAR: 'Satchley began to panic after he received a letter from his old partner Ned Zed. Satchley feared that he's coming to ruin his empire and went into hiding. Doctor Sinas sent the Cycluck monster to destroy Megamink, and was destroyed by him. Ned Zed showed up to give Satchley his half of the prophet from their business, except it wasn't much.

PICTURE PERFECT: Rocko and everyone in school was getting ready for school picture day, surprisingly that Satchley Cluck was taking the pictures. After school Rocko and his friends had a run in with Doctor Sinas' monster, Photographon. The monster captured Rocko's friends in a photograph, and Rocko transformed into Megamink and destroyed the monster. Rocko's friends were set free from the photo afterwards.

MOVIE MANIA: A movie was being filmed in Caraville, starring Vanessa's favourite movie star Arnie Skunksneer. Lewis Kimba was officially adopted by Satchley Cluck, and Lewis became his son.

SCHOOL BARBEQUE: It was a nice sunny day and Rocko's class went to a rocky beach for a barbeque. Lisa and her friend Libby the fox decided to do something adventurous and climb over a rocky hill to get to a cliff to get a good view of the sea, and the spot where the others are. But before they could get there, Doctor Sinas' Porcupanic monster showed up and captured them. Megamink battled and destroyed the monster and rescued Lisa and Libby. The Jet Fighters attacked, and Megamink used the Skymatic to destroy them. As the sky got dark, the class cheered for Rocko and had their food.

LIKE MOTHER LIKE SONS: The Stink Brothers got a surprise visit from their mom, and they tried to impress her by saying that they own Caraville Forest. After a run in with Satchley Cluck, she learned the truth. Doctor Sinas sent a two headed fish monster named Fish Guy and he was defeated by Megamink.

VALENTINE MINK: Doctor Sinas went on a date with Trixie, leaving his general Rabbitat in charge. Capeus sent Doctor Sinas' latest monster to Caraville with a love potion to cause trouble among the animals. Megamink defeated the monster and stopped the madness, and Rocko and Lisa danced together at the school dance on Valentine's day.

INTRUDERS: Satchley Cluck had just set up a security system in his mansion, and accidentally trapped his son Lewis in the vault with Vanessa. With a little unexpected help from Megamink, Satchley rescued them.

THE RACCOON: The animals of Caraville celebrated its birthday, and a young raccoon named Johnny showed up. He was eventually accused of eating Julie's chocolate cakes she made for the party, and Rocko and Herman decided to set a trap to find out who really ate the food. They discovered that it was Doctor Sinas' monster Cyber Croc who ate the cakes. Megamink destroyed the monster, and Johnny was welcomed to Caraville Forest.

THE RIVAL: Vanessa's kid sister Lucy was introduced and started off as Lisa's rival. Lisa demanded they settle their feud with a contest and end up getting stuck up a tree. Rocko became Super Megamink and rescued them. Lisa and Lucy became a good friends after that, and Satchley hired Lucy to work at the mansion, and she accepted.

A DAY AT THE BEACH: Rocko and his friends went to the beach to have a little fun in the sun, but the day became hotter when Doctor Sinas sent the Hyper Mirror monster to scorch the beach, by reflecting the sunlight at it with his mirror covered body. Rocko transformed into Megamink to destroy the monster before any of the animals got sunburnt.

RUN WITH US: There was a marathon race and Rocko and his friends took part in it. The marathon was just a run around all of Caraville. Rocko won the marathon, and he won two concert tickets. Doctor Sinas sent the Big Mouth monster and Megamink defeated him.

MOTHER'S DAY: Doctor Sinas is in for the shock of his life when his mean and angry mother showed up on Mothers' Day. Rocko and Julie spent some time with their mother Tanya, until two of Doctor Sinas' monsters Turkeytron and Skunkadile attacked. Rocko transformed into Megamink and destroyed them, and Doctor Sinas' mother gave her son a good caning. Satchley showed Lewis photos of his late wife Helen, who could have been Lewis' mother if she was still alive.

POWER MAD: When the power to the Cluck Mansion was cut off during his favourite TV show, Satchley Cluck became mad with Mr Ratz and decided to build his own power plant. He built the plant but it didn't last very long. Rocko's sister Julie and her boyfriend Blake went camping for a week, and Rocko's aunt Frisky came to visit too.

TRACK AND FIELD: Rocko's cousin Scratch came to visit and helped Rocko train for the Track and Field event. The Stink Brothers searched Caraville for the fountain of youth, and they were convinced that they found it, when they saw Rocko drinking some water and they saw Scratch, thinking he was Rocko as a child. Satchley found out the truth after he won the event, and began to yell at the Stink Brothers.

HOW IT ALL BEGAN: Rocko, Lewis and Johnny were camping in a tent in Rocko's back garden, and Rocko told Lewis and Johnny the story of how he became Megamink, which took place on his thirteenth birthday.

FIELD TRIP: Julie and her class went on a field trip to a museum, while Rocko was lying in bed at home with a cold. Lewis accidentally stole an artefact and with help from his father Satchley, he got it back to the museum. Rocko was forced to get out of bed and become Megamink to fight Socket, Capeus and Dump. After he won the battle, he noticed his cold was gone. Socket, Capeus and Dump had caught it.

HEARTBREAK MINK: Lisa learned that she was going to be moving which upset her and Rocko. Rocko and Lisa decided to go out on one last date before saying goodbye. Satchley Cluck heard that a mink was leaving and thought it was Rocko, and when Lisa and her family left Satchley and his army began to march towards Doctor Sinas' fortress. When he saw Rocko was still there he found out the truth, and he was disappointed. Doctor Sinas sent a robot named Super Socket to destroy Megamink and was defeated by him.

SATCHLEY PLAYS THE GAME: Satchley Cluck became a surprise guest on a popular TV gameshow, and had to answer a few questions and win ten-thousand pounds. He lost the game but he still won a trophy for being a good contender.



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