Here's a list of all the Chucklewood Critters and actors, followed by my favourite critters.



Buttons and Rusty

Buttons the cute little bear cub and his best friend Rusty the fox cub are the stars of the Chucklewood Critters series. They explore the magical world of Chucklewood Park, and with their Adventure Machine, they can fly and explore other places and look for adventures, or visiting Crystal Bayou to see their friend Lester.


Bridgett and Rosie

Bridgett is Buttons' mother and Rosie is Rusty's mother, and they are also friends.



Abner is Buttons' father, who sometimes eats while he's sleepwalking.



George is Rusty's father.


Ranger Jones

Ranger Jones (or Jonesy to the cubs) watches over Chucklewood Forest and he is a good friend to Buttons and Rusty.



Franklin is a wise owl, and Buttons and Rusty's school teacher. He teaches the cubs about life in the forest, and he sometimes makes it fun by turning into a rap singer and performs, and the cubs join in as well.



Lester the alligator lives in Crystal Bayou and is also a friend of the Chucklewood Critters.


Bearbette and Frisky

Bearbette and Frisky are friends (or girlfriends) of Buttons and Rusty. Bearbette the bear cub moved to Chucklewood on Valentines Day with her family from Crystal Bayou, which is somewhere down south. She and her folks have a southern accent, and she likes bayou honey. Frisky was an orphan left on Lester's doorstep as a baby and she was adopted by Bearbette's folks.



Skeeter the mouse is a friend of the cubs who they met during a Christmas time in Chucklewood.



Freddy the Raccoon is a friend of the cubs, and sometimes a trouble maker as well.





**My friend Jacob Turner made contact with Babera Goodson, who said she might have voiced Frisky in the Chucklewood Critters series.

Below is a quote from Chris McFeely's interview with Mona Mardshall (Rusty, Bearbette & Bluebell). This was what she said about the Chucklewood Critters series.

MONA MARSHALL: "Two of my very favourite characters are Rusty the Fox and Bearbette the Bear from The Chucklewood Critters original animation series, which is currently running throughout England and the rest of Europe. I also wrote 26 songs for the show and was the story editor, so I had some real input. The show manages to get across character building in different situations as part the growing up process in an entertaining and creative way. Very different from Digimon, but lots of fun and really positive stuff for kids. We're hoping it will get to the USA one of these days."



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