This page shows pictures and details on places in the Megamink series.

NOTE: The details and pictures for most of the places aren't fully done yet.



Caraville is one of the biggest places in the world, where anything can happen. Caraville is known for the great forest that surrounds it. It is home to many animals who live peacefully and get along with each other.


THE CLUCK MANSION: A large gothic castle, that sits on a hill near the forest, and miles away from Acornwood. It is home to rich business tycoon, Satchley Cluck, his adopted son Lewis, and his employees, Lucy and the Stink Brothers.

NOTE: The Cluck Mansion is actually based on the Sneer Mansion from, "The Raccoons."


DARK CASTLE: Foxer's home, hidden inside Caraville Mountain, the largest mountain in Caraville.


FOREST CABINS: Wooden cabins in the forest near Maplewood. They were built by Rocko and Sarah, with a little help of their powers, and with permission from Satchley Cluck. They sometimes use the wooden cabins for sleepovers, and nights out away from home.


CARAVILLE BEACH: A beach near the edge of Caraville.


CARAVILLE HOLIDAY SITE: A holiday place for tourists. Including a caravan park, a camp site, and the Megamink Inn, a pub named after the forest's resident superhero.

NOTE: The Holiday Site is based on Wiseman's Bridge, in Wales.





Near the woods is a town, filled with shops, a pub, a restaurant, and Acornwood Village, where many of the animals live, including the heroes of the forest, Megamink and Turbosquirrel.



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