Welcome to the Megamink Store, where you can buy Zip Files of Megamink artwork. Below is a gallery of covers representing each collection. They contain all the pictures that have been shown once on this website, along with extra pictures that have never been shown on the internet.

In time, there will be collections of Megamink Comics and Non-Megamink artwork. :)



The collections are all sold separately, and are all available for the same price, in UK currency. Payment can be made using the PayPal service. Please E-Mail me with "Megamink Store" as the subject heading, and let me know which collection(s) you want. And when you've sent me the money by PayPal, I will E-Mail you the Megamink Collection you purchased.

If you are unsure about something or if you have any questions, please E-Mail me and let me know.

Price: 3.00


Megamink Picture Folders

The Megamink Collection Advertisement

This link leads to a YouTube video advert about the folders displayed above.



Megamink Comic Strips: From 2005-2008

This CD-ROM features all the Megamink comics that were drawn between 2005 and 2008. Plus three of the featured comics coloured in. This CD-ROM has a total of 174 pictures.




Megamink Pictures: From 1997-2008

This CD-ROM features all the Megamink pictures drawn between 1997 and 2008. The CD also includes some extra pictures, dug out of the archives, and didn't make it into the official Megamink Pictures Series, plus sketchy drawings, and illustrations to some alternate Megamink stories that were written to be published back in 1999, but failed. None of the extra pictures have ever been shown on this website, apart from the two pictures shown below. This CD-ROM has a total of 495 pictures.




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