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One of my favourite cartoon programs is Chucklewood Critters, and I haven't came across any websites or fan sites about the animated series. I decided to create an unofficial website myself, starting off with details on episodes I recorded from BBC TV, and details I have learned from various websites on the internet. I first saw Chucklewood Critters on the 20th of January 1998, and since then I have enjoyed watching the series.

If you're a fan of the Chucklewood Critters series, you'll enjoy visiting this unofficial page. This is the first fan site about the Chucklewood Critters series, containing brief details on the characters, the episodes, and contains screenshots from the animated series.


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Feel free to E-Mail me if you have any questions, comments or any information about Chucklewood Critters you would like to pass on, or if you have any ideas, or constructive criticism. But I wont accept bad comments or destructive criticism.

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