This page contains some of my favourite quotes from various characters, from the Chucklewood Critters adventures.



The Christmas Tree Train

BRIDGETT: (waking up Abner, who was asleep on a chair) 'Abner wake up, it's time to go to bed.'

ABNER: 'Oh gosh, is it Spring already?'


RUSTY: 'Remember I'm a fox. We're supposed to be really smart about getting out of messes like this.'


OWL: (to Buttons and Rusty) 'You know, for two wild animals, you two sure scare easy.'

BUTTONS: 'That's amazing. That train went right through us.'


Buttons and Rusty with Santa.

SANTA: 'I'm a little rusty after twelve months.'

BUTTONS: (to Rusty) 'In twelve months, you'll be a big Rusty.'

SANTA: 'Not bad for a bear.'



Which Witch is Which?

RANGER JONES: 'My mountains are specially beautiful this time of year. When Mother Nature pants the leaves purple and red and gold. And being as this is the last day of October, tonight is Halloween.'


Buttons and Rusty, watching Mrs Thorn and the kids.

BUTTONS: (watching Mrs Thorn and the kids) 'Shiesh, what a grouch.'

RUSTY: 'I'd hate to run into her on a dark night.'

CHUCKY: (to Mrs Thorn) 'That's a nice Halloween costume you're wearing, Mrs Thorn.'

MRS THORN: 'Oh you really like it?'

CHUCKY: 'Yeah, specially that funny fake nose.'

MRS THORN: (after feeling her nose) 'Why that's not a fake... (getting mad) You... you little. Now get that mutt out of here!'

CHUCKY: 'Oh oh.'

CHRISTY: 'Boy that was a dumb thing to say, Chucky.'

CHUCKY: 'How was I supposed to know?'


After Ranger Jones explains about Halloween.

BUTTONS: 'Wow. Does everybody give em stuff?'

RANGER JONES: (laughs) 'Yep, bags full.'

RUSTY: 'Sounds like a lot of belly aches.'

RANGER JONES: 'A ha. That's why I'm throwing a party, to prevent belly aches.'


ABNER: (chasing the bad guy in a bear costume, mistaking him for Buttons) 'Just wait till I get my paws on you you... little monster!'


BRIDGETT: 'Don't tell me you went to the trailer park.'

ABNER: 'Okay I won't.'


RANGER JONES: (driving in his jeep) 'Those crazy cubs are gona get themselves killed.'

ABNER/ GEORGE: (popping up behind him) 'Killed?'

RANGER JONES: 'Yikes! George, Abner, where did you...? Boy you scared me.'


MRS THORN: (after the bad guy in the bear costume was unmasked) 'Mr Spat! What's the meaning of this?'

MR SPAT: 'Let's just say I err lost my head?'


Abner and George talking to a skunk in a small hole, mistaking him for a gopher.

ABNER: 'Hey! You in there!'

SKUNK: 'You referring to me?'

GEORGE: 'Yeah you, you little stinker!'

SKUNK: 'Ha ha ha ha, That's me alright!'

ABNER/ GEORGE: (after being sprayed by the skunk) 'Oh no!'


RUSTY: 'Did you ever hear of something called Halloween?'

BUTTONS: 'Or Trick or Treat?'

ROSIE: 'Now don't start telling us another one of your wild stories.'

The cubs giggled.

RUSTY: 'Okay.'

BUTTONS/ RUSTY: 'We won't.'



The Turkey Caper

BUTTONS: 'Boy that was close.'

RUSTY: 'You can say that again.'

BUTTONS: 'We better go tell Jonesy right away.'

RUSTY: 'Yeah, he'll soon put a stop to those turkey trappers!'


RUSTY: 'You all okay?'

MARTY: 'I'm Okay.'

RUSTY: 'Okay.'

BRAZILLA: 'Okay Rusty.'

RUSTY: 'Okay.'

MARTY: 'Okay.'

RUSTY: 'Okay... I said, "okay!"'

MARTY: 'Okay.'

RUSTY: 'Okay! We'll be back just as soon as we can. Don't make any noise and stay put.'

MARTY: 'Okay.'


RANGER JONES: 'And so my friends, I propose our thanksgiving toast. May every heart be filled with joy. May love and trust hold sway. May life feel wonderful, to every girl and boy and animal, on this thanksgiving day.'



A Chucklewood Easter

Abner waking up to the smell of Rosie's cooking, after Buttons and Rusty tried to wake him up.

ABNER: 'That smells good. Why didn't somebody wake me?'


BUTTONS: (asking Bluebell and Skipper about the Easter Bunny) 'Where does he live?'

SKIPPER: 'Sorry Buttons, but that's a secret only rabbits are allowed to know.'

BLUEBELL: 'Oh yeah, that's right. Because if everyone found out that the Easter Bunny lives down in the...'

SKIPPER: 'Shhh. Come on Bluebell, the sun's going down, and you know what that means!'


Buttons and Rusty reading the note attached to two baskets of Easter Eggs.

RUSTY: 'Dear Buttons and Rusty. I hope you've learned now to keep your noses out of other critters' nests. Good, because it wouldn't be right if you were the only cubs in Chucklewood Park to come home to an empty basket. So happy Easter.'

BUTTONS: 'Signed, the Easter Bunny.'



The Adventure Machine

SCARECROW ROBOT: 'Shoo! Shoo! I repeat! Shoo! Shoo! Get away from here! Shoo! Shoo! I repeat! Shoo! Shoo! Get away from here! Shoo! Leave the vegetables alone! Repeat! Please exit the garden immediately! Repeat! Please exit the garden immediately!'


The out of control Scarecrow Robot, chasing Buttons and Rusty.

SCARECROW ROBOT: 'Aha, you're cornered! You can run but you cannot hide! We know you're in there! We're coming in after you!'


CHESTER: 'Suffering salamander, do you know what you've done?!'

RUSTY: 'Huh? Oh, you mean the dam. I know, we didn't do that on purpose.'

CHESTER: 'Do you know how many weeks it took us to build that dam?!'

BUTTONS: (nervously) 'Two?'

CHESTER: 'Two?! Hah! Six!'

BUTTONS: 'Well, you don't have to get so purple about it. We're sorry.'

CHESTER: 'Sorry?!'

BUTTONS: 'Yeah, it was an accident.'

BEAVERS: 'Accident?!'


SALLY: 'What is an accident, Chester?'

CHESTER: 'I'm not sure.'

SALLY: 'Let's take em to see Mr Ricky. Maybe he knows about accidents.'

CHESTER: 'I make the decisions around here little sister. I think we should take them to see Mr Ricky!'


MR RICKY: 'So, you must be the ones who broke the dam! Into the pit with em!'


SALLY: 'Goodbye Buttons, it's been fun.'

BUTTONS: 'Bye Sally. I'll think of you whenever I see a rainbow.'


Buttons and Rusty, learning they had left a few minutes ago.

BUTTONS: 'Maybe we did dream it, Rusty.'

RUSTY: (turning purple) 'What are you talking about?! We were there for hours!'

BLUEBELL: 'Gee Rusty, you sure look purple.'

RUSTY: 'I do? You hear that Buttons? Purple!'

BUTTONS: 'Yeah, that's great!'



What's Up Mom?

RUSTY: (After experiencing a few seconds of rain) 'Gee that's strange. Must be an early storm.'


GEORGE: 'Say Abner, how come you've got today marked off on your calendar?'

ABNER: 'Woe, suffering scones! Today's the day I was supposed to have fixed up a shower bath, as a present to Bridgett! Maybe I can still build it in time! George, what's that piece of string on your finger for?'

GEORGE: 'Darn! I tied that on so I wouldn't forget the flowers I promised Rosie.'

ABNER: 'Tell you what George. You help me build Bridgett's shower bath, and I'll help you find the flowers.'

GEORGE: 'It's a deal Abner. I'll get my tools.'


RUSTY: (while he and Buttons are cleaning the cave) 'Hey this is kind of fun when you're not doing it because you were told to.'


MOTHER NATURE: 'It is though they forgotten I even exist! No appreciation! Not from the people! Not from the birds! Not even from the squirrels! It really makes me boil!'


RANGER JONES: 'The rain's stopped and the creek's holding. If it didn't sound so crazy, I'd almost believe those two young-ins really found old Mother Nature out there in the forest.'

PARK SERVICE RESCUE: (Voice Over on Ranger Jones' radio) 'What's that you say? You got an old lady lost in the woods? Maybe we better check it out.'

RANGER JONES: 'That's okay. I'll take care of it.'




RUSTY: (After Ranger Jones said "Spring Fever") 'Spring Fever! Oh no, no, no, not spring fever! What's spring fever?'


RANGER JONES: 'In a lot of places, we human folks commemorate it with a special day. Valentine's Day.'

RUSTY: 'You celebrate Spring Fever?'


BUTTONS: 'What do you think she'll say when I bring her a big pot of honey, Rusty?'

RUSTY: 'Really, you really think she'll say that?'


TURNER: (after Lester introduced him to Mojo the turtle snake) 'Turtle snake? TURTLE SNAKE! I mean, turtle snake, how interesting.'


RUSTY: (After learning that Lester was Bearbette's friend) 'I guess we should have mentioned her name first.'


TURNER: (After Rusty met Frisky) 'Oh brother, I can't take it! No way! I quit! Bye! Wake me when it's over!'



T'was the Day Before Christmas

RUSTY: (reading the note on Ranger Jones' door) 'Gone to visit rel-a-tives, for Christmas.'

BUTTONS: 'Happy holidays, signed Ranger Jones.'


QUACKER: 'Anybody seen my flock? They were supposed to...'

He crashed into a tree and landed in front of Buttons, Rusty, Bluebell and Skipper.

QUACKER: 'Wait for me.'

BUTTONS: 'No, haven't seen any ducks.'

QUACKER: 'I was afraid of that.'


BUTTONS: 'But Turner, what about our Christmas celebration?'

TURNER: 'Nobody's home.'


BUTTONS: 'T'was the day before Christmas, and all through the park.'

RUSTY: 'Not a critter was stirring, you'd have thought it was dark.'

BEARBETTE: 'But two cubs had a dream, that nothing could shake.'

FRISKY: 'And unstoppable team, make no mistake.'

BUTTONS: 'And a stranger who almost scared Christmas away.'

RUSTY: 'It turns out was a friend who came out for the day.'

BUTTONS/ RUSTY: 'Now the critters have joined in, to the laughter and cheer. And while we're all together, we know Christmas is here.'



School Daze

Abner and George in class

FRANKLIN: 'Who can tell me what this buzzard call means?

Franklin squawked, and woke Abner up in shock.

FRANKLIN: 'Got the answer Abner?'

ABNER: 'Err, I'm hungry?'

FRANKLIN: 'Nice try Abner. Freddy?'

FREDDY: 'Time to call it a day?'

FRANKLIN: 'Correct.'

FREDDY: (quietly to Buttons and Rusty) 'Lucky guess.'


Buttons, Rusty and their friends on a tree branch.

BUTTONS: 'There was once a brave young bear, and his name was...'

TURNER: 'Oh boy, story time. What did I miss?'

FRANKLIN: 'Now that's what I like to see.'

BUTTONS: 'Oh no, not Franklin too! And they all lived happily ever after!'

They all fell as the tree branch broke off.



Mudcats Galore

Quacker's encounter with two wild pigs named Jake and Omar.

QUACKER: 'Hey, that's mine!'

JAKE: 'Finders keepers.'

QUACKER: 'What? No! Quack! I got to give it to the mudcats.'

OMAR: 'Mudcats? What's they?'

JAKE: 'Shhh. Ahem, you err know who these mudcats is?'

Quacker shook his head.

JAKE: 'Well we're the mudcats. Ain't that right Omar?'

OMAR: 'Yeah... sure, that's right.'


RANGER JONES: 'So you see young-ins, mudcat is just a nickname the locals have for a type of little desert salamander. Kinda like a lizard.'



Chucklewood Cousins

Buttons' folks getting a visit from Uncle Woodrow and Aunt Francine.

BRIDGETT: 'Oh my dear Francine "kiss," and Woodrow. You're just in time to join us for breakfast.'

WOODROW: 'Ho ho ho ho, looks like you got a head start, Abner. Maybe you and I should go out for a jog afterwards. What do you say to five or six miles?'

ABNER: 'How about no thanks.'


RUSTY: 'So, how do you like our tree house?'

BRUCE: 'Well it's kind of small isn't it? Now my tree house back home has three stories, plus a storeroom for goodies, but hey I guess you got to start somewhere.'


After Bruce and Bearbette were talking about flying to the moon, Buttons came up with an idea.

BUTTONS: 'That's it.'

RUSTY: 'What are you saying? No one can do that, except maybe those astro... nuts Jonesy showed us on his TV.'


RUSTY: 'I've just got to do something to help Buttons get his confidence back, before someone does something real crazy.'


BEARBETTE: 'Oh Buttons, you risked your life for me.'

BUTTONS: 'Except it was only Lester.'

BEARBETTE: 'Oh but you didn't know that, so you were risking your life to save me.'



The Salmon Are Running

BEARBETTE: 'Oh, let's just hope the weather stays nice.'

BUTTONS: 'Hi Bearbette.'

RUSTY: 'Hi Frisky.'

BEARBETTE: 'I hope you're coming to my birthday party tomorrow.'

BUTTONS: 'Birthday? It's your birthday?'

FRISKY: 'And you too, Rusty.'

RUSTY: 'Gee, I didn't know I was invited.'

BEARBETTE: 'Well you know now. It's gonna be so much fun. We'll play games and give prizes.'

FRISKY: 'And all kinds of goodies.'


FRANKLIN: (to Buttons) 'Sounds like you're putting yourself in quite a dilemma.'

BUTTONS: 'Franklin.'

RUSTY: 'Err, dil-lemon?'


ABNER: 'Now Buttons, my son. Let me tell you about tomorrow, the most important day in your life.'

BUTTONS: 'You already heard about Bearbette's birthday, great. Because I found this precious stone in the river.'

ABNER: 'The river, exactly. Now, here's the plan. We get up at the crack of dawn, and head up to big Chucklewood river, for your first fishing lesson. Exciting huh?'

BUTTONS: 'But Pop, I'm supposed to go to Bearbette's party.'

ABNER: 'And I'm giving you this, your very own fishing pole.'

BUTTONS: 'Thanks, but what about Bearbette's party?'

ABNER: 'Son, there is only one first salmon run in the life of a bear. I'm sure Bearbette will understand because she's a bear.'


FRISKY: 'Oh, isn't this a beautiful birthday party, Bearbette?'

BEARBETTE: 'Oh yes, but um, I wonder why Buttons and Rusty didn't come?'

FRISKY: 'They said they'd be here and here they are.'


ABNER: (thinking he's caught a fish) 'Buttons, take a look at this... boot.'



The Big One

FRANKLIN: 'It's always good to be prepared.'


ABNER: 'Earth shaker!'


RUSTY: (to the elephants, regarding Skeeter) 'It's okay, it's okay. He's our friend.'

SKEETER: 'Yeah that's right, I'm your friend. What am I saying? I'm their friend.'


NELLY: 'What is this Earth Shaker?'

BUTTONS: 'It's you, and Elton.'

NELLY: 'Maybe we could move faster if you climb up on my back.'


SKIPPER: 'Everyone okay over here, Abner? That was the biggest earth shaker yet.'

ABNER: 'We're fine, and so are the earth shakers themselves. Say, "Hi," to Nelly and Elton.'


ELTON: (to Buttons and Rusty) 'Bye, elephants never forget.'

BUTTONS/ RUSTY: 'Neither do Chucklewood Critters.'


FRANKLIN: 'Stop, duck, cover. Let's do it together. One, two, three. Earthquake!'



SKEETER: 'Now that was earth shaking. Hey, where is everybody?'

BUTTONS: 'Under our seats, where it's safer.'

RUSTY: 'Yeah Skeeter. We just had our first Earthquake drill.'

SKEETER: 'That was a drill? I'm still shaking, from being so scared.'

BUTTONS: 'That's why we have the drill, Skeeter.'

RUSTY: 'Yeah, when we're prepared, we don't get so scared.'

FRANKLIN: 'That's right class. Now all together.'

CRITTERS: 'Be prepared, not scared! Stop, duck and cover!'

FRANKLIN: 'Everybody, one more time. Remember the rhyme.'

CRITTERS: 'Be prepared, not scared! Stop, duck and cover!'



No Cave Like Home

BEARBETTE: (after witnessing an active volcano) 'Oh my, we better head back to Crystal Bayou.'


ARNIE: 'Say, can't a feller go digging for an afternoon snack, without some bear trying to get a free ride off of him?'

WILLARD: 'Yeah, you said it Arnie. What'd you say?'

ARNIE: 'Anyways, no harm done, I guess.'


BLUEBELL, FRANKLIN & BEARBETTE: (to Quacker, at three separate occasions) 'I thought you went East.'


FRANKLIN: 'Won't be long Abner, just hold on!'

ABNER: (while sinking in quicksand) 'Hold on to what?'


GEORGE: 'It would have been a lot safer if we had stayed home.'

RUSTY: 'But, then we would have missed a really neat adventure.'

BUTTONS: 'And a lot of fun too. We even learned a few things.'


ABNER: (hugging his chair) 'My chair, my beautiful chair.'



Mother Nature's Missing

BUTTONS: 'I never saw flowers so big before.'

RUSTY: 'Wow. Hey, we should take some for our moms.'

BUTTONS: 'Good idea, moms always like flowers.'

RUSTY: 'Yeah, the bigger the better.'


MOTHER NATURE: 'Somebody's been tampering with my water. Don't they know, it's not nice to mess with Mother Nature?!'


BUTTONS: (asking Franklin about the Shepard's Goblet) 'Are you sure you haven't seen any of these growing around here, Franklin?'

FRANKLIN: 'Not lately. Tell me, why is it so important that you find one anyway?'

BUTTONS: 'It's for Mother Nature. I mean, we're making a nature collection.'


BUTTONS: 'Say Skeeter, have you seen any Shepard's Goblet growing around here?'

SKEETER: 'Shepard's what? What's that? Can you eat it?'


BUTTONS: 'Look, the Shepard's Goblet.'

RUSTY: 'Yeah, it's just like the one in Franklin's en... encyclo... pindia.'

BUTTONS: 'Encyclopaedia.'

RUSTY: 'Right, encyclopaedia.'


FRANKLIN: 'Do either you cubs know about the water cycle?'

BUTTONS: 'Water cycle? Can you ride it?'

FRANKLIN: 'No, but you can sing about it.'



An Eye for a Tooth

CLAUDE: (to Buttons and Rusty) 'Come now, don't be shy. Come on out.'

BUTTONS: 'We... aren't supposed to talk to strangers when we're out in the forest.'

CLAUDE: 'In that case, allow me to introduce myself. I'm Claude, the travelling trader. I can supply your every need. There I'm no longer a stranger. And who might you be?'

RUSTY: 'I'm Rusty, he's Buttons.'


CLAUDE: (overhearing Franklin) 'Well well well, that's one smart owl. Economics is all about need, and I'm the one who can create the need. Give it a little push in my direction, and let fear and greed do the rest.'


FRANKLIN: 'My goodness. Where have you two been?'

RUSTY: 'Everywhere.'

BUTTONS: 'It's a long long long long story. But now that we've found you Franklin, it's finally over. Where's the tool box?'

FRANKLIN: 'The tool box? Oh well actually, I don't have it.'



The Mystery of the Sneaky Snacker

LESTER: 'Bridgett and Rosie, I declare you two must be the best bakers in Chucklewood.'


BRIDGETT: 'Abner, did you eat those cupcakes?'

ABNER: (waking up) 'What? I was asleep the whole time, Bridgett. You mean to tell me someone ate those cupcakes? And I didn't even get to taste one.'


BUTTONS: 'We don't jump to any illusions.'


When Jonah was accused of stealing.

ABNER: 'We're gonna have a serious talk!'

JONAH: 'I didn't take the pie, sir.'

ABNER: 'Well I have my doubts. Facts are, food started disappearing when you arrived.'

BUTTONS: 'But Pop...'

JONAH: (walking away) 'I can tell I'm not welcome.'

RUSTY: 'Don't worry Jonah, we still believe you.'


LESTER: 'Sounds to me like it's time for a tribunal.'

BUTTONS/ RUSTY: 'What's a tribunal?'

LESTER: 'That's what we in the bayou call it when the community comes together for a hearing, on a matter of importance.'

FRANKLIN: 'Ahh you mean a trial. Yes that should resolve the problem.'

LESTER: 'Exactly. Each party picks someone to tell their side of the story, and a group of critters decides on what the truth is.'


LESTER: (the judge) 'Since I don't live here I don't have any favourites, except maybe those delicious cupcakes, oh I mean um the evidence.'


SKEETER: (to Bridgett) 'But after Jonah took the cupcakes, did you see him eating them.'

BRIDGETT: 'No, I didn't.'

SKEETER: 'Ha ha, no further questions!'

He ran back to his seat and sat back down.

SKEETER: (to Buttons and Rusty) 'How am I doing? Pretty hot stuff huh?'

RUSTY: 'Err Skeeter, I don't think you're supposed to say, "after Jonah took the cupcakes."'


SKEETER: (revealing the truth) 'And last night, Abner was caught with the proof in his hands.'

ABNER: (sneezes) It's true.'

SKEETER: 'And nose.'

LESTER: 'Speaking of conclusions, case dismissed.'


LESTER: 'Jonah, welcome to Chucklewood.'



Anything You Can Do...?

BEARBETTE: (showing up unexpectedly) 'Hi there everyone.'

ABNER: 'Bearbette? Frisky?'

BEARBETTE: 'We heard that Buttons and Rusty's mommas were off helping Grandma Bear.'

FRISKY: 'Aha, so we thought maybe you would like some help in the kitchen.'

ABNER: 'Well that's real nice of you, but we know our way around the kitchen pretty well. Don't we George?'

GEORGE: 'Yes indeed Abner, but thank you anyway young-ins.'

RUSTY: 'I guess they think our pops can't take care of stuff by themselves.'

BUTTONS: 'Yeah, our pops can do anything our moms can do.'

They all witness Abner carrying dishes, and accidentally breaking them.

BUTTONS: 'That could happen to anyone.'

BEARBETTE: 'Any male anyway.'

BUTTONS: 'Hey, take that back!'


FRANKLIN: (to Buttons and Bearbette) 'That takes working together, co-operation. Think about it.'

He leaves.

BUTTONS: 'I guess Franklin's right, mostly.'

BEARBETTE: 'Why sure he is. And Buttons, when I said all that about boy bears being clumsy, I was only...'

FREDDY: 'Hey Buttons, are you going to take that kind of guff, from a girl cub?'

BUTTONS: 'Well yeah... I mean no. I don't care what Franklin says. I can still do anything better than you.'

BEARBETTE: 'What are you saying?'

FREDDY: (laughs) 'That's more like it.'

RUSTY: 'Um Buttons, let's just forget it huh. Hey Bearbette, why don't you and Frisky come back to the cave and see what our pops have cooked up for lunch.'

BUTTONS: 'Yeah you can see for yourself.'

FRISKY: 'This will be fun.'


BEARBETTE: 'Admit it Buttons, girl cubs are better than boy cubs when it comes to everything.'

BUTTONS: 'Oh yeah?!'

FREDDY: 'You tell him Buttons.'

BUTTONS: 'I'm bigger, stronger, faster, tougher, and smarter than... you.'

He hurts himself.

BEARBETTE: 'You sure are funnier.'

FREDDY: 'There's only one way to settle it, a contest.'

BEARBETTE: 'That'd be a waste of my time.'

FREDDY: (to Buttons) 'See, she's chicken.'

BEARBETTE: 'No I am not.'

FREDDY: 'Prove it.'


RUSTY: (during the swimming event of the contest) 'Come on somebody, win!'


BUTTONS: 'I should have known she'd be a good swimmer. She grew up in Crystal Bayou.'

BEARBETTE: 'That's right Buttons, and I went swimming everyday.'

FREDDY: 'Okay, we need another tie breaker.'

BEARBETTE: 'Now hold it!'

FREDDY: 'Huh?'

BEARBETTE: 'I think it's only fair for me to take a turn choosing a kind of competition.'

RUSTY: 'She has a point there.'

BUTTONS: 'Oh oh.'


FREDDY: 'And it looks like we have a winner. Oh, make that a tie.'

BUTTONS: 'Okay, now it's my turn to choose. I choose run, from the bees!'


BEARBETTE: (when she and Buttons were stuck at the top of the tallest tree) 'Buttons, are you okay?'

BUTTONS: 'Yes but now I'm stuck.'

BEARBETTE: 'And so am I!'



RUSTY: (to Buttons and Bearbette) 'Hang on, we'll get some help!'


QUACKER: 'Quack wait wrong way, Bearbette's folks are... this way. I knew that.'


BUTTONS: 'This was really dumb.'

BEARBETTE: 'Aha, I agree.'

BUTTONS: 'We should have listened to Franklin.'


BUTTONS: 'Well the water slide was neat though, huh?'

BEARBETTE: 'Yeah, we were having so much fun we almost forgot about winning.'

BUTTONS: 'Maybe we put fun first.'

BEARBETTE: 'Aha, and friendship.'



Raging Rivers

After Ranger Jones showed Buttons, Rusty and Skeeter a compass.

SKEETER: 'I thought a compass was something you draw circles with, yeah.'

RANGER JONES: 'That's a different kind of compass Skeeter.'


SKEETER: 'A ranger with rhythm. Who knew.'


Selma's Story.

SELMA: 'It was a long time ago, longer than I can remember. I was on the run.'


SELMA: 'I can't tell you. It's too frightening. Anyway, I wound up in the water, and that's when I found this cave. Since then I've been living on roots and mushrooms, and whatever stuff floats down the river. One day I got me a fire going with some drift wood. That's when I started making the map. But then the fire went out, and I never got to finish it.'


SKEETER: 'So Selma, what was the real scary thing that made you run and hide for all these years?'

SELMA: 'It's a secret.'

RANGER JONES: 'Well what do you know. Looks like the veterinarian's here. You cubs remembered to tell your folks about the inoculations?'

BUTTONS: 'Oops.'

SELMA: 'Inoculation?! No! It's the critter doctor! That's why I ran away! Let me out of here!'

RUSTY: 'That's what you were scared of?'

BUTTONS: 'After what we've been through, this is nothing.'


SELMA: 'You sure?'


RUSTY: 'See, that wasn't so bad, huh Selma?'

SELMA: 'Well no.'

BUTTONS: 'No reason to hide in a cave after all.'

They hear a needle, and Abner comes out crying in pain.

ABNER: 'Nothing to it.'

He continues to cry in pain, and Buttons, Rusty and Selma all laugh.



Scenter of Attention

When Buttons and Rusty both run into Eugene the skunk.

BUTTONS: 'What's that disgusting horrible sickening...?'

EUGENE: 'Oh that was me. I do that when I get scared.'


EUGENE: 'Hi err, from a distance.'


FRANKLIN: (after seeing Freddy, Turner and Skeeter's reaction to Eugene) 'Aha, I see. Well, we were going to talk about the brushfire. But since the subject has come up, let's talk about natural defences. Who knows what they are?'

EUGENE: (raising his hand) 'It's how we protect ourselves?'

FRANKLIN: 'Exactly.'

BUTTONS: (to Eugene) 'Told you he was smart.'


FRANKLIN: 'So what's a natural defence for a skunk?'

EUGENE: 'I tried acting tough, but my act just stunk.'


BUTTONS: (whispering to Bearbette about Eugene) 'He's a little jumpy.'

BEARBETTE: 'I understand. Poor thing.'


BUTTONS: 'Welcome to our home, Eugene.'

ABNER: (nervously) 'Yes, welcome to our humble smelling... dwelling.'


ROSIE: (regarding Eugene) 'He's very polite and so well behaved.'




BRIDGETT: 'Abner, we're worried.'

ROSIE: 'The cubs have been gone since early this morning.'

ABNER: 'Well Bridgett that's not the first time.'

BRIDGETT: 'They didn't even show up for lunch.'

ABNER: 'Now that's serious.'


RUSTY: 'Who needs a ladder when you got a dinosaur!'



Family Feud

BRIDGETT: 'I wish they'd stop this arguing.'

ROSIE: 'Yes, they're being so childish, especially your Abner.'

BRIDGETT: 'Well Rosie, that's only because your George is so stubborn.'

ROSIE: (getting mad) 'If you're going to be like that, I'm not going to stand here and listen to you!'

BRIDGETT: 'Likewise!'


After Bridgett and Rosie stopped arguing.

BRIDGETT: 'Oh dear.'

ROSIE: 'Don't worry, Abner and George will rescue the cubs. When they put their minds to it, they can do almost anything.'

BRIDGETT: 'Oh you're right, just like us.'


GEORGE: (watching Buttons and Rusty arguing with each other) 'Remind you of anyone, Abner?'

ABNER: 'Un huh, you and me.'

GEORGE: 'You know what we have to do Abner?'

ABNER: 'Yeah, we have to start setting a good example for them, huh?'



Winter Wonder

BRIDGETT: (waking up Abner) 'Abner, you have to go find the cubs.'

ABNER: (waking up) 'Boy, that was some dream. You were telling me that I had to go out in the blizzard, and...'

BRIDGETT: 'That wasn't a dream, Abner. Hurry.'



The Creature from Chucklewood Lake

After Freddy played a trick on the other critters, and put the blame on Buttons and Rusty.

BEARBETTE: 'Buttons!'

BUTTONS: 'Huh? What did I do?'

FRISKY: 'And Rusty! (coughs) That was a dumb trick!'

RUSTY: 'Hey wait, we didn't...'

FREDDY: 'I'll say, specially since there are no sharks in Chucklewood Lake.'


TURNER: 'No sharks?! Thank goodness.'

BEARBETTE: 'Come on Frisky, let's leave these two to their silly pranks!'

FRISKY: 'Right!'


RUSTY: 'Guess what we saw in the lake, Franklin.'

FRANKLIN: 'I can't possibly guess without more information. I need facts, details.'

BUTTONS: 'We didn't see whether he had any tales.'

FRANKLIN: 'No, no, details. Details help us create pictures out of words.'


SKEETER: 'When you're my size, everyone's a monster.'


ABNER: (ringing the alarm) 'Monster on the loose! A monster, there's a monster up at the lake!'


FRANKLIN: 'I suggest we form an investigation team, to go to the lake and learn the true nature of this monster.'

ABNER: 'Oh sure, and they'll be the monster's lunch.'

BRIDGETT: 'Abner, you're frightening the cubs!'

FRANKLIN: 'And I suggest Abner be the chief.'


BRIDGETT: 'If you cubs ever want us to trust you again, you need to tell us the truth.'

GEORGE: 'The whole truth.'

RUSTY: 'We would have told the whole truth before, but after Freddy's trick, no one wanted to believe us. And then when everybody did believe us, well we found out the monster wasn't a monster at all.'

BUTTONS: 'But a good friend of ours who lives far away from here, way underground.'

ABNER: 'This sounds like quite a story.'

ROSIE: 'Start from the beginning.'

BRIDGETT: 'And don't leave out any details.'

BUTTONS: 'Well...'

RUSTY: 'It all started when...'



Where Did I Come From?

FRANKLIN: (regarding some ancient artefacts) 'They were probably used to prepare food by our ancestors.'

BUTTONS: 'Ant sisters? How would little tiny insects carry this stuff around?'


BEARBETTE: 'Ever since we talked about our family trees, Frisky's been acting real quiet, like something's bothering her. Maybe cause she knows all about my ancestors, but nothing about hers. Anyway since you two are so funny and all, "giggles" I thought maybe you'd invite us over to play, let her take her mind off things.'

RUSTY: 'To play? To play what?'




BEARBETTE: 'So now she's just not her usual "frisky" self.'


After Bridgett and Rosie's performance.

BUTTONS: 'Have you been taking lessons from Franklin?'

BRIDGETT: 'Now Buttons, moms can be cool too you know.'


BEARBETTE: (reading Frisky's note) 'I have gone in search of my family tree. See you later. Frisky.'

RUSTY: 'Her own family tree? So she did go looking for other foxes.'


FRISKY: 'How did you find me?'

RUSTY: 'Well, we foxes are pretty clever of figuring out stuff.'


Bearbette and Frisky, talking to Lester.

FRISKY: 'So, all I want to do is find out...'

BEARBETTE: 'About her family tree, you know, where she comes from.'

FRISKY: 'And what happened to my fox family.'

BEARBETTE: 'Yeah, and how she came to be part of our family.'

FRISKY: 'Right.'


LESTER: (to Frisky about her step father) 'And you must have known there was something special about him, because he's the one you came to. Then it was after that last escapade, that Porcupine Sam said something real important.'

PORCUPINE SAM: 'Frisky little critter ain't she?'


FRISKY: 'I may never find the roots of my fox family tree, but my bear family tree and my friends, sure have a lot of branches to give me support. Thanks you guys, and thank you Lester.'


FRISKY: 'I have the best family, and the best sister in the world.'


FRISKY: 'You may not be able to rely on your family tree, but you can always rely on your family.'



* Sung with Bearbette


Family, takes care of me.

They share with me, and are there for me.

When I need them to be, family.


For they teach me right from wrong.

Cheer me with stories, or with a song.

They wipe away my tears, and ease my fears.

And show me that I belong.

To them and them to me.

They're my family.


Family, takes care of me.

They share with me, and are there for me.

When I need them to be, family, *family.




Nora Know it Owl

FRANKLIN: 'Well I'm afraid your aerodynamics are out of kilter.'

BUTTONS: 'Aerodymantics? Where do you find them?'

FRANKLIN: 'No, no. Aerodynamics. That's a way of designing something so it can fly. Your kites need tails to give them just the right balance to stay up in the air.'

BUTTONS: 'Tails? Ah not my tail it's too short. (Grabbing Rusty's tail) Use Rusty's, it's long enough.'

RUSTY: (snatching his tail from Buttons) 'Hey!'


FRANKLIN: 'It's better to be a knowing owl, than a know it all.'


FRISKY: 'Franklin, you're our hero.'


FRANKLIN: (explaining to Buttons and Rusty about going on a hike) 'It's also important to only take what you need.'

BUTTONS: (taking a few things out of his back pack, including a bathroom sink) 'I guess I won't be needing these.'



Spring Eternal

Before Franklin and the critters began singing about Water Conservation.

BUTTONS: 'What's water conversation?'

FRANKLIN: 'You mean "conservation."'

BUTTONS: 'Right, that's what I said "water conversation."'

FRANKLIN: 'No. Well alright, we'll have a "conservation" conversation.'


FRANKLIN: 'Young-ins. Why do they always understand the part about cutting down on bath time?'


ABNER: (trying to do a rain dance) 'Sky up high. Wind over plague. Please send us a little rain. We promised to do. What we aught ter. We be mighty thankful for some water.'



The Gram Who Came to Dinner

Buttons' grandma, telling a fairy tale to the cubs.

GRANDMA: 'There once was a little girl bear, a lot like Bearbette here. She had a loyal companion.'

FRISKY: 'Like me?'

GRANDMA: 'Yes. We can even call her Frisky. And they had two other friends, two boy cubs who fancied themselves as heroes.'

BEARBETTE/ FRISKY: 'Buttons and Rusty.'


GRANDMA: 'Our two young heroes were not afraid of the magical flowers. But when it came to waking the sleeping cub, that was a different matter.'

BEARBETTE: 'Did they try kissing her?'

BUTTONS: 'Yuk no way!'

GRANDMA: 'They tried everything, but nothing would wake her up.'

CLAUDE: 'I told her the clock would make time stand still and for her it has.'


RUSTY: 'Do you know what we're supposed to do with the spring?'

GRANDMA: 'The spring? Why enjoy it. Same as the summer, fall and winter.'


GRANDMA: 'Just then, a little old packrat happened by.'

SKEETER: 'Packrat? You mean pack-mouse!'

GRANDMA: 'Pack-mouse of course.'


SKEETER: 'What are you staring at?'

BUTTONS: 'Sorry, we didn't mean to stare, we were looking for a face.'

SKEETER: 'Well you can't have mine.'


FRISKY: 'I got it, the key.'

SKEETER: 'And you're welcome to it. That tune drives me crazy.'



The Wishing Stone

SKEETER: (when Buttons and Rusty asked him to try the wishing stone) 'So I'm some kind of guinea pig.'

BUTTONS: 'Guinea pig? No, you're a mouse.'

SKEETER: 'Okay forget it. I've got nothing to lose, right?'


Various critters asking Buttons and Rusty if they could use the wishing stone.

QUACKER: 'Quack, I just need a couple of wishes.'

FRISKY: 'If it's not too much trouble.'

BLUEBELL: 'Oh we're not asking for much. Just a new place to live with a little more room.'

SKEETER: 'I don't think I'd ever get tired of nuts. And after a while I started thinking.'


FREDDY: 'How about one last wish?'



RANGER JONES: 'I just wish I'd known about this earlier.'

BUTTONS: 'Wish? I don't think so, Jonesy. We've had enough wishing for one day.'



Smile Please Lester

NARRATOR: 'There's always plenty of fun to be found in Chucklewood. But there's one time every year the cubs just can't wait for. That's the day they make a special journey.'


BEARBETTE: 'I'm just happy to be going back to see my old neighbourhood.'

FRISKY: 'Me too.'


Buttons, Rusty, Bridgett, Abner, Rosie, George, Bearbette, Frisky and Franklin were travelling to Crystal Bayou on a rafting boat.

BRIDGETT: (to Buttons) 'You better listen to Bearbette, after all she grew up around here.'

BUTTONS: 'Okay Mom.'


ROSIE: (after "Let the Bayou Critters Roll") 'I haven't danced like that for a long time.'


LESTER: 'Down in Crystal Bayou, we aim to please.'



The Lone Pony

After Buttons and Rusty ran into Bearbette and Frisky.

BEARBETTE: 'Buttons!'

FRISKY: 'Rusty!'

BEARBETTE: 'Why don't you look where you're going!'

BUTTONS: 'We're, we're sorry Bearbette.'

RUSTY: 'We err, sort of lost control.'


BUTTONS: 'We were on our way to our Adventure Machine. Want to go for a ride?'

BEARBETTE: 'Hmph, I think not! You have ruined our lovely flowers!'


BEARBETTE: 'Boy cubs never understand what's important to girl cubs.'

BUTTONS: 'You can say that again.'


The cubs regarding Stormy the pony.

BEARBETTE: 'Oh Buttons, he's so adorable.'

BUTTONS: 'Yes. See, he lost his folks in the windstorm, so we brought him back here.'

BEARBETTE: 'To me. Oh Buttons, I can't believe what a sweet thing you did, just to make up for ruining our flowers.'


BRIDGETT: 'Buttons, Rusty.'

ROSIE: 'You're home just in time to help with the clean up.'

BRIDGETT: 'The windstorm knocked down a lot of trees.'

BUTTONS: 'Okay Mom, but what about the pony?'


RUSTY: 'Err better make that Bearbette's pony.'



Unidentified Furry Object

BUTTONS: (looking through a telescope, as a moth landed on the lens) 'Franklin, it's... It's a monster!'

FRANKLIN: 'Really? Let me take a look.'

He Looked through the telescope.

FRANKLIN: 'Well, it's certainly large. But I wouldn't exactly call it a monster.'

He shooed the moth away.


RUSTY: 'Hi Skeeter.'

SKEETER: (after dropping a nut into the creek) 'Hey, hey, what's the idea, sneaking up on a critter and scaring him so some trout gets his breakfast?'

RUSTY: 'Sorry Skeeter.'

BUTTONS: 'Did you see that shooting star last night around bedtime?'

SKEETER: 'Bedtime you say, hmmm bedtime. Let me see was I out jogging, or was I doing a little yard work? Oh no I remember I was trying something new, I was sleeping!'

BUTTONS: 'Just asking.'


BUTTONS: 'Did you hear that?'

RUSTY: 'Yeah, it sounded like it came from...'

SKEETER: (running up to them) 'Hey, hey, I saw it, I saw it!'

BUTTONS: 'What?'

SKEETER: 'It's some kind of monster, from outer space!'

RUSTY: 'You're joking right Skeeter?'

SKEETER: ' I look like I'm joking? I was looking through my own eyes. It's an alien monster I'm telling you!'

RUSTY: 'Okay, okay Skeeter. Just show us where you saw it.'

PLYDO: (walking up to them) 'G'day mates.'


BUTTONS: (scared) 'Skeeter was right.'

RUSTY: (nervously) 'Where are you from?'

PLYDO: 'Down under.'

BUTTONS: 'Danunder, that must be the name of his planet.'

RUSTY: 'So err how did you get here?'

PLYDO: 'The lorry bashed into a rock and my crate went a cropper.'


RUSTY: 'I think he crash landed.'


BEARBETTE: 'Are there other critters in Danunder?'

PLYDO: 'Well, there's roos.'

FRISKY: 'Roos?'

PLYDO: (demonstrating) 'Yeah, they hop like this you know, only much further.'

GEORGE: 'I hope you don't mind, if I make notes, for posterity.'

PLYDO: 'Ah help yourself. Where I come from, recording information for future generations is important too.'

FRISKY: 'And how long have you been on Earth?'

PLYDO: 'On Earth? Well, since I hatched out of the egg I suppose.'

GEORGE: (writing it down) 'Hatched from an egg.'


BUTTONS: 'Pop, is it okay if Rusty and I use the other chimney to make a rocket ship?'

ABNER: 'Sure, do anything you want with it. If I had my way, I'd send it into orbit.'

BUTTONS: 'Great idea, pop. Thanks.'


GEORGE: (shredding his notes, after learning the truth about Plydo) 'Think we'll ever have a visitor from another planet, Abner?'

ABNER: 'Well, if we do George, let's hope he's like that little feller.'


SKEETER: (while Franklin was showing Buttons and Rusty pictures of other Australian mammals) 'Hi guys. What's new? Look out, it's a monster!'

He fainted.



The Treasure of Chucklewood: Part 1: The Search

Bearbette, Frisky and Skeeter inviting Turner to a picnic.

BEARBETTE: 'Hi there Turner, want to join us for a picnic by the waterfall?'

TURNER: 'Sure would Bearbette. I was just on my way to see Buttons and Rusty.'

FRISKY: 'Oh good, we'll invite them too.'

SKEETER: 'Ah great, we'll need about ten more baskets.'


GEORGE: (after learning that Buttons and Rusty took Bridgett's food) 'Well that does it. Those cubs are grounded. Come on Abner, Buttons and Rusty need a talking to.'

ABNER: 'Man, how come I never get grounded?'


TURNER: (thinking back to "The Christmas Tree Train" adventure) 'Oh boy, I can't believe Buttons and Rusty hitched a ride on that old train again.'

BEARBETTE: 'Then, why would they want to do that again?'

TURNER: 'Maybe they didn't.'


BEARBETTE: 'Oh Freddy, you are nothing but a troublemaker!'

FRISKY: (to Turner and Skeeter, who were flying the Adventure Machine) 'As long as you're up there, see if you can spot Buttons and Rusty!'



The Treasure of Chucklewood: Part 2: The Rescue

Bearbette and Frisky getting ready for the picnic.

BEARBETTE: 'Oh, these honey cakes are perfect for the picnic Frisky.'

FRISKY: 'Aha, I'll put them in the basket as soon as they cool.'

BEARBETTE: 'They are Buttons and Rusty's favourites.'


BEARBETTE: 'Have you seen any sign of them, Franklin?'

FRANKLIN: 'No, I asked Jefferson to fly down to Crystal Bayou to look around.'

SKEETER: 'Yeah, that's it. They went to see Lester.'

BEARBETTE: 'Oh sure, they must have gone after some delicious Bayou honey. Oh they know how much we all love it.'

FRISKY: 'Yeah, just like heroes on a quest.'

FRANKLIN: 'Of course real heroes don't take unnecessary risks.'

TURNER: 'Yes, real heroes are really responsible.'

FREDDY: 'Hey, why are you looking at me?'

SKEETER: 'Heroes use their heads.'

BEARBETTE: 'And they have good hearts, just like Buttons.'

FRISKY: 'And Rusty.'

Bearbette and Frisky both sighed.


TURNER: (reading Buttons and Rusty's note) 'We've run away from home.'

BEARBETTE: 'What did you say Turner?'

Turner snatched the letter from Skeeter, who was using it as an umbrella.

SKEETER: 'Say, what's the big idea?'

TURNER: (reading the rest of the note) 'So the rangers can't sell us to the zoo. (Gasp) Oh my, it's from Buttons and Rusty.'


ABNER: (looking at Buttons and Rusty's friends) 'Look, hey, maybe they already found the cubs.'

BEARBETTE: (looking at Buttons and Rusty's folks) 'Look, maybe they already found Buttons and Rusty.'


RANGER JONES: 'The real treasure of Chucklewood is the Chucklewood Critters.'



Arrival of the Fittest

RUSTY: 'Hey Buttons, race you to the swimming hole.'

BUTTONS: 'Okay. Ready, set, (shooing a bee) oh.'

Rusty ran off.

BUTTONS: (to Rusty) 'Hey I said, "oh," not, "go!"'


BUTTONS: 'Hi Jonesy.'

RANGER JONES: 'Hey, what's the big rush?'

BUTTONS: 'We were just having a little race.'

RANGER JONES: 'A little race? The speed you were going, anyone would think it was the Olympic games.'

BUTTONS: 'The Lympic games?'


BUTTONS: 'We figured you and Frisky would want to try the gymnastics contest.'

BEARBETTE: 'Gymnastics? I don't even know what they are, Buttons.'


Buttons and Rusty telling Skeeter about him taking part in the Olympics.

RUSTY: 'And just think Skeeter, you could win a gold medal in the high dive.'

SKEETER: 'High dive, that's hilarious! Yeah if you put in a pie eating contest let me know.'


After the Grizzly Bears take over Buttons and Rusty's cave.

GEORGE: 'I say we try and reason with them.'

BRIDGETT: 'I think George is right, Abner.'

FREDDY: 'Nah, you can't reason with grizzlies.'

ROSIE: 'Now Freddy not all grizzlies are unreasonable.'

FREDDY: 'Yeah but these grizzlies sure are.'

ABNER: 'Well, I'm going to toss those grizzlies out of our cave and teach them a lesson! Somehow.'


ROSIE: 'When we get back in our cave, I'll never complain about anything ever again.'




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