Here are some Megamink T-Shirt pictures and Greetings Cards, which you can download. If you have Windows XP on your computer, you can easily download your selection onto your computer, and print it out on A4 size card. There is a possibility that the picture might not come out correctly, because of the number details on the picture file. I suggest you change the name of the picture file when you download it onto your computer, in order for the picture to come out correctly.

If you don't have Windows XP, I suggest you download your selection onto your computer, and use the paint program to make it the right size. If it's the right size, you can go ahead and print it, and hope that it comes out well.

If you print the pictures out on A4 size T-Shirt Transfers, make sure you set the printer to the right setting, or flip the picture to make sure it comes out the right way for transferring onto a T-Shirt. You can also print it out on normal paper or card, and take it to a local T-Shirt printers to have your very own Megamink T-Shirt made there.







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