This page is now displaying new comic strips, which I'm hoping will last longer than the old series which ran from 1997-1999. But unlike in the past, instead of the comics changing each month, more new comic strips will be added to the page, until probably the end of the year. Then I'll take them off to make room for next year's comics.

If there are comics you want to read again, you can always E-Mail me for them.

This page also displays some of the comics from the old series.


Psy-Cluck: 2010


Machine Alien: 2010


Rick-Rolled: 2010


Mel-Liese: 2010


Foxer Vengeance: 2010


Caraville's Got Talent: 2010


Time Cluck: 2010


Suzette's Tale: 2010


Nightmare of the Toxo-Plant: 2010


Mistletoe And Mink: 2010


A Turbosquirrel Adventure: 2011


Your Big Horse: 2011


300 Pages And 41 Titles: 2011


Jubilee Day: 2012


Your Big Horse: Mrs. Trousers: 2012


Vanessa Heart in A Sexy Encounter: 2012


A Message From Stephen Fox: 2012


Stinging Knightle Strikes Again: 2012


Mel-Liese in Halloween Tales: 2012


Caraville High: An Idea That Never Was: 2012


Your Big Horse: Lightning Flash: 2012




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