This page shows pictures and details of characters in the Megamink series.

NOTE: The details and pictures for most of the characters aren't fully done yet.




ROCKO MINKA/ MEGAMINK: Rocko Minka is a seventeen year old mink, and is clever for his age. He has a pure heart, and knows right from wrong. He also loves adventures, and being Megamink provides him the greatest adventures of all. He lives with his big sister, Julie. His ancestor, Rocky Madalfus Minka, got hold of the Megamink powers originally. Since then, the Megamink powers were handed down from father to son, for generations.

LOVE INTERESTS: At age of four, Rocko befriended a girl named Lisa Lila. There was a strong bond between them, and about three years later, they learnt that it was love. But when they were thirteen, fate got in the way. Lisa's family moved away, and both Rocko and Lisa were separated. They had one last date as a way of saying goodbye. Then Rocko received a, "Dear John," letter from Lisa, claiming she met someone else. And Rocko met Sarah, who cheered him up. Rocko fell in love with Sarah, but couldn't forget about Lisa. When Lisa returned, Rocko and Sarah broke up, and he fell back in love with Lisa. Lisa told Rocko that she couldn't forget about him either. Later on, after her experience as G. Megamink, and living with Sarah when her parents moved away again, Lisa realised that Sarah is Rocko's true soul mate, so Rocko and Lisa broke up for good. And Rocko is back with Sarah. And now, at the age of seventeen, he and Sarah are still together.


SARAH SLEEK/ TURBOSQUIRREL: Sarah is a seventeen year old squirrel, and she is tough as well as beautiful. Like Rocko, she has a passion for adventures. She lives with her family. She used to live in Redstone Forest. There she had a boyfriend named Derek, and she had a best friend named Tina. She moved to Caraville, where she met Rocko. And her wish to be like him came true, when Rocko's father designed the original Turbosquirrel powers for her.

LOVE INTERESTS: Sarah had a boyfriend named Derek in Redstone Forest. Then she moved to Caraville, and met Rocko. She cheered him up when he lost Lisa. And when Lisa returned, she lost Rocko, then she met Randy Red. She dated Randy for a while, but then, Rocko's twin brother Flexo showed up. She fell in love with Flexo, because of his resemblance to Rocko. Later on, she learnt that Rocko is her true soul mate, and now they are back together.


LUCAS BARKER/ HYPERWOLF: Lucas is a twenty year old wolf, and he's very strong. He was given the powers of Hyperwolf, and he joined forces with Rocko and Sarah against the evil Doomborgs. Now he fights alongside Megamink and Turbosquirrel, against Foxer and her monsters. He likes girls, and flirts with any he finds sexy. But he is shy when girls flirt with him.

NOTE: Lucas Barker was created by S.R. and NemesisHero123.




FOXER: Foxer is a powerful sorceress from the fifteen hundreds. She grew up naturally in that era, but found the temptation of dark magic too strong. She learnt spells and magic, and used her knowledge to create an army of evil monsters. Her evil plan to conquer Caraville Forest was foiled by Rocko's ancestor, Rocky Madalfus Minka. She was imprisoned inside an urn, and was released centuries later by Doctor Sinas. Foxer began plotting evil schemes against the current Megamink, Rocko Minka. She was eventually defeated and regressed back to her young innocent fox self, and named herself Ginger. But her last monster Hermix resurrected Foxer, with all her knowledge, and now she is causing trouble in Caraville, while Ginger is living peacefully in Maplewood. Foxer is from a family of witches, and she has two sisters. Her little sister Tina chose the path of goodness, while Foxer chose the dark path, and her older sister Vixer chose a more darker path. Tina is still alive, but mysteriously disappeared, and Vixer was defeated by Megamink, and finished off by evil Flexo.


SAXON: Saxon is an evil knight, created by Foxer to assist her in her continuing conflict against Megamink.





MEGARA: Megara is an enchanted mink, who lives in her own Enchanted Forest. She created the original Megamink powers, which she forged through a time warp, to the fifteen hundreds. She also helped Rocky (the first Megamink) defeat Foxer. Later on, she created more Megamink powers, for the Maplewood Megaminks, and also upgraded Rocko's Megamink powers. Even Turbosquirrel's powers. She is the only Enchanted Animal to possess the power of time travel.


JULIE MINKA: Julie is twenty-two years old, and she is Rocko's big sister, and she is also like a second mother to him. She is also a great basketball player.


STACEY NUTTY: Stacey is a twenty-two year old grey squirrel, and she is Julie's best friend.


VANESSA HEART: Vanessa is a twenty-two year old pink skunk, and Julie's other best friend. Vanessa is sexy, interested in romance, and she is a bit of an exhibitionist.


SATCHLEY CLUCK: Satchley is a rich business tycoon, and in his fifties. He sometimes plots money making schemes, organises events, and even helps the Caraville community. He also has a grudge against Megamink, because he's the big hero in the forest, which makes him jealous. Other times, he would rely on Megamink, and sometimes, he helps him. He never fathered a son, or daughter, but he adopted the son of his closest friend, Amy Kimba.


LEWIS KIMBA CLUCK: Lewis is a ninteen year old blue skunk, and the son of Amy and Derek Kimba. Amy died when he was born, and Derek was abroad. So Satchley and his late wife took him in, and looked after him. Eventually, Satchley adopted Lewis, and now he is the heir to the Cluck fortune.


LUCY HEART: Lucy is a seventeen year old purple skunk, and Vanessa's step sister. And a big fan of Satchley Cluck's. She moved into the Cluck Mansion, and became Satchley's chief employee.


THE STINK BROTHERS: The Stink Brothers are twins, named Stinky and Stenchy. They are both fourteen years old. Stinky wears green and Stenchy wears yellow. Stinky is the smart one of the two. They both work for Satchley Cluck. They also have a big crush on Vanessa.


ED CLUCK: Ed is Satchley Cluck's cousin, and in his thirties. He is also not really smart. And living in a rich man's home is like a never ending holiday for him. On the bright side, he hasn't spent all of Satchley's fortune. That's because Satchley has forbidden it. He also has a habit of breaking into song, when he says certain words. For example, if he said "I'll tell you what I want", there's a 50% chance he'll start singing the Spice Girls' "Wannabe".


THE SLEEKS: Sarah Sleek's family. Not much is known about them at the current moment. Sarah's father, Lester Sleek sometimes utters the word, "D'oh!" Not much is known about Sarah's mother, Lilly Sleek, except her maiden name is Chestnut. Sarah's little brother Harvey Sleek is fourteen years old, a bit of a troublemaker, and he has taken an interest in girls, after meeting Suzette and Fluffy.


ALICE CAPULET: Alice is twenty-four years old, and she lives in a caravan near Acornwood Village.


JOHNNY RACCOON: He moved to Caraville Forest during the forest's birthday celebration. He still lives in Caraville, and he's a bit of a loner. However, he has made friends with Rocko and Sarah.


CRAZY HAZY: He's a crazy kangaroo, and the headmaster of Caraville Middle School. Also known as the Crazy Headmaster. But he isn't that crazy.


DEREK KIMBA: Derek is Lewis' natural father. He returned to Caraville sometime after Lewis was adopted by Satchley. Now, he is a doctor at the Caraville Hospital.


SUZETTE FOX: Suzette was thirteen years old when she moved to Caraville, to escape the Catholic school she attended. When she moved to Caraville, she felt free again, to be her natural self. Now she's seventeen, and sexier.

NOTE: Suzette Fox was created by S.R. and Trey Luna.


SHIRLEY SKOX: A thirteen year old hybrid. A cross between a skunk and a fox. She has a French accent.

NOTE: Shirley Skox was created by S.R. and Rkerekes13. And she was inspired by Fifi La Fume from, "Tiny Toon Adventures."


FOXY: She's a voluptuous waitress at the Acornwood Diner, who sometimes flirts with Rocko. She loves him because he is Megamink.






FLEXO MINKA/ MIDAS MEGAMINK: Flexo Minka is Rocko's twin brother, who was kidnapped as a baby, by an evil alien known as Lord Why. He returned to Caraville to claim the Megamink powers, and use them for evil. But eventually, he was reunited with his real family, when he learnt how evil Lord Why is, and losing his only friend Madge in the process. He moved in with Rocko, during his stay in Caraville, and for a short while, fell in love with Sarah. But when Sarah and Rocko got back together, he decided to leave, and start a new adventure. Now, he is the leader of the Megaminks of Maplewood, the Midas Megamink.

LOVE INTERESTS: He grew up with a fox girl named Madge, who was his only friend. When she died, saving him from Lord Why, he felt so alone. But Rocko and his friends were able to offer him support. When Sarah confessed her love for him, he took it fine. And when Sarah and Rocko got back together, he moved to Maplewood, and he met Fluffy.


FLUFFY ANN/ HEART MEGAMINK: Fluffy is nineteen and sexy. And like Sarah, she is tough as well as beautiful. She is also in love with Flexo, their leader. Her Megamink powers possess the power of the heart.

FRED TAYLOR/ MIGHTY MEGAMINK: Fred is seventeen years old, and was the original leader of the Megaminks of Maplewood. His Megamink powers enable him to be super strong.

ERIC BENTLEY/ SPEED MEGAMINK: Eric is seventeen, and sportive. His Megamink powers give him super speed.

ARTHUR BUSHYTAIL/MAGNET MEGAMINK: Arthur is sixteen, and also curious about new things. His Megamink powers give him magnetic powers.




SAFFRON/ CYBERFOX: An orphan traveller at the age of thirteen, who possesses the power of Cyberfox. When she visited Caraville she met a nice kid named Rocko, and also, she met Megamink. She gave him the cold shoulder, until she found out that it was Rocko behind the costume. Her family was murdered by a monster known as Dragon Lord, and with help from Megamink, she was able to destroy him. Now she is seventeen and adopted by a kind family.


VIOLET BUNNY: Violet is eighteen years old, and she has a crush on Sarah. She's interested in girls, but she does have a mild interest in boys too. Now she has met Stella Buttercup, who has moved in with her. And she has a secret crush on Rocko, mainly because Sarah loves him.


BILLIE MINKA: Daughter of Rocko's late Uncle Max (Called Uncle Martin, in the story, "Megamink In Space"). She was born in a space city, and grew up with an extended family, as her parents both died when she was young.


THOMAS AND TANYA MINKA: Rocko's parents. They used to live in Caraville, and now they are living somewhere else.


GINGER: She is what Foxer used to be like at the age of thirteen. She still has all of Foxer's knowledge, but no longer has any of Foxer's dark magic, or evil desires. She is now mortal, and uses her knowledge for good, while living in Maplewood Forest.


LISA LILA: She was Rocko's girlfriend for years. For a short while, Lisa had the powers of G. Megamink, and her experience as G. Megamink made her realise that she was no fighter. She secretly hated it all. And when she moved in with Sarah, she got to know her more, and realised that Sarah shared the same interests that Rocko shared, including fighting evil. She realised that Sarah was Rocko's true soul mate, so she broke up with Rocko, and left Caraville to rejoin her family. But she and Rocko are still friends, because of their long history together.


RANDY RED: He lived in Caraville for a while. While he was there, Rocko gave him the powers to become Hyper-Hybrid. He also fell in love with Sarah, but their relationship ended when Sarah revealed she loved Flexo. Eventually he lost his Hyper-Hybrid powers, and decided to leave Caraville and rejoin his family. His parents were never seen, but his mother is a squirrel and his father is a rabbit. That is why he is a cross between a rabbit and a squirrel.


HERMIX: He was originally created by Foxer out of a powerful crystal. It gave hiom powers stronger than Foxer's, allowing him to take over. He had the power to create Craniac Spheres. Each sphere containing a new monster. Eventually, Hermix got hold of a power source that turned him into Mega Hermix. Before that, he created two Craniac Spheres, containing a clone of himself, and another containing a resurrected Foxer. Both had knowledge of their former selves. The Hermix clone was the first to go, and then the resurrected Foxer took over.




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