This page shows the history of the Megamink series, since it was created back in 1997.



During the summer of 1997, I decided to create a new cartoon series. Sometime Between July and August, I came up with an idea about a sitcom about a family of foxes, set in a place called Caraville. The two main foxes in the family were Rocko and his big sister, Julie. In August, I decided to take the idea, and turn it into the cartoon series about a superhero instead. I took some advice I was given, and created a superhero that was more original. At the time, I hardly seen an animal character that can transform into a superhero, like a Power Ranger. The other idea was to decide what animal the superhero could be. I originally chose a fox, but I already knew there were some known fox heroes out there. So I brainstormed, to think of an animal that hasn't been depicted as a superhero. I chose the mink because I haven't seen a mink as a superhero. The foxes, Rocko and Julie were changed into minks, even though they still look a bit like foxes, particularly the orange fur. And Rocko became the superhero, known as Megamink.

In the Megamink series, Rocko is the lead character, and he uses his Megamink powers to protect Caraville Forest from evil villains, like Doctor Sinas, Foxer and Hermix. The series also involves other plots, including adventure, romance and comedy. And some stories aren't even about Megamink saving Caraville Forest. Most of the ideas were inspired from cartoons from the 70s, 80s, and the 90s. Some ideas for Megamink were inspired from video games, mainly because I was obsessed with video games, when I was about thirteen years old, and Rocko is the same age.

In 2001, I had became interested in anime and manga, and the Megamink series became more of a serial, and the storyline became more darker. In 2003, the series became too inappropriate for the young audience, when violence and nudity were added. After the Dark Megamink saga, the series started to slowly go back to the way it was, realising that I missed the way the series was like in the past. In 2006, a new series of Megamink began, and the stories had become more like they were back in the early years, between 1997 and 2000.



The Megamink Specials are a bit like movies, at least that's how I picture them in my mind. Unlike the Megamink series, they might be holiday themed stories, like Christmas and Halloween. Some stories might feature other characters in the Megamink series, like the Maplewood Megaminks. And some stories might feature non-Megamink characters, like the Chucklewood Critters.



Megamink's first appearance was in a three-part episode of the High Tech Heroes, entitled, An Animal in Need. In the feature length story, the planet was called Omnumy, which was somewhere in outer space, light years away from Earth. The planet is exactly like Earth, except all the inhabitants are animals. That's the only thing that is different.

In some of Megamink's adventures, the planet is called Earth. It's now official that Planet Omnumy is in fact the Earth, a parallel Earth in a parallel universe. Omnumy is the planet's original name, which some of the animals address it as. And most animals address it as the Earth. But it probably doesn't matter too much what the planet is called because the planet's name is rarely used in the stories.



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