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A shrine to the sexiest skunkette from Tiny Toon Adventures. There's pictures of her, and there's also an A-Z list of the Tiny Toon episodes that Fifi has appeared in, and links to other Fifi La Fume related pages on the internet.




05/10/2011: I have decided to close down both library pages. And the Fifi Screenshots Page. As of now, the only screenshots displayed, will only be those relating to each episode of Tiny Toons she appeared in as listed in the "Fifi Episodes" Page. I'm really sorry about this. However, the Fifi Shrine will remain active, with all the collected fan art, and screenshots. At least until someone decides to continue my work, and/or creates a Fifi Wiki site, using all the knowledge I collected and more. I haven't outgrown Fifi, just in case you're wondering. She is still my favourite character in Tiny Toons. But ever since I opened my own DeviantART account, I've been uploading most of my artwork there, rather than on my own website. And the Fifi Shrine has become less of an interest to me, after listing all the episodes she appeared in.




I have posted a music video I made back in 2006, on my website. Although I don't know if it will stay online. If you are unable to view it, or if I am doing something wrong, please Email me and let me know. I don't wanna get into big trouble.

If I am not doing anything wrong, and you are able to view the video, please Email me and let me know what you think of the video.

I have added three more screenshots to the "Fifi Episodes Page". Screenshots from "How Sweetie It Is", "New Character Day" and "You Asked For It Again". I think I have all the Fifi episodes listed now on that page. If I have missed any episodes with Fifi, even if she is only seen for a second, please let me know.





I have got my copy of Tiny Toons Season 1 Volume 2. One small disappointment is the episode "Tiny Toon Music Television" where the phone number "1-800-555-ACME" was removed. First, I was told by some friends of mine, then I saw it for myself. But luckily for me, I have the unedited version on a fan made DVD set I purchased on Ebay back in 2005. I was also told that there were some edits in "Son of the Wacko World of Sports" and "Looniversity Daze", but what edited wasn't figured out yet. But if any of you know, please tell me.

And for those who cannot stand seeing the ending to "Out of Odor", you can always skip to the next short in the episode by pressing the chapter button, either at the beginning of the short, or just before Elmyra grabs Fifi at the end. But of course many of you would know that.

As for me, apart from the small edit in "Tiny Toon Music Televison", the DVD Box Set is awesome. Now I have all of season 1. And I am looking forward to the next DVD box set, which people have estimated would include seasons 2 & 3. And probably the Halloween, Christmas and Spring Break Specials. I don't know about "How I Spent My Vacation" though.




I have some great news. I found out I have a lot of free space on my web service provider, so as of now, all the Fifi Fan Art collected between 2003 and 2008 are gonna be here to stay. I have updated the "Fifi Fan Art Page", and now it's called the "Fifi Fan Art Gallery".

And if I do any Fifi Fan Art pictures in the future, they will be displayed in My Picture Gallery.




The Fifi La Fume Shrine, has become very popular over the last couple of years, and I have a big collection of screenshots and fan art. But the Fifi La Fume Shrine isn't the only part of my website I have to work on. Recently I received E-Mails from fans requesting all the screenshots, and that's a big order. So for future reference, when you E-Mail me for screenshot requests, make sure it's a maximum of three stories. Recently I've been writing a series of Fifi fan fiction stories. Most of the stories were written by Rkerekes13 and myself, and some were only written by Rkerekes13. But I must point out that Fifi fan fictions written by others won't be displayed on my website, except for the fan fiction written by Jahrelpowell, which can be found on the, Fifi Links Page, on my website. My favourite Fifi fan fictions written by others that are already on the internet, have been linked to the, Fifi Links Page.



This page displays a list of episodes that have appeared on Boomerang in the UK.




Fifi has been my favourite character for a number of years, and I sort of found her more attractive since the winter of 1997 when I saw her in the Tiny Toons story, "Just Us League of Supertoons." I like her because she's an attractive cartoon skunk with a sexy attitude, and some of the things she does makes my heart beat faster. Anyway from my opinion about Fifi, some of her moments in Tiny Toon Adventures were a little risqué for young children, but not for older kids, teenagers or adults. It's probably because of the fact that Fifi La Fume was based on the classic Looney Tunes character Pepe Le Pew.


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